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2024 - Week 22
Ranking of cities according to their DPE and unequal effect of this rating on real estate prices in France
Study / Review / Report
For the third edition of La Vigie (Q1 2024), GoFlint, the first platform with an eco-responsible approach dedicated to the distribution of real estate advertisements from professionals, analyzes the decoupling of the DPE effect on real estate prices between Paris and the rest of France, reveals the prices of thermal strainers and their discounts for the 40 largest cities in France and the metropolitan departments, and announces a new partner in La Vigie. Read more
Building permits continue to decline over 12 months
Study / Review / Report
The number of building permits issued continued to decline in France over a twelve-month period ending in April, according to provisional data published Thursday May 30 by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. Read more
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In short
How much did corporate work environments cost in 2023?
Study / Review / Report
IDET, the Professional Association of Work Environment Directors, launched a few days ago the data collection campaign for the 2024 “Buzzy Ratios”. This benchmark analyzes the costs incurred by companies in 2023 for their environments work (rent, energy, security, etc.). The results of the barometer will be revealed in November 2024. Read more
New study on the recruitment needs and practices of construction materials trading companies
Study / Review / Report
On May 23, 2024, the Construction Materials Trading Observatory published a new study relating to the needs and recruitment practices of companies in the sector. Read more
Construction companies must strengthen the inclusion of women according to a survey
Study / Review / Report
Orisha Construction, publisher of software dedicated to construction companies and materials trading, published a few days ago the results of its latest survey carried out with OpinionWay on the French and inclusion in the construction sector. Read more
Digital transition observatory 2024: a call to rebuild the fiber pact in the territories
Study / Review / Report
The annual Very High Speed ​​Observatory becomes the Observatory of the digital transition of territories. Built by InfraNum in partnership with the Banque des Territoires and Avicca, it was presented on May 28, during Avicca's spring TRIP in front of Patrick Chaize, President of Avicca and senator from Ain, Philippe Le Grand, President of InfraNum and Antoine Darodes, Director of the Digital Transition Investments department - Banque des Territoires / CDC. Read more
Banks wary of transferring a home loan for a new purchase
French banks spoke out on Tuesday May 28 against the principle of portability of real estate loans, allowing a borrower to maintain the conditions of their initial credit when purchasing a new property after the sale of the first. Read more
Real estate loan rate cuts continue in June, pending the ECB's decision
Pretto, a 100% digital real estate brokerage specialist, highlights recent trends in real estate loan rates for the month of June. A few days before a probable announcement of a reduction in key rates from the ECB, the easing of rates continues. Read more
Further drop in property prices in existing properties in the 1st quarter according to the Notaires-Insee index
Old property prices continued to fall in the 1st quarter of 2024 (-1,6%) after -1,8% in the fourth quarter of 2023, according to the benchmark Notaires-Insee index published on Tuesday. Read more
Energy renovation: manufacturers publish the White Paper “For a global and efficient building renovation sector”
White Book
The Strategic Industry Committee for Construction (CSF IPC) publishes its White Paper “For a global and efficient building renovation sector”, which was presented by its president, Pierre-Etienne Bindschedler, on May 28 in Paris. Read more
Towards a more moderate increase in property taxes this year
Large cities with more than 100.000 inhabitants and their groups have decided to increase their property tax by 1,2% on average this year, and more of them than in 2023 are keeping their rate unchanged, according to the annual survey of the FSL firm. Read more
The tax authorities launched the declaration of real estate assets too hastily in 2023, according to two MPs
A year after the "difficult" launch of the GMBI service, which allows owners to declare their real estate and their occupants to the tax authorities, two deputies consider the tool "necessary" but its implementation "too hasty", in a provisional report consulted Wednesday May 29 by AFP. Read more
Pretto launches the Zero Conditions Suspensive Guarantee: a unique solution on the real estate loan market
Company News
Pretto, the 100% digital real estate loan broker, today announces the launch of a unique offer on the market: the “zero suspensive conditions” (0CS) guarantee. This initiative aims to offer concerned buyers unprecedented security and peace of mind when purchasing their property. It also constitutes an attractive guarantee of solidity and reassurance for sellers. Read more
Public works are mobilizing to prevent risks linked to high heat
Prevention / Security
In a context of climate change where episodes of high heat are increasingly frequent and intense, preventing risks linked to high heat is becoming an absolute priority to guarantee the best possible working conditions for workers on public works sites. Read more
The government tightens unemployment insurance compensation rules “to move towards full employment”
Unemployment insurance compensation rules will be tightened from December 1 "to move towards full employment" and "value work even more", confirmed Gabriel Attal in an interview to be published in La Tribune Dimanche. Read more
Collapsed balcony in Angers: the architect and the works manager condemned on appeal
Justice decision
The Angers Court of Appeal on Tuesday sentenced to suspended prison sentences an architect and his works manager implicated in the spectacular collapse of a balcony which caused the death of four young people and injured 14 others in 2016 in Angers. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Rector is structuring itself to accelerate the development of its concrete framework activity by creating “Rector Charpentes et Ossatures”
News Manufacturer by Rector
For 30 years, Rector has acquired know-how and expertise in the design, manufacturing and installation of prefabricated frames and frameworks suitable for industrial, logistics, commercial buildings, car parks or Data Centers. Read more
Durieu at the wood crossroads: genesis of reception work
News Manufacturer by Durieu
In 2023, the Durieu group celebrated its 100th anniversary and decided for the occasion to support the reception work of aspiring Journeyman carpenter Kilian Choloux. 510 hours of work later, a masterpiece in the form of a trestle appeared. And in 2024, Durieu has the honor of exhibiting this reception work at Carrefour du bois in hall XXL, stand D5. Read more
Saint-Gobain France is recruiting 1.200 work-study students in 2024-2025
News Manufacturer by Saint-Gobain
Saint-Gobain is publishing 1.200 new work-study offers for 2024-2025, including 150 dedicated to the CFA Génération Saint-Gobain, in addition to the 700 work-study positions already filled. Read more
At 60 years old, Acova, inventor of the colored radiator, is still as trendy as ever
Birthday by acova
Every year, major paint brands reveal their color of the year. They reflect trends in decoration but also the evolution of fashions and living spaces. Read more
World DIY Day: advice from Rockwool for insulating attic spaces
Guide / Advice / Tutorial by Rockwool
In a context where summer heat peaks are likely to intensify, carrying out an energy renovation ahead of summer helps keep the interior cool. The roof plays a major role in the accumulation or loss of heat, good insulation of the attic is crucial to maintain the comfort of the lower rooms, but also to achieve significant energy savings in cold periods. Read more
Expert Interview - Jaafar Sijelmassi and Omar Mawlawi
Video by Technal
Jaafar Sijelmassi, Architect - Sijelmassi & Partners Agency Omar Mawlawi, Architect - Atelier Mawlawi Jaafar Sijelmassi and Omar Mawlawi, passionate about ecological architecture, define themselves as "activist architects" combining low-tech and the know-how of elders to obtain the best quality contribution and environmental impact. Read more
Interview with Michel, eye line chain operator
Video by Sebico
Michel has been presenting his job as a line operator at Sebico since 2004. He is responsible for manhole manufacturing, molding and demoulding. Read more
The POLLEM laboratory
Video by CSTB
The POLLEM laboratory specializes in the measurement of chemical pollutants in indoor air, in particular the characterization of volatile organic compounds, emitted by certain construction products, and aldehydes (including formaldehyde). Read more
Deconstruction of a former Stellantis automobile factory (ex-PSA)
Video by VINCI
Deconstruction of a former automobile factory for the construction of the future Hospital-University Campus, in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine (93). Read more
The Rockwool moment - photovoltaic installations on roof terraces | Episode 3 | Insulation
Video by Rockwool
In the case of metal buildings, how can you ensure that you have a roof ready to accommodate photovoltaics? What insulation solutions does ROCKWOOL offer for this type of roof? The very first point is to think of this photovoltaic roof as a complete whole. Read more
Calculate your carbon footprint
Video by ADEME
Everything we consume, use and then throw away requires material and energy. Whether for the production phase, use, or end of life of the good or service. Read more
Video by elm.leblanc
Condensation technology allows housing to be more energy efficient and less expensive. But do you really know how a condensing boiler works? Read more
[In the box] With Cindy and Alexandre, Sales Assistant - Cheminées Poujoulat
Video by Poujoulat
At Cheminées Poujoulat, in Niort, there is a Customer Service department entirely dedicated to their customers. And in this department of 28 people, there are Cindy and Alexandre, respectively Sales Assistant and Sales Assistant. They agreed to answer a few questions about their mission, the team and their history with Cheminées Poujoulat. Read more
Products and Materials
Rehau launches its new colors of edging to match the Egger 24+ and Galerie (Polyrey) panel collections
Range evolution by REHAU Furniture
This year is marked by numerous collection launches from manufacturers of decorative panels and laminates. These collections all highlight new trends: simplicity, the return to naturalness, timelessness, soft shades, and the matte finish in all styles. Read more
Profils Systèmes enriches its Tanagra curtain wall offering with a new clamshell system
Range evolution by profiles Systems
The Tanagra aluminum curtain wall from Profils Systèmes is a thermal break facade system with the advantage of a single frame. Combining a plurality of possible installations (frontal, penetrating and advancing), Tanagra offers multiple configurations: grid, horizontal frame, Glued Exterior Glazing (VEC), Parclosed Exterior Glazing with Factory Spirit design (VEP), glass roof, etc. Read more
Hourdissomo: first meetings in EPS from biomass
Range evolution by Hirsch Insulation
After being the first to offer EPS insulation made from renewable resources (2nd generation organic waste of European origin), HIRSCH Isolation extends its range with the first cut-out expanded polystyrene spacers with an Improved Carbon Footprint and 100% recyclable : Hourdissimo ECA. Read more
Jackoboard obtains European ETA technical approval
Test / Trial / Certification by Jackon Insulation
The JACKOBOARD sealing system obtains European ETA technical approval for safe sealing in the shower area. Installers can always rely 100% on the high quality and durability of JACKOBOARD Plano building boards and Aqua shower trays as well as the corresponding accessories. Read more
Autodesk Launches New Total Carbon Analysis Tool for a More Sustainable Built Environment
Software update by Autodesk
It's no secret that the built environment causes a significant carbon burden, accounting for nearly 40% of greenhouse gas emissions each year. Read more
Projects and Achievements
Transformation of commercial areas: 16 additional winners selected
The government announced on Friday May 24 the list of 16 additional projects selected as part of the plan to transform commercial zones at the entrance to the city, which will receive aid amounting to 5,4 million euros. Read more
Notre-Dame de Paris finds its bedside cross
Construction site
The cross at the apse of Notre-Dame de Paris, which survived the fire that devastated the cathedral in 2019 and was restored, was reinstalled at the top of the frame on Friday May 24. Read more
Idex decarbonizes the LIS by Lesaffre drying plant
Realization by Idex
Idex, a key player in the local low-carbon energy market, is inaugurating a steam production plant in Cérences in Manche for LIS by Lesaffre, a service provider for drying ingredients intended for animal feed. Read more
A mobile solar power plant powers an HLM residence in Lille
A mobile solar power plant was installed on a wasteland in Lille to directly supply renewable energy to social housing located a few meters away, a project presented on Monday May 27 as a pioneer in France. Read more
Inauguration of the Maison du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics: a low-carbon building showcases the know-how of the profession
The Fédération BTP Rhône et Métropole, the FFB Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the FRTP Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and their partners BTP Banque, L'Auxiliaire BTP, infra2050 and Indura inaugurated the Maison du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics. Read more
Products of the week

Infiltration basin for rainwater

Exceptional natural slate for the renovation of roofs in protected areas

Pivoting sliding glazing for balconies and facades

MOBILE intelligent video monitoring and analysis device


Cupa Pizarras



Aluminum multi-material wall sliding window

Sliding door frame without paneling

Parquet from the circular economy

Project management software composed of 4 modules

Millet Group

Eclisse France

Margaritelli France


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