Meze, France LED lighting equipment supplier crane headlight and site box Distributor of products and materials

Complete solutions for construction site infrastructure

By working with us, you have a single solution for all the infrastructure needs of your operating site.

  • LED lighting for construction sites, buildings, cranes and decorative colored lights (RGB projectors)
  • Electrical boxes
  • Site monitoring by high performance TimeLapse camera
  • Pollution control thanks to HQE washing stations

Our wide selection ensures you a suitable solution

Looking to rent or buy?

You have the option of competitively priced your equipment or renting it for as long as you want.

Why work with us?

Working with us has many advantages Improving safety thanks to suitable and standardized lighting

  • Improve safety thanks to adapted and standardized lighting
  • Save time and avoid administrative hassle, one order for all your needs.
  • Reduce interactions on the site, one delivery for all products.
  • Comply with safety and pollution standards.
  • Control costs with our energy-efficient and rapidly deployable equipment thanks to an optimized design.
  • To save money. We advise you on which configuration to deploy to any site, which means you can be sure you're getting the best performance for your budget.

How we work:

1) Our consultant works with you to understand your needs and define the optimal configuration for each site.

2) Our expert designs a project to define the best solution.

3) Our specialist explains our proposal to you to ensure that it meets your needs.

3) Our team delivers in one delivery, Once everything is agreed,

4) A follow-up is carried out by our team members.