Boulogne Billancourt cedex, France Organization dedicated to prevention for the construction industry Service provider
  1. Election of the OPPBTP Bureau: Frédéric Mau, elected President and Cécile Beaudonnat, elected Vice-President
  2. Impulse Partners, CCCA-BTP and OPPBTP unveil the results of the 2023 Construction Innovation Trends Observatory
  3. “100 minutes for life” campaign to raise awareness among future construction professionals about risk prevention
  4. The OPPBTP offers a unique e-learning module for new managers
  5. Death of Jean-Pierre Stasi, secretary general of the OPPBTP from 1999 to 2008
  6. The OPPBTP is mobilizing to improve hygiene on construction sites
  7. Results of the 2022 interim and security campaign: continued support for companies
  8. The OPPBTP is launching a recruitment campaign to advance prevention on construction sites
  9. The OPPBTP publishes a guide of recommendations to deal with high heat on construction sites
  10. The OPPBTP offers a security pack to better integrate temporary staff