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2024 - Week 03
Historic fall in real estate sales in 2023 according to the sector federation
Study / Review / Report
The French real estate market recorded a "historic fall" of 22% in sales in 2023, with 875.000 transactions in old properties, while a drop in prices is expected in 2024, the National Federation of Real Estate announced on Tuesday January 16. real estate (Fnaim). Read more
UFC-Que Choisir calls for a freeze on electricity taxation to avoid a new surge in bills
While the regulated price for the sale of electricity has already suffered an increase of more than 2% in 30 years, which severely affects the purchasing power of households, the UFC-Que Choisir today denounces the prospect of a new increase in the price of electricity of 10% on February 1 without any link to the real costs of electricity production in France, and is alarmed by the dramatic consequences it would have on households. Read more
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In short
Housing crisis, simplifications for businesses, full employment... What to remember from Macron's speech
During his speech on January 16, the President of the Republic spoke on several subjects to clarify the rest of his second term. Whether it is housing which he describes as "a system which is a maquis, too complicated", his desire to achieve full employment at all costs or the economic "rearmament" of France, here is what should be remembered . Read more
More than 14.000 business failures in construction in 2023: France records one of the worst 4th quarters in 30 years
Study / Review / Report
The Altares group – historical expert and reference in business information – revealed on January 18 the figures for business failures in France for the 4th quarter and the whole of 2023. With 57.729 procedures opened in 2023 , the number of failures is increasing by almost 36% compared to 2022. A rate that is still very high after the historic increase (+49%) in 2022. Read more
“Very positive” assessment of the Lemoine law on borrower insurance, according to the CCSF
Study / Review / Report
The Financial Sector Advisory Committee (CCSF) gave a “very positive” assessment on Monday, January 15, of the Lemoine law, which came into force in mid-2022 and allows real estate borrowers to change insurance free of charge and at any time. Read more
The average mortgage rate exceeded 4,2% in December, according to Crédit Logement
Study / Review / Report
The average rate of real estate loans reached a plateau at 4,20% in the fourth quarter of 2023, the highest since 2009, while the number of loans granted continued to fall, according to calculations by the CSA/Crédit Logement Observatory published Thursday January 18. Read more
Olympic Games-2024: apartment sales are struggling to take off in the Olympic Village
Launched this summer, the marketing of part of the apartments in the Olympic Village located straddling Saint-Denis and Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis), where the athletes will stay during the Olympic Games, is off to a sluggish start, above all in reason for the crisis hitting the sector according to specialists interviewed by AFP. Read more
Fedene’s contribution to the consultation relating to the French strategy for energy and climate
Renewable energy
While a bill on energy sovereignty must be presented to the Council of Ministers, Fedene (Federation of Environmental Energy Services) wishes to reaffirm the essential role of renewable and recovery heat in the national energy mix. Read more
Solar energy recorded +30% connections in 2023 in France
Renewable energy
The deployment of solar energy has accelerated in France in 2023, with more than three gigawatts of installed capacity, or 30% more than the previous year, welcomed the solar union Enerplan on Tuesday January 16, taking up the figures connection to the Enedis network. Read more
Bruno Le Maire assures that he believes in renewable energies
Renewable energy
Bruno Le Maire, visiting a nuclear power plant for his first trip since the Minister of the Economy is also in charge of Energy, expressed his support for renewable energies on Monday January 15. Read more
Worried about 2024, building craftsmen call on the government to rely on “TPE solutions”
News Organization by CAPEB
The 2023 figures for the sector's activity, presented on January 17 during the CAPEB press conference, are clear. If the decline in activity experienced by the building trades over the whole of 2023 is moderate (-0,6% in volume), while this sector has been penalized by the fall in new construction (- 4,5% in the 4th quarter of 2023), this is thanks to the quasi-stability of activity in renovation, supported by work to improve energy performance (+1,5% in volume), market of renovation in which craft construction companies are leaders. Read more
The CPME details its 80 administrative simplification proposals for businesses
Organization News
Facilitating access to aid, reducing the role of the CSE, dematerialization: the Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CPME) detailed its 15 administrative simplification proposals on Monday January 80. Read more
Paris town hall wants to give “guarantees” to PSG so that it stays at the Parc des Princes
The Paris town hall wants to give "guarantees to PSG" so that it remains a tenant and invests in the Parc des Princes, "including for very long periods", in order to overcome a situation that has been blocked for more than a year. Read more
MEPs vote to ban fluorinated gases by 2050
MEPs approved on Tuesday January 16 measures aimed at reducing fluorinated gases, which are used in particular in refrigerators or air conditioners but are particularly harmful to the climate, with a view to their complete elimination by 2050. Read more
Launch of the 4th edition of the Canalisseurs 2024 video competition aimed at companies and training centers
Contest / Prize / Trophy
The professional organization Les Canalisseurs is launching the fourth edition of its video competition on January 15, 2024, which will close on April 16, 2024. The competition aims to highlight and highlight the professions in the drinking water, sanitation and sanitation networks. gas, to make them known to as many people as possible and to share their various aspects, specificities and performances. Read more
Prison closed for a vast home renovation scam
Justice decision
Sentences of up to four years in prison were handed down on Friday January 19 in Limoges against around fifteen people prosecuted for a vast renovation work fraud which caused more than 200 victims. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
The circular economy at the heart of URSA’s strategy: the manufacturer is launching two new services in this direction
News Manufacturer by BEAR
Because sustainable development is part of its DNA, URSA places its products, its operations and its customer support around this major theme. This vision, reinforced by its integration within the Etex group, has made the circular economy a central element of its strategy for many years. Read more
VEKA boosts its recruitment on the big screen
News Manufacturer by VEKA
VEKA advocates French production with 94% of its references sold on the national territory, which are produced on the Thonon-les-Bains site (i.e. some 17 million linear meters per year of PVC profiles). Today, there are around twenty permanent positions to be filled mainly in production (extrusion, plating and warehouse). Read more
The Viessmann company makes a donation of 100.000 euros to the Sol Solidaire association
News Manufacturer by Viessmann
Thanks to this donation, Sol Solidaire will be able to equip around 200 social housing units with solar panels and distribute the electricity produced free of charge to their residents. The Viessmann company, specializing in the field of heating, air conditioning and environmentally friendly energy systems, becomes the association's first diamond patron. Read more
Eldo, ELCIA, Revel’Home and Waoup co-found Krafteo to accelerate the digital transformation of buildings
Developer News by Krafteo
Professionals in the building sector are facing unprecedented challenges: energy renovation of housing, complicated economic context, need for 200.000 additional employees to achieve decarbonization objectives, recruitment difficulties, growing consumer demands, complexity of daily management of operations … Read more
Nemetschek Group promotes innovation in the construction sector thanks to artificial intelligence
Developer News by Nemetschek
Nemetschek Group, a leading global software provider for digital transformation in construction industries, announces solution enhancements and strategic partnerships leveraging artificial intelligence (AI)-based technologies. Read more
Webinar: Understanding the usefulness of the CCTP Special Technical Clauses
Video by CSTB Editions
The CCTP (Cahiers des Clauses Techniques Particulières) is a document necessary for the execution of the services of a contract. It is part of the set of documents called “Cahier des Charges” or “DCE” (Business Consultation File). Read more
Interview with Emeric Lagoguet from EDF - Meeting the challenges of the nuclear sector
Video by SPIE
Interview with Emeric Lagoguet from EDF - Meeting the challenges of the nuclear sector Emeric explains how SPIE Nucléaire’s expertise and innovative strength will help us meet the challenges of the future. Read more
#Success engine – Cross-interviews 2
Video by FNTP
Come and meet Guillaume, Léo and Nicolas, young Public Works machine mechanics! Take inspiration from those who do and are involved in this profession: Why did they choose the path of Public Works and this profession? What makes them proud to be a machine mechanic, what they like most about their job, good advice for training, you'll know everything! Read more
Be fully equipped in your utility vehicle with the ORSYmobil solution
Video by Wuerth France
Discover the WÜRTH FRANCE references to improve safety in your utility vehicle. Read more
Everything you need to know about Climate & Resilience Law training with Hellio Académie | Hellio Webinar
Video by hello
Hellio Académie is Hellio's training organization whose objective is to develop an offer adapted to those involved in the energy transition, by providing the keys to realizing energy savings and efficiency projects. Read more
Cybersecurity and you - Raise awareness among your employees
Video by FFB
The FFB Fédération Française du Bâtiment raises awareness about cybersecurity. Your company’s cybersecurity strategy requires the involvement of everyone on a daily basis. It must be maintained and updated. Read more
Screwless mounting – Quick-FitPlus for handles on standard rosettes from HOPPE France
Video by France
The QuickFitPlus assembly technique allows simple, screw-free assembly of the entire fitting, including the handle, the handle rosette and even the keyhole rosette. This is a technical development following on from HOPPE's quick-assembly square. Read more
3 essential questions about a company's assets
Video by EBP
As a professional, it is crucial to understand the assets of a company to better understand its growth potential. Discover the 3 key questions that will help you assess a company's legacy and strength in today's market. Read more
Products and Materials
Quarco unveils a major innovation for mixed construction: the Wood Concrete Connector
New product
The Wood Concrete Connector (CBB) is a fundamental assembly element for the development of mixed wood-concrete construction systems. It is the only technical solution allowing the combination of concrete floors and vertical wooden frames (MOB, CLT or glued laminated wood structure in posts/beams) imagined by INNOVONS, the QUARCO solutions incubator. Read more
Modula, the new innovative and ecological modular railway platform system, installed for the first time in France
New product by Urbanmat
At the initiative of SNCF Gares et Connexions, the companies URBAMAT Environnement and HERING International developed and delivered the first MODULA® passenger platforms, combining technical innovation thanks to large prefabricated modular elements and ecological innovation, thanks to the 33% reduction in emissions of CO², the number of deliveries and needs for natural resources and materials. Read more
New Baïna swimming pool, thermoformed 100% acrylic made in France
New product
At the Paysalia show, on December 5, the Gironde company Aqua Fermetures et Liners presented its latest swimming pool called Baïna. Entirely made in France, this model of less than 10m² is distinguished by its over-equipped acrylic structure and its unique patented Venturi effect filtration system. Read more
Mandurah aluminum handles for exterior joinery: a unique concept developed with designer Patrick Veillet
New range by profiles Systems
Always faithful to a strong aesthetic pursuit, particularly promoting tailor-made and customizable solutions, Profils Systèmes, a specialist in aluminum joinery for over 35 years, knows how to surround itself with true creators. Read more
elec calc new version: innovations for the tertiary sector and industry
Software update by Trace Software
Trace Software is pleased to announce the release of the new version of elec calc, software for calculating and sizing electrical installations. elec calc, dedicated to high and low voltage installations, allows real-time calculation of projects, according to current French and international standards, whether for industrial, tertiary, IRVE installations or even for high voltage structures. Read more
Projects and Achievements
The restoration of the framework of the choir of Notre-Dame de Paris is completed
Construction site
Less than a year before the reopening of Notre-Dame de Paris, ravaged by a fire on April 15, 2019, a branch was placed at the top of the choir frame on Friday January 12, which marks the end of this stage of the construction site. Read more
World's first assembly of Potain's MR 229 luffing jib tower crane in London, UK
Construction site
The Radius Group, a British crane rental company and partner of Potain since 2008, recently erected Potain's first ever MR 229 luffing jib crane. This deployment took place as part of a project for the L&Q real estate group, which concerns 476 new homes on the Greenwich Peninsula, in London. Read more
New with old: the metamorphosis of a barracks thanks to reuse
Construction site
Piles of bricks on the ground, beams and old radiators... In a former barracks in Strasbourg, rubble is waiting to be reused, in the same place, for the construction of housing and a college. Read more
Inaugurations of the “Berbiziale” and “Les Jodonnes” residences in Issoire
In Issoire, the Berbiziale residence and the Les Jodonnes residence symbolize in an exemplary manner the concrete commitments of Auvergne Habitat in favor of the decarbonization plan and the quality of services provided to residents. Read more
Acorus carries out the renovation of the Voco hotel in Clichy
Realization by Acorus
Acorus, a French ETI pioneer in eco-renovation of occupied sites, carried out the renovation of the VOCO hotel in Clichy for a budget of more than 4 million euros. Read more
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