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2023 - Week 38
Heat waves, electricity prices… Nearly 60% of owners could be encouraged to carry out renovation work
Study / Assessment / Report by hello
In this new school year marked by a new context of inflation and strong constraints on the purchasing power of the French, Hellio, a key player in energy efficiency in France, is launching its first annual RenObserver barometer (conducted in partnership with Odoxa) . Read more
The government announces an additional 10 billion euros for the ecological transition
“Protecting purchasing power, (...) this requires ecological planning,” assured Elisabeth Borne on Tuesday September 19 before the National Refoundation Council, while energy prices are soaring. A subject of tension, the question of the connection between ecology and purchasing power was brought up in the meeting held on the subject with the political parties on Monday in Matignon. Read more
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In short
Decarbonization of buildings: analysis and proposals for Balance of Energy
Study / Review / Report
In response to the Government's consultation, Équilibre des Énergies analyzed the three levers available to achieve decarbonization of buildings: decarbonization of energy vectors, insulation of buildings, energy efficiency and sobriety actions. Read more
HLM construction risks falling, according to study
Study / Review / Report
Social landlords, caught between their renovation obligations and a growing debt, will be able to build much less housing in the coming decades, according to a prospective study by the Banque des Territoires published Thursday September 21. Read more
RTE refines energy transition scenarios by 2035
Study / Review / Report
"To enlighten the public debate on ecological and energy planning": the manager of the French high voltage network RTE made public on Wednesday September 20 a report which refines its projections for 2035, a first step in France's trajectory to reach the carbon neutrality. Read more
Salaries of construction and public works executives on the rise according to the 21st edition of the Expectra barometer
Study / Review / Report
The salaries of construction executives will increase by +4,1% on average in 2023. Faced with extraordinary inflation, companies have put their hands in their pockets. But in a labor market still in tension, the gesture is not enough. Read more
The Banque de France is more optimistic about the French economy for 2023, but less for 2024 and 2025
The French economy should benefit from renewed growth in 2023 thanks to dynamic exports in the spring, but its progress will be slowed down in 2024 and 2025 by a sluggish global economy and more expensive oil, the Bank of France. Read more
A return to school between uncertainties, hope and concerns for the construction materials sector
Conjuncture by UNICEM
A year ago, the macroeconomic environment was threatened by soaring costs and energy, accelerating inflation, supply pressures and rising interest rates. Read more
The Pôle Habitat FFB urges the government to act against the housing crisis which is becoming more and more concrete for the French
Housing by FFB Housing Unit
Due to a lack of nearby, available, affordable housing adapted to needs, it blocks the professional mobility of many employees, leads many students to abandon their training plans, hampers residential pathways and slows down access to employment in the territories. Read more
The Council of State warns the government against a tax on motorway companies alone
Public finances
The creation of a tax on possible "surplus profits" of motorway concession companies alone presents a "high risk" from a legal point of view, warns the Council of State, in an opinion requested by the government ahead of the budget for 2024 . Read more
Solar panels and vines, a good marriage? Study launched in Bordeaux
Renewable energy
A photovoltaic installation mounted above a vineyard was inaugurated on Tuesday September 19 in Villenave-d'Ornon, near Bordeaux, in order to study for five years the possibilities of cohabitation between viticulture and renewable energy production. Read more
A solar installation comes into service in the Arctic, 1.300 km from the North Pole
Renewable energy
Powering yourself with electricity thanks to solar energy in a region immersed in an endless polar night in winter? Norway will commission photovoltaic panels on the Svalbard archipelago, an experiment that could help remote Arctic communities achieve their energy transition. Read more
Faced with the historic crisis that France is experiencing, why is there a need for an alliance for housing?
News Organization by FFB
The FFB, USH, FNAIM, FPI, Pôle Habitat FFB, PROCIVIS, UNIS, UNNE, UNSFA and UNTEC have decided, given the worsening situation, to continue their common approach to defend housing policy, an essential subject for the French. Read more
Bouygues announces its intention to withdraw its subsidiary Colas from the Stock Exchange
Company News by Drives
The Board of Directors of Colas (the “Company”) has taken note of the intention expressed by Bouygues to file a proposed public buyout offer followed by a squeeze-out targeting the Company's securities that it does not hold. not at a price of 175 euros per share (together the “Offer”). Read more
Hellio partners with L'atelier des Chefs to train professionals in the Mon Accompagnateur Rénov' system
Training by hello
Objective: train more than 500 guides by 2024! From January 1, 2024, individuals wishing to undertake energy renovation projects must use the Mon Accompagnateur Rénov' system to benefit from aid to finance their work. Read more
Results of the construction division at the 47th edition of the WorldSkills Competition: construction professions on the national podium of excellence
Contest / Prize / Trophy by CCCA-BTP
After three days of competition, the results of the national skills competition of the 47th edition of the WorldSkills Competition, which took place from September 14 to 16, were announced during the closing ceremony in Lyon. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
AMCC invests more than 11 million euros to increase its production capacity at its Châteauroux site
News Manufacturer by AMCC Windows Doors
Specializing in the manufacture of custom-made PVC and mixed (PVC/aluminum) joinery for all the commercial brands of the AT Partner group to which it belongs, the AMCC production site based in Châteauroux (Indre) has been pursuing a ambitious investment policy. Read more
Actis successfully renews the ISO 9001:2015 certification of all of its production sites and its head office
News Manufacturer by Actis
A voluntary approach by a company, the ISO 9001:2015 standard is recognized for the creation, implementation and maintenance of a quality management system. Based on the concept of continuous improvement, it helps companies become more efficient by offering products and services that meet customer requirements in terms of quality and compliance. Read more
Inauguration of the new Edma premises in Puget-sur-Argens (83)
News Manufacturer by Edma
EDMA optimizes its production resources and installs all of its teams in a brand new 6.300 m² building, located in Puget-sur-Argens (Var). The new head office and the new production and logistics unit of the manufacturer of tools for construction professionals were officially inaugurated this summer in Puget-sur-Argens. Read more
Pixar, Adobe, Apple, Autodesk and Nvidia form alliance to support OpenUSD and promote open standards for 3D content
Developer News by Autodesk
Pixar, Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, and NVIDIA, along with the Joint Development Foundation (JDF), affiliated with the Linux Foundation, today announced the creation of the Alliance for OpenUSD (AOUSD) to promote standardization, development, the evolution and growth of Pixar's Universal Scene Description technology. Read more
Kingfisher revises its annual objectives downwards
Distributor News
The British group of DIY stores Kingfisher, owner in France of Castorama and Brico Dépôt, announced on Tuesday September 19 to lower its objectives for its current financial year, after a 36,5% drop in its net profit in the first half of the year. . Read more
Demonstration of Weber's universal Webertop renovation solution - Les Démos d'Estelle
Discover the participation of our partner Weber during our show “Les Démos d’Estelle”, the program presented by Estelle Denis and dedicated to construction professionals and the #GénérationArtisans community of POINT.P. Read more
VTOL Heliplane LRS Pro with H30T Thermal Camera I Long Distance Drone
Video by Drone volt
The Heliplane LRS PRO is a professional VTOL drone that combines the advantages of a multirotor drone with those of a fixed-wing drone. The transition between the two flight modes frees the takeoff and landing runways. Equipped with high-definition thermal and optical cameras, it is the ideal tool for surveillance missions day and night. Read more
Testimonial from the ASV Carrelage company using Obat construction management software
Video by Drug
“I recommend Obat because you spend less time making quotes, it’s software that makes your life easier.” Discover the testimony of Aurélie from the company ASV Carrelage, specialized in tiling, placo and painting in Dijon. Read more
Ultracare Epoxy off gel tutorial
Video by MAPEI
In this tutorial, find out how to use MAPEI's ULTRACARE EPOXY OFF GEL cleaning product. ULTRACARE EPOXY OFF GEL is a ready-to-use cleaning product for removing epoxy residue after grouting. It is particularly suitable for vertical applications because the gel adheres perfectly to the surface and softens residue. Read more
Reality Capture: the Leica RTC360 laser scanner
Video by Topocenter
The new Leica RTC360 laser scanner solution has been designed to capture and document your environment in 3D. This brand new 3D laser scanner is small, precise, compact and lightweight thanks to its portable design, allowing you to improve your efficiency and productivity on site and in the office. Read more
Installation of the Equatio Crawl Space Box on an Equatio VS floor
Video by Rector
Made up of RS beams without props (SE), Rectosten M4 spacers and an Equatio Crawl Space Box, the Equatio VS floor is the modular solution that allows you to achieve different levels of performance! With this installation tutorial, learn, step by step, how to best use the contents of the Equatio Crawl Space Box to quickly and safely install a crawl space floor compliant with RE2020. Read more
Workshop: 100% cable support
Video by Wuerth France
The VARIFIX support range meets the most common applications in the field of electrical and sanitary installations. In this show, Würth presents all their cable suspension solutions. Read more
Omega TP, the carbon calculator specific to Public Works professions - Tutorial
Video by FNTP
Tutorial detailing all the functionalities of the OMEGA TP tool, developed by the National Federation of Public Works. The OMEGA-TP tool is a carbon calculator: simply enter your activity data to obtain the carbon footprint of your company over a reference year. OMEGA TP is a free, easy-to-use tool, accessible directly online and adapted to Public Works professions. To access the tool, go to the Actors for the Planet website. Read more
Products and Materials
Eclisse unveils its latest innovations to support architects
Advertising-editorial by Eclisse France
For more than 25 years, the Italian brand has stood out for its commitment to technical innovation, optimized performance, durability, aesthetics, comfort of use, audacity and inventiveness at the service of specifiers. . Read more
Purple Alternative Surface offers an innovation to permeate soils by recovering plastic waste
New product by Purple Alternative Surface
Purple Alternative Surface, a French start-up based in Belfort, offers construction companies and communities a technological innovation: permeable slabs intended for the design of parking spaces and traffic lanes. A slab that lets water infiltrate into the ground, made from previously unrecycled plastic waste. Read more
Tubesca-Comabi develops innovative telescopic products for access and work at height
New range by Tubesca Comabi
Thanks to its commitment to innovation, TUBESCA-COMABI, French leader in the manufacturing and marketing of access and work at height solutions, is revolutionizing the market for telescopic products. Read more
Zehnder ComfoAir Flex: New ceiling-mounted dual-flow ventilation unit for homes with limited space
New product by Zehnder
Zehnder markets its new Zehnder ComfoAir Flex ceiling-mounted dual-flow ventilation unit. Suitable for individual and collective housing, both new and renovated, it stands out for its ease of integration and installation, its level of NF and PHI+ certified and sustainable performance, as well as its integrated connectivity. Read more
Hager renews its range of detectors for more efficient lighting control
New range by Hager Group
In France, lighting represents more than 10% of total annual electricity consumption*. In residential and tertiary buildings, better lighting management meets both an environmental and regulatory need. Read more
Projects and Achievements
In Nantes, the largest hospital under construction in Europe uses low-carbon concrete
Construction site
In the middle of a field of cranes, the concrete skip, suspended in the air, approaches the emergency building of the future Nantes University Hospital under construction. In a thick stream, it vomited two cubic meters of liquid concrete onto the steel frames of the floor. Read more
Large manholes for large-scale works in Rosnay L’Hôpital
Construction site by Co
Like many municipalities in France, Rosnay-L'Hôpital (Aube) faces an aging and failing sanitation network. To remedy this, the Syndicat Départemental des Eaux de l'Aube (SDDEA) has been carrying out a rehabilitation program since the beginning of June with the implementation of 7 polymer concrete manholes from the manufacturer ACO. A first in France. Read more
On the French-Italian border, tunnel delays reinforce isolation
Construction site
“We are taken for imbeciles”: elected officials and residents of the Roya valley (Alpes-Maritimes) demonstrated on Saturday September 16 against the delays in the construction of the Tende tunnel, a vital link between France and Italy, damaged during the bad weather of 2020. Read more
Rejuvenation of the “Holy Chapel of reinforced concrete” for its centenary
On a radiant day, the sun's rays pierce the hundreds of square meters of stained glass windows and set ablaze with a thousand colors a refined nave of raw concrete: a little-known architectural masterpiece, the Raincy church (Seine-Saint-Denis) knows for its centenary a new youth. Read more
Wicona equips The Place, new signal building in Montrouge
Realization by Wicona
In the immediate vicinity of the Porte d'Orléans, the Vache Noire district in Montrouge (Hauts-de-Seine) attracts young professionals and many companies who choose to build their offices there due to the proximity to the capital and all the surrounding shops. Read more
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