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2023 - Week 44
Are heat pumps ineffective in extreme cold?
Technical solutions
By installing a heat pump in his house on the heights of Oslo, Øyvind Solstad killed three birds with one stone, sparing his ecological conscience, his comfort and his wallet. Read more
First reduction in property loan rates among some lending establishments in a market which remains sluggish
Study / Review / Report
Pretto, a specialist in 100% digital real estate loan brokerage, is observing this month the rates charged by its banking partners. Although the average rate remains on an upward trend, this month of November is marked by the first rate cuts. Read more
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In short
Economic outlook for 2024: a majority of new housing manufacturers remain worried about the future
Study / Review / Report
If the year 2023 raised serious concerns for New Habitat Industrialists, the prospects for 2024 do not seem to be better for the majority of them. This is demonstrated by the new survey conducted by Inoha among its members, made up mainly of SMEs whose turnover amounts on average to €35 million. Read more
52% of tenants are not satisfied with the responsiveness of their landlord
Study / Review / Report
Ublo, Vertone and Qualimétrie conducted a study on social rental management to encourage social landlords to take action on opportunities to improve customer relations. Read more
The Mayor, Béchu and Faure announce the launch of the mission on the insurability of local authorities
Study / Review / Report
Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, Christophe Béchu, Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, and Dominique Faure, Minister Delegate in charge of Territorial Communities and Rurality, announce the launch of the mission on the insurability of local authorities. Read more
In France, third quarter growth expected to be just positive
Study / Review / Report
After the surprise rebound in French growth in the second quarter, that of the summer should appear just positive: the National Institute of Statistics releases on Tuesday October 31 its first estimate of the evolution of gross domestic product in the third quarter . Read more
Darmanin “sticks” to the measure on “professions in tension” in the immigration bill
The Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin "holds" to article 3, which aims to regularize undocumented immigrants in "professions in tension" within the framework of the immigration bill, but reaffirmed Monday October 30 that he wanted to "find a compromise". Read more
Regulation of Airbnb: parliamentarians hope for a bill before the end of the year
Parliamentarians behind "transpartisan" proposals to further regulate rentals of furnished tourist accommodation such as Airbnb hope that a bill to this effect will be put back on the agenda before the end of the year. Read more
The Government steps up the fight against fraud in the energy renovation of buildings
Regulation by Ministry of Ecological Transition
The Government is stepping up its action to prevent, stop and sanction fraudsters in the field of energy renovation. In a context of mobilization of unprecedented resources to accelerate the renovation of buildings, in particular housing with more than €5 billion programmed in the budget of the State and its operators in 2024, the strengthening of the fight against property fraud renovation is necessary to protect households while ensuring the proper use of public money. Read more
The CDI-FNAIM condemns cases of commissioning
Organization News
The Chambre Des Diagnostiqueurs recently became aware of a case of proposed “paid partnership” in the form of commission from a non-member real estate assessor. Read more
Vinci's activity up 9% in the 3rd quarter
Company News by VINCI
Vinci, the construction and infrastructure concessions giant, achieved turnover in the 3rd quarter up 9% to 18,3 billion euros, driven in particular by airport concessions, construction and energies. Read more
Siemens Energy “does not need” money from the German state, assures the chairman of the supervisory board
Company News
Siemens Energy "clearly does not need money from the German state", the chairman of its supervisory board said on Friday October 27, while the Munich group is in discussions with the government to overcome its problems in the wind power. Read more
EDF formally a candidate for the construction of an EPR in the Czech Republic
Nuclear energy by EDF
The French electrician EDF, allied with Framatome, Bouygues and GE Steam Power, officially applied on Tuesday October 31 for the construction of an EPR-type nuclear reactor in the Czech Republic, a proposal which could go as far as the construction of "four reactors " in total. Read more
Building craftsmen fully aware of the prevention of professional risks
Prevention / Security by CAPEB
CAPEB and the CNATP (National Chamber of Crafts, Public Works and Landscape) revealed a few days ago the results of the national survey on health and safety at work in artisanal construction companies. Read more
Thursday November 23, 2023: everyone mobilized against energy poverty!
In France, one in five people are affected by fuel poverty. Throughout the year, both in summer and in winter, due to the poor thermal quality of their homes or insufficient financial resources to meet energy bills, 12 million people suffer from this scourge and its serious consequences. consequences on their health or their budget. Read more
Several dead and missing in a construction accident in Germany
Several workers died or went missing after the collapse of scaffolding on a major construction site in Hamburg, a port city in northern Germany, a fire department spokesperson said on Monday, October 30, revising a previous provisional report. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Saint-Gobain's turnover down 10,5% in the 3rd quarter, penalized by Northern Europe
News Manufacturer by Saint-Gobain
The construction materials giant Saint-Gobain announced Thursday, October 26, a sharp decline in its turnover of 10,5% in the third quarter of 2023 to 11,5 billion euros, due in particular to the "continued slowdown of new construction", marked in Northern Europe. Read more
Imerys suffers a drop in industrial demand in the 3rd quarter
News Manufacturer by Imerys
The minerals group Imerys suffered from an "air gap" in industrial demand in the 3rd quarter, with a decline of 17,8% in its turnover, and warned that its gross operating surplus (Ebitda ) current would be "at the bottom of the forecast range". Read more
Louis Natter re-elected President of the UNICEM committed companies association
Appointment by UNICEM
Unanimously re-elected at the General Assembly on October 25, Louis Natter will serve for three more years as president of the UNICEM engaged companies association, whose mission is to support progress initiatives and CSR issues in the National Union of Quarrying and Construction Materials Industries (UNICEM). Read more
Kahiers Rénovation Knauf: 3 works to facilitate access to thermal renovations
Guide / Advice / Tutorial by Knauf Danoline
Faithful to its desire to always better support building stakeholders, in particular project managers, co-ownership managers, installation companies, in their daily lives, particularly in the acceleration and massification of overall renovations, Knauf dedicates new Renovation Kahiers to them, available on www.knauf.fr. Read more
Better resistance | Placo® Testimonials
Video by placo
Renovating your kitchen is a big challenge: it must withstand everyday shocks, support heavy loads and the project must be easily achievable for the individual who wishes to carry out the work themselves. Read more
Hercules 10 Spray - AE Renov service (Boulogne-Billancourt)
Video by Drone volt
Video demonstration in Boulogne-Billancourt of the Hercules 10 Spray from Drone Volt which is designed for the precise spraying of liquid products intended for the treatment of surfaces, roofs and facades. It offers a new processing solution for many applications. Read more
ACO Vseptor - P - Hydrodynamic decontamination decanter
Video by Co
ACO V-Septor, designed and manufactured by ACO teams, effectively cleans surface water. Runoff from waterproofed areas is subject to various pollution: hydrocarbon residues, polluting materials from tire abrasion, particles fines and all kinds of organic pollution. Read more
What is the new Reach 2023 obligation?
Video by Sika
A new regulatory obligation comes into force on August 24, 2023 with regard to the European REACH regulations. It concerns products containing more than 0,1% of diisocyanate monomers. Read more
Doctoral Students' Day 2023 - Prize category Animated presentation
Video by CSTB
Achieve and implement the National Low Carbon Strategy for the building sector, from product to park. Name of doctoral student: PELLAN Marin. Thesis start: 2021. School and partners: ETH - Zurich - Switzerland. Read more
RE2020 Thresholds and Sobriety in New Collective Housing ►Experts’ Table of June 13, 2023
Video by Knauf Danoline
This “Table of Experts” combines in an unprecedented way the expertise of 3 manufacturers of construction materials: Knauf, Rector Lesage and Wienerberger gathered around a concrete case study, the transition to the 2025 thresholds of a new collective housing project . Read more
Building collective housing in wood or mixed wood/concrete - Testimony from Stéphane Peignier
Video by CNDB
Discover the feedback from Stéphane Peignier, independent architect who participated in the CNDB's "Building collective housing in wood or mixed wood/concrete" training on May 4, 2023. Why did you choose this training, its advantages, its strong points ...You will know everything! Read more
Daily Rate Optimizer
Video by Loxone
As part of their Energy Focus program, Loxone presents the new Daily Price Optimizer functional block. It ensures that electricity consumers always use the lowest electricity price within a dynamic tariff. Read more
Products and Materials
Zen Modular unveils the J-Room: the modular room that is revolutionizing the student residence market
Technical solutions
Zen Modular, a French startup specializing in modular construction, announces the creation of the J-Room, a modular room designed by designers to meet the needs of students. This 100% factory-made room can be integrated into all types of projects. Read more
Proplak Snow from Knauf, a range of powder coatings for plasterboards designed with and for French applicators
New range by Knauf Danoline
The world's leading producer of plasterboard, Knauf has just co-developed, in close collaboration with French applicators/jointers, PROPLAK® SNOW, a new range of powder coatings meeting the expectations of all types of users in France. Read more
AMCC presents its new range of Solidéa PVC windows
New range by AMCC Windows Doors
With more than 11 million units installed, the French window market remained relatively stable in 2022, driven by renovation and dominated by PVC models. In a context of inflation and a fall in new construction starts, the year 2023 looks uncertain. Read more
Professional white redesigned for small renovation projects
Range evolution by Cecil Professional
To meet user expectations and market developments, Cecil Professionnel is launching new packaging for its range of white paints. White remains very trendy in interior decoration. Both bright, soothing, chic and elegant, it adapts to all spaces, whether classic or contemporary. Read more
Projects and Achievements
Crédit Agricole Immobilier Corporate and Promotion launches “Be Fine” in the Woodi eco-district in Melun (77)
Crédit Agricole Immobilier Corporate et Promotion is innovating for its future “Be Fine” residential program located in Melun in Seine-et-Marne with a low-carbon off-site construction method. The innovation lies both in the choice to build off-site and to use prefabricated hemp concrete and wood panels from the WALL'UP Préfa factory located in Seine-et-Marne. Read more
The GGL Group and Bureaux & Co inaugurate @Work, an innovative place to live and work in the heart of the Greater Lyon metropolis
The GGL Group, a major player in real estate development and promotion in France, joined forces in 2021 with Bureaux & Co, a national player in flexible workspace, in order to develop the innovative @WORK project. The two companies worked together to create a new work space but above all a real living space in Dardilly, within the Lyon Metropolis. Read more
Inauguration of the first phase of the European Center for Quantum Sciences in Strasbourg
Realization by Spie batignolles
The University of Strasbourg and the CNRS organized the inauguration of its new European Center for Quantum Sciences (CESQ) two years after the delivery of the building by the teams from Spie Batignolles Construction Régions, representative of the constructor group. Read more
Ecovegetal revegetates block 4B of the Euronantes station project (44)
Realization by Ecovegetal
ECOVEGETAL used the semi-intensive SAXATILIS ® system (1) to green the 1000 m2 roof of block 4B of Euronantes. SAXATILIS ® is a semi-intensive, low-thickness roof greening solution composed of sedums, covering perennials (sedums, cerastium tomentosa, etc.) and alpine perennials known as bouquets (Allium schoenoprasum, Dianthus deltoide, Festuca glauca, Achillea tomentosa , etc.). Read more
Products of the week

Used modular building for office use

The innovative exterior insulation solution with a standing seam effect

Ventilated ridges and sewer bands for zinc roofing

MOBILE intelligent video monitoring and analysis device





Waste sorting, recovery and treatment solutions in partnership with Suez

Invisible and acoustic swing door 30 & 34 dB

Ventilated casing for wood stove connection

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