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2024 - Week 23
Business failures in real estate on the rise throughout France
Study / Review / Report
Ellisphere looks at failures in the Real Estate sector at the end of March 2024. They are progressing throughout the country (+48,2%) with disparate increases by region: Nouvelle Aquitaine (+79,8%), Occitanie (+73,7%). %), Ile de France (+73,3%), Paca (+13,7%), Grand Est (+11,1%). Read more
Housing: one year after the “Kasbarian 1” law, outcry against “Kasbarian 2”
A year after the Kasbarian-Bergé "anti-squat" law, toughening sanctions against squatters, a collective alerted Tuesday June 4 about "its already visible harmful effects", and fears that a new text, carried by the now minister Guillaume Kasbarian, is “potentially catastrophic”. Read more
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In short
Rebound in wood pellet heating despite the instability of state support policies
Study / Review / Report
Heating with wood pellets is experiencing a rebound, with orders for individual stoves up 36% year-on-year in the 1st quarter and an expected improvement in boiler sales, the sector said on Wednesday June 5, which deplores "the instability " state support policies. Read more
OSCAR Program: 3.500 Renovation Assistance Referrals (RAR) to inform and raise awareness among craftsmen and construction companies
Study / Review / Report
A central link in the OSCAR program, the RARs – Renovation Assistance Referrals, have a key mission: to inform and raise awareness among construction craftsmen and companies for a better understanding and integration of public and private aid. But who are these direct contacts of the major players in energy renovation? How many are they ? Where do they work ? And above all, how do they view their exchanges with professionals? Read more
The world will exceed 2023% of electricity from renewable sources in 30, according to a report
Study / Review / Report
The world crossed the threshold of 2023% electricity production from renewable sources for the first time in 30, according to the Ember energy research center. Read more
Battery storage is growing at an unprecedented rate, but much more needs to be done (IEA)
Study / Review / Report
The storage of electricity by batteries, essential to the development of energy and transport without greenhouse gases, experienced unprecedented global growth in 2023, but its capacities will have to be further multiplied by almost six by 2030, underlines the International Energy Agency (IEA) a few days ago. Read more
Insulation of lost attics: not respecting the requirements of the DTU on the treatment of recessed lighting means compromising the safety of all
Study / Review / Report
The Association of Biosourced Construction Industrialists (AICB) and the national union of Manufacturers of Manufactured Mineral Wool Insulation (FILMM) are concerned about the increasing negligence regarding the implementation of protective covers for recessed lighting as part of work to insulate lost attics. Read more
A roadmap to promote French wool as insulation in buildings
To revive and structure the wool sector in France, which is undervalued and in difficulty, the Tricolor collective published a "road map" on Thursday May 17, at the request of the government, making seven recommendations. Read more
Federations of traders and landlords agree on the monthly payment of commercial rents
Several federations of traders and landlords announced on Monday June 3 the signing of an agreement in favor of the monthly payment of commercial rents, a measure demanded by traders and included in the simplification law examined in the Senate. Read more
The Building industry reacts to the exclusion of gas boilers from VAT at 5,5%
Taxation by FFB
A draft decree submitted to construction stakeholders plans to remove, from July 1, 2024, very high energy performance gas boilers (THPE) from the scope of 5,5% VAT. If adopted, this will be the third exclusion in six months of gas boilers from energy renovation aid, after the withdrawal of the EEC and MaPrimeRénov'! Read more
The reappropriation of the city by children, an alternative to screens?
What if the regulation of screens among young people involved child-friendly cities? This idea of ​​reappropriation of public space, which appears in a recent report, has been taken into account for several years by municipalities, but the trend remains timid. Read more
European elections: the FNTP calls for decarbonizing transport infrastructure and reducing standards
News Organization by FNTP
The National Federation of Public Works, which brings together more than 8.000 companies throughout France, is launching an appeal to candidates for the European elections to place two priorities for action at the heart of the next European mandate. Read more
Some 20.000 municipalities in the new “rural revitalization” zoning
Some 20.000 rural municipalities will be included in the new “France Ruralités revitalisation” (FRR) zoning which opens the right to tax and social exemptions to support activity in rural areas, the ministry responsible for local authorities and rurality. Read more
Concrete cartels: 76,6 million euros in fines for 11 companies, according to the Competition Authority
The Competition Authority has sanctioned four cartels in the prefabricated concrete products sector, and imposed a total of 76,6 million euros in fines on 11 specialized companies, according to a press release released Monday June 3. Read more
Assessment of the Carrefour International du Bois 2024: renewed dynamics and confidence in the wood material
Salon by International Wood Crossroads
The Carrefour International du Bois is also a place of information around major themes shared by professionals; conferences, TV sets or pitches allowed them to exchange ideas again this year. Read more
Results of the 2024 “Heritage Ribbons” competition
Contest / Prize / Trophy
The winners were chosen for the 30th edition of the “Heritage Ribbons” competition. This competition, organized in partnership with the Association of French Mayors and Intermunicipal Presidents, the French Building Federation, the Heritage Foundation, the National Federation of Savings Banks and the French Group of Monument Restoration Companies Historical, rewards municipalities and intermunicipalities having carried out restoration operations or enhancement of their built heritage. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Agreements in concrete: Rector looks to the future while taking responsibility for its past
News Manufacturer
The Rector Lesage Group has just been ordered by the Competition Authority to pay a large fine for undermining free competition in the prefabrication of concrete products markets. The Group does not contest this conviction and intends to fully accept its past errors. Read more
Alkern sets course for low carbon and business valorization
News Manufacturer by Alkern
Alkern, an independent leader in prefabricated concrete products, posted a slight increase in turnover to 260 million euros, despite a difficult market, thanks to the acquisition of ADG Béton. In terms of tonnage, on an identical basis and comparing the 2023 financial year to that of 2022, the building industry contracts by 22%, TP only 5% and the Amex increases by + 5%. Read more
The SBTi (Science Based Targets Initiative) validates the Corialis Group’s CO2 reduction objectives
News Manufacturer
In August 2023, the Corialis Group submitted its carbon emissions reduction targets for validation by the SBTi. Remember that the SBTi is an initiative aimed at supporting companies in reducing their CO2 emissions, born from the collaboration in 2015, in the context of COP 21, between the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the Global Compact of United Nations (UNGC), the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Read more
URSA is committed to the Abbé Pierre Foundation in the fight against poor housing
News Manufacturer by BEAR
URSA, specialist in thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings, is committed to the Abbé Pierre Foundation. Objective: to financially and materially support this emblematic foundation in the field of poor housing. Read more
Wendel equips its logistics platform with exoskeletons to limit the arduousness of its employees' work
Distributor News
To limit efforts and preserve the health capital of its employees, the regional group WENDEL, specialized in the distribution of tiling, sanitary and heating products, encourages warehouse operators at its logistics platform in Samazan (47) to equip themselves with passive exoskeletons. Read more
Discover the ATE “SANCOL” range of tubes and fittings
Video by ATE
Discover in this video the ATE “SANCOL” range of tubes and fittings for sanitation and its many advantages: resistance, guaranteed sealing, easy to implement... and much more! Read more
Understand the energy audit in 1 minute with a Hellio expert
Video by hello
More advanced than a simple DPE, the energy audit allows you to take stock of a building's energy consumption. It remains essential to make co-owners aware of its advantages and its implementation, particularly before launching the residence into a global renovation project. Read more
The POLLEM laboratory
Video by CSTB
The POLLEM laboratory specializes in the measurement of chemical pollutants in indoor air, in particular the characterization of volatile organic compounds, emitted by certain construction products, and aldehydes (including formaldehyde). Read more
SMAC x Rockwool - Waste recycling at the La Fiée des Lois factory (Rockcycle)
Video by SMAC
The SMAC Poitou-Charentes agency used the Rockcycle recycling service offered by ROCKWOOL France on the Fiée des Lois construction site. Read more
Focus on Framing construction site: URSIMMO logistics platform
Video by Rector
Romain Bertel, head of concrete framework projects, invites you to an immersive visit to one of Rector's recent construction sites to show you one of their latest framework projects. Read more
Improvement of the Marin air bridge in Yves (RD137)
Video by URETEK® France
Discover how the URETEK® teams reinforced the Air Marin bridge, located on the RD137 near Yves, in Charente-Maritime. This bridge, completed in 1996, presented worrying cracks and subsidence requiring urgent intervention. Read more
Presentation and role of the FFB - French Building Federation
Video by FFB
Do you really know the FFB and its role? It is the first employers' organization representing craftsmen and building contractors with no less than 1 member companies, including 50.000 artisanal. Read more
Promoter Testimonial - Heating/cooling solution for collective housing
Video by Wavin
Customer testimony from Serge Wermelinger, developer and manager of FL Résidences, as part of the construction of two collective housing buildings in Issenheim (68). Read more
Products and Materials
New FDES available for standard float glass and AGC Low-Carbon Glass
Test / Trial / Certification by AGC Glass France
AGC Glass Europe has made a commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. In the meantime, the Group has set itself the intermediate objective of reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030. by 30% compared to 2019. Read more
The Control Box: new supervisor for optimizing building energy systems
New product by Souchier Boullet
The Souchier-Boullet company, which brings together three commercial brands: Souchier, specialist in natural architectural smoke extraction systems, Boullet, expert in fire compartmentation solutions, Genatis, specialized in natural energy management, is launching its latest solution on the market eco-responsible: the Control Box, a tool for complete optimization of a building's energy systems without requiring any infrastructure. Read more
France Air launches new on-board regulation
New product by France Air
The indoor air treatment specialist France Air is launching on-board regulation with advanced features. With the tertiary decree and RE2020, reducing energy consumption has become a major issue in the fight against global warming. Read more
DOM ix Teco and ix Twido mechanical cylinders: for each level of security, its adapted cylinder and patented key
Zoom produced by DOM-Metalux
Hospitals, administrations, local authorities, hotels, residential or office buildings... in new or existing buildings, the requirements for locking and managing authorized human flows vary. In the era of everything connected, in these public or private establishments, the prioritization of access by mechanical organization chart nevertheless remains in the majority. Read more
ZWCAD 2025 is available for download, discover what’s new
Software update by ZW France
Over the years, the flagship ZWCAD software, which has 1,4 million users worldwide, has established itself as the benchmark alternative to AutoCAD. Read more
Projects and Achievements
Green light for preparatory work on the two future EPR2 nuclear reactors at Penly
The government gives the green light to EDF to begin preparatory work for the two future new generation EPR2 reactors planned at the Penly nuclear power plant (Seine-Maritime), according to a decree of June 3 published Wednesday June 5 in the Official Journal. Read more
Laying the first stone of the emblematic educational city of Sartrouville
Construction site
The Department of Yvelines and the Town Hall of Sartrouville have entrusted the construction of one of their flagship projects to Léon Grosse, representative of the group formed with GCC, Incet, EODD and Cram. Resolutely focused internationally, the future Educational City will combine learning comfort, energy efficiency and environmental performance. Read more
Metro line 11 is preparing to irrigate the east of Paris
Construction site
Twice as long and twice as busy: the extension of line 11 of the Paris metro, with six new stations to the east of the capital served from June 13, will be the most important inauguration for the RATP in over 25 years old. Read more
Notre-Dame: Buren, Di Rosa, Pei-Ming among the candidates for contemporary stained glass windows
Construction site
Daniel Buren, Hervé di Rosa, Yan Pei-Ming and Pascal Convert are among the approximately “110 files of artist duos and master glassmakers” candidates for the design of contemporary stained glass windows for Notre-Dame de Paris, announced Saturday June 1 at the AFP chairs the artistic committee responsible for selecting them. Read more
The children's workshop at the Center Pompidou switches to LEDs while preserving its historic heritage lighting fixtures
Realization by Sylvania
Since 1977, when it was designed by architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers in the heart of Paris, the Center Pompidou has housed the collection of the National Museum of Modern Art, temporary exhibitions but also the Public Information Library, performance halls, cinemas or conferences. Read more
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