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2023 - Week 40
The heat pump is indeed the most economical heating according to a study
Study / Assessment / Report by Hello Watt
Monday September 25, Emmanuel Macron presented the broad outlines of French-style ecological planning. Among the announcements, the observation that the heat pump (PAC) is a solution for the future, the symbol of an intelligent energy transition, heating that is both ecological and economical. With the ambition to produce; million heat pumps in France by 2027, and to train 30.000 installers. Read more
A parliamentary report calls for a “paradigm shift” in energy renovation
Study / Review / Report
A parliamentary report calls on Wednesday October 4 to make the energy renovation of buildings a "priority project" by massifying public aid, facilitating the use of dedicated loans, and to "change the paradigm" by favoring insulation and overall renovation housing. Read more
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In short
Payment delays for companies in France and Europe in the first half of 1
Study / Review / Report
The Altares group, an expert in corporate data, today reveals the panorama of payment delays for French companies in Europe in the first half of 1. Read more
The “brutal” change in the heat pump sector exposes it to major challenges
Study / Review / Report
“A change as profound as it is brutal”: booming in recent years, the French heat pump industry is facing a number of logistical and, above all, human challenges to triple its production by 2027. Read more
Alert on the lack of investment and strategy in Europe for the Energy Transition
Study / Review / Report
We must “avoid procrastination!” Europe must invest more quickly and massively in the energy transition if it wants to remain "a global industrial power", several institutions, including the ECB and the IEA, warned on Friday September 29, pointing out the risks currently weighing on attractiveness. from the continent. Read more
Medef is concerned about “several signals” in the 2024 budget
Medef members are "quite worried" about "several signals" in the 2024 budget which, according to the president of the organization Patrick Martin, contradict the government's commitments to pursue a policy favorable to businesses. Read more
Can the housing crisis still be avoided?
Yannick Ainouche, president of the Chamber of Real Estate Diagnosticians of the FNAIM, challenges President Mr. Emmanuel Macron with a new proposal. Housing has become “a social bomb”. The expression is popular without us knowing if this bomb is ticking or if it has not already started. Read more
Edouard Philippe warns against the housing shortage which could be “a social bomb”
Former Prime Minister Édouard Philippe warned on Saturday September 30 against the “social” and “urban bomb” that in his eyes constitutes the housing shortage, “one of the elements of the democratic crisis that we are experiencing”. Read more
The HLM movement in congress with worrying prospects
Gathered at a conference in Nantes from Tuesday October 3, stakeholders in the HLM world have no shortage of reasons to worry about the future, between housing construction at half mast and the feeling of no longer being supported by the State. Read more
Self-renovation of housing: the Building industry denounces a dangerous idea
News Organization by FFB
The FFB denounces the encouragement given by the Ministry of Housing to the “self-renovation” of housing. In a response to a parliamentary question, the ministry considers it “relevant” to “be interested in the phenomenon of self-renovation, corresponding to renovations carried out by the owner himself, accompanied and advised by a building professional”. Read more
Energy renovation: a new report joins CAPEB’s proposals to boost and secure the market
News Organization by CAPEB
CAPEB welcomes with satisfaction the information report which has just been adopted by the joint information mission of the Sustainable Development and Economy Commissions of the National Assembly on the energy renovation of buildings. Read more
Where to install wind turbines at sea? The consultation will begin in November on the 4 maritime facades of France
Renewable energy
The government will launch in November a six-month consultation on "the four maritime facades of France", in order to determine the possible development areas of offshore wind energy, the Minister of Energy Transition confirmed on Friday September 29 . Read more
Wauquiez withdraws its region from “Zero net artificialization”, attracts indignant reactions
The President of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Laurent Wauquiez (LR), who is making his national political comeback, threw a wrench into the pond on Saturday September 30 by announcing the withdrawal of his region from "zero net artificialization" (ZAN), a device which aims to stop the concreteization of soils in 2050, attracting political wrath beyond environmentalists. Read more
154 municipalities classified as “tense zones” to combat poor housing
The government announced on Tuesday, October 3, the classification as a "tense zone" of 154 municipalities where there is a serious housing crisis, including many towns on the Atlantic coast or in the mountains, but also certain medium-sized towns, in order to allow more households to find accommodation. Read more
Rural mayors are also making their ecological transition
What place does the rural world have in the ecological transition? The rural mayors presented to their members their very first political position on the subject, anticipating the massive development of renewable energies in the territory. Read more
Seizure of 2,2 million euros for alleged fraud in public aid for renovation canceled in court
Justice decision
A renovation company from Charente-Maritime, targeted by an investigation for alleged fraud in public aid, obtained in court the restitution of more than two million euros seized in 2022, we learned on Friday September 29 from a judicial source . Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Humidistop France: The hair lift expert expands into Europe and invites professionals to join it
Advertising-editorial by Humidistop France
Damp is the silent nightmare of many old buildings in Europe. Its signs, such as dark spots, saltpeter and mold, are often visible witnesses of a much deeper problem: rising capillaries. But, thanks to Humidistop France, an effective and proven solution is within reach. Read more
Edilians Group accelerates its decarbonization plan with the acquisition of the company Ceritherm
News Manufacturer by Edilians
EDILIANS Group has just concluded a strategic transaction by signing the acquisition of CERITHERM, manufacturer of French industrial ovens, expert in innovative industrial thermal equipment. This engineering company of around twenty people strengthens the technical know-how and increases the innovation capacity of EDILIANS Group in terms of decarbonization. Read more
Saint-Gobain Weber France renews its partnership with the National Handball League for the next three years
News Manufacturer by Weaver
Saint-Gobain Weber France is renewing its partnership with the National Handball League for the next three years. The National Handball League, as well as all of its 32 clubs, is delighted to continue the adventure with Saint-Gobain Weber France. Read more
France Matériaux strengthens its tools to offer its members ever more proximity and responsiveness
Distributor News by France Materials
To support its members in their development and improve their performance, France Matériaux, a national group of independent materials traders, plays the card of proximity and simplification of their logistical procedures. Read more
Hugues de Marne appointed Managing Director France at Watts
Appointment by Watts Industries
Watts announces the appointment of Hugues de Marne, 54, to the newly created position of General Manager France Commerce and Industry to develop and support, in France, the strategy of the Group specializing in the manufacturing of products and solutions for the sanitary sector, heating, protection of drinking water networks and installations. Read more
Dampere Facade Universe
Video by Dampere
The Facade Department comes from the specialization of a team and the tailor-made quality of the products. Sensitive to beautiful decoration, in love with beautiful gestures, Dampere designs its own range of elegant models, where each feature has its importance, each curve presents its interest. Read more
5 things to know about the Sainte-Chapelle of the Château de Vincennes
The Sainte-Chapelle of the Château de Vincennes is a jewel of glass and stone, a Gothic jewel that you absolutely must discover during your visit. Commissioned by Charles V, it was completed under Henry II, almost a century later. Read more
Engie renewables business card - Engie x Renewable Energies
Video by Engie
Fighting global warming is a priority for ENGIE. It is in particular by placing renewable energies at the heart of its strategy that the Group has become one of the most active European leaders in the production of renewable energies. Read more
Site monitoring with Mobil tools
Video by Solo
In less than 2 minutes, we will explain to you how to monitor the profitability of your projects based on the quote with a quick visualization of costs, turnover and margin. Read more
Installation of the Basement & Roof Terrace Equatio Box
Video by Rector
With this installation tutorial, learn, step by step, how to install the Rector Equatio Basement & Roof Terrace Box with heat sealing! Note that the assembly process is exactly the same for the Rectosten M1 interjoists and the Rectosten Coffrant interjoists. Read more
The REP - Site Meeting - S02E05: Eco-organizations
Video by FFB
In this 5th episode of the web series launched by the French Building Federation to support building professionals in the implementation of Building REP, you will know everything about eco-organizations. Read more
Placo® Stil Flam® system for fire-rated ceilings
Video by placo
Placo® launches the new Stil Flam® fire-rated ceiling framework system. This is a REI 30 to REI 120 fire-rated ceiling which allows non-residential fire protection under all types of floors, both new and renovated. Read more
Estelle Midi How to save energy
Video by hello
Arthur Bernagaud, director of Hellio strategy and development, was Estelle Denis' guest on the Estelle Midi show on RMC, in the "Renovation pros" section, to talk about energy renovation ➡️ What is the difference between a #DPE and an energy audit? How much does it cost ? How not to get scammed and choose a “quality professional”? Read more
Products and Materials
Vapozinc Perf from Rheinzink, a structured and breathable mat to perpetuate zinc roofing
New product by RHEINZINK
Rheinzink, the world's leading manufacturer of zinc-titanium, intends to make non-compatible supports compatible for the production of a zinc roof. For this, the world's leading manufacturer of zinc-titanium, markets Vapozinc Perf, a mat composed of a structured polypropylene monofilament, placed on a film highly permeable to water vapor (HPV). Read more
GBH 18V-28 C/CF Bosch Professional cordless hammer drills: Ergonomics, power and safety
New product by Bosch Australia
With the new GBH 18V-28 C/CF Professional cordless hammer drills, Bosch continues to expand its range of 18V tools. Designed for those who want to combine the performance of corded with the freedom of cordless, these hammer drills with fixed chuck (C) or quick-change chuck (CF) feature a powerful brushless motor. Read more
Qlima liquid fuel stoves: low-cost companions to get you through the winter
Zoom produced by Qlima
In this time of energy crisis, many households are turning to liquid fuel stoves to stay warm without spending too much. Economical to purchase and use, and able to operate instantly as soon as the need arises, these devices are enjoying increasing success in coping with the horrors of winter. Read more
New Urbanit Jouplast range: a constructive solution dedicated to the development of permeable spaces in urban areas
New range by Jouplast®
Increased risks of flooding and pollution of natural environments are part of the damage due to the massive waterproofing of soils in urban areas. The consequences of the latter in the water cycle feature prominently in the list of negative effects on the environment. Read more
With LeClassic® ECOPlanet, Lafarge offers artisan masons a new cement with a reduced carbon footprint
Evolution produced by Lafarge
The flagship cement in Lafarge's range of bagged cements reduces its CO2 footprint by 30% compared to standard cement, while preserving the same qualities of use and performance that have made it successful. This solution is accessible to all artisan masons in France, thus supporting them in carrying out responsible projects. Read more
Projects and Achievements
10 million euros released for work to expand the Brest court
The Minister of Justice, Eric Dupond-Moretti, announced on Friday September 29 an investment of more than 10 million euros to expand the Brest court, a court specializing in numerous disputes which suffers from a lack of space. Read more
In Perpignan, a golf project contested before administrative justice
An environmental association having filed an appeal against the construction of a golf course near Perpignan announced on Wednesday October 4 that it had taken administrative action, following the rejection of its request by the prefecture of Pyrénées-Orientales. Read more
Vast renovation project for the Océanopolis center in Brest
The Océanopolis scientific culture center will be the subject of a vast renovation and extension project costing nearly 34 million euros in order to “stabilize” attendance at the aquarium, the leading paid tourist facility. in Brittany. Read more
A new call for tenders launched “by the end of the year” for the redevelopment of Nantes airport, says Beaune
The new call for tenders for the redevelopment of Nantes airport will be launched "by the end of the year", announced Monday October 2, the Minister of Transport Clément Beaune, three days after confirmation of the cancellation of a previous procedure. Read more
Plurial Novilia rehabilitates 204 social collective housing units in the Verrerie district of Reims
Plurial Novilia, a subsidiary of the Action Logement group, manager of more than 37.000 housing units in the region of Champagne-Ardenne and Ile-de-France (Seine-et-Marne and Essonne), announces the rehabilitation of 204 housing units – 99 housing units la Tour and 105 others spread over 5 collective residential buildings – within the La Verrerie district in Reims. Read more
Products of the week

All-in-one ITE panels: high performance insulation + aluminum siding, for installation without framework

Textured tile for a warm atmosphere

A definitive access security service using sheet metal

Training adapted to the actors of the energy transition to develop your activity





The digital ID card for windows

eHandsFree door handle: opening the front door without a key

The bathroom collection inspired by nature

2 in 1 stair lift

REHAU Window


Villeroy & Boch

ABC Lift

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