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2023 - Week 30
Building professionals firmly opposed to the abolition of 10% VAT for renovation works
News Organization by FFB
The FFB opposes the recommendation of the General Inspectorate of Finance to abolish VAT at 10% for non-energy renovation work on housing. Such a proposal, if it were retained among the arbitrations of the 2024 Budget, would not only burden the purchasing power of the French, would relaunch illegal work and would lead to job cuts. Read more
Ban on gas boilers: UFC-Que Choisir denounces a project with an uncertain environmental record and potentially very costly for consumers
Organization News
While the Prime Minister announced her intention to end the marketing of gas boilers from 2026, UFC-Que Choisir can only denounce a hasty statement, ignoring a full assessment of the environmental impact of such a measure and ignoring the technical and financial capacities of consumers to be able to change heating mode. Read more
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In short
Real estate credit: soon a resumption of bank activity?
Study / Review / Report
Pretto, a 100% digital mortgage brokerage specialist, is observing the rates charged by its banking partners this month. This beginning of August is marked by a less marked increase in the rate of wear and tear than that of July (+0,24% in August against +0,41% in July). Read more
ITE in the dry sector: an ups and downs market
Study / Review / Report
Each year, the SNBVI conducts a survey of the ITE market in the dry sector among its members, through the intermediary of UNICEM. At the start of 2021, forecasts were counting on a fall in volume of -2,6% and it is not surprising that the 2022 result shows a slightly more marked contraction of the market at -4% in m2 of surface area, while the sector's turnover increased by +9,6% (compared to a forecast of +8,8%). Read more
A downturn in the first half of the year for logistics real estate
Study / Review / Report
CBRE, the world leader in business real estate consulting, reacts to the Immostat figures for the 2nd quarter of 2023. In a context of continued uncertainties, the macroeconomic and financial environment is hampering the rebalancing of the French logistics real estate market. Read more
Modest growth in France? INSEE delivers its verdict on the second quarter
A modest increase of 0,1%? The National Institute of Statistics must say Friday, July 28 if the French economy has just remained in positive territory in the second quarter, weakened by consumption at half mast despite an easing on the inflation front. Read more
Building permits for new real estate continue to fall despite housing needs
The number of building permits issued in the second quarter continues its decline that began in September, still at a level well below that before the health crisis, while the need for housing continues to increase in tense areas. Read more
Note on the real estate situation of the Notaries of France, July 2023, the end of a golden age?
The cumulative volume of second-hand housing transactions over the last twelve months in France (excluding Mayotte) reached 1.029.000 transactions at the end of May 2023. Since August 2022, the number of transactions carried out over the last twelve months has contracted around 5 % month after month, but since the beginning of this year, the declines have taken on a greater scale, more than double (-12,6% at the end of May 2023). Read more
Decryption of the green industry bill adopted at first reading by Parliament
Legislation by hello
On July 22, the National Assembly passed the first reading of the green industry bill. The text, also adopted by a very large majority at first reading in the Senate on June 22, continues its legislative path. Read more
The Constitutional Council validates the "anti-squat" law, with the exception of an article
The Constitutional Council validated on Wednesday July 26 the recent "anti-squat" law, which triples the penalties incurred by squatters and is contested by left-wing deputies, contenting themselves with censoring an article, according to the decision consulted by AFP. Read more
Elisabeth Borne with Edouard Philippe wants to develop the green industry "from Le Havre to Paris"
Sustainable Development
Elisabeth Borne met on Tuesday July 25 in Le Havre with her predecessor Edouard Philippe, mayor of the city and president of the allied party Horizons, with whom she wished to "develop the green industry from Le Havre to Paris", by presenting two alternative fuel projects planned for the port. Read more
In an ocean of concrete, pilot initiatives to “debitumerate” the city
Sustainable Development
Where the bitumen was, bees forage. The scents of thyme and clary sage have replaced the exhaust pipes, the birds are chirping and the cicadas are cymbalizing: hidden at the foot of a town of Aubervilliers, a wild and luxuriant garden flourishes on the site of a old car park. Read more
CAPEB warns the government about the consequences of abolishing the 10% VAT for housing maintenance
News Organization by CAPEB
By advocating the abolition of VAT at 10% for maintenance/improvement work on housing over two years, the General Inspectorate of Finance does not measure the consequences of such a decision. Indeed, this purely accounting view of the situation would not take into account the numerous induced effects which would ultimately have harmful repercussions on the National Accounts. Read more
"Proud to be Artisans" warns of the consequences of the 5% reduction on average in the levels of support for apprenticeship contracts
Organization News
The decision, endorsed by France Skills, to lower the amount of lump sums paid to Apprentice Training Centers (CFA) to pay the training costs of apprenticeship contracts was expected. Read more
Justice recognizes the field of up to 10 employees and asks the Government to publish a decree on the representativeness of trade unions
News Organization by CAPEB
After four years of combat led by the CAPEB for a fair consideration of the specificities of small construction companies and their employees, the CAPEB obtains from the courts the recognition of the field of construction companies employing up to 10 employees, as the scope of negotiation. A major step forward for these small businesses which, it should be remembered, represent 97% of businesses in the sector. Read more
CSTB Research vision & programming, by 2030
Company News by CSTB
As part of its Research Day, the Scientific and Technical Center for Building – CSTB, presented the programming of its Research activities, by 2030. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Meeting with Olivier Verger, Managing Director of ZW France
Interview by ZW France
Discover the interview with Olivier Verger, Managing Director of ZW France, during which we returned to the history of the company specializing in the marketing of software dedicated to CAD, its latest news and its projects for the future. . Read more
Crédit Agricole takes a stake in CCB Greentech, a pioneering French start-up in wood concrete
News Manufacturer by CCB Greentech
Crédit Agricole and CCB Greentech, inventor of the TimberRoc® wood concrete technology, announce their capital and commercial merger to develop this constructive solution, labeled "Biosourced Product" (more than 80% wood by volume), with a negative carbon footprint. Read more
Faced with HR, economic and energy challenges, the Ducerf Group is committing record investments
News Manufacturer by Ducerf
With an envelope of 4,7 million euros committed in 2022, the Ducerf Group is having a record year in terms of investments. Among them: the acquisition of an innovative and promising press, the development of new lines equipped with the latest technologies, and even the first production of logs for the wood energy market. Read more
Edilians launches “SOS Toiture” to help individuals affected by bad weather
News Manufacturer by Edilians
During the year 2022, France was particularly affected by many bad weather. Nearly 300.000 households thus faced episodes of hail with disastrous consequences for their homes. Read more
Saint-Gobain announces a 16% decline in its net income in the 1st half
News Manufacturer by Saint-Gobain
Building materials giant Saint-Gobain is concerned about the slowdown in new construction in Europe but continues to forecast good financial performance for the group this year after its reorganization. Read more
Interview Abdel polyethylene line manager at Sebico
Video by Sebico
Video presentation of Gorine Abdelkader, Polyethylene line manager at Sebico for more than 12 years. He is responsible for managing and leading a team to ensure good production while respecting safety, productivity, quality and deadlines. Read more
Connectivity Kit, your smart home: test and customer opinion of Nicolas
Video by Somfy
Welcome to this full video where Nicolas shares his test and his opinions on the Somfy Connectivity Kit, the revolutionary tool to make your home smarter than ever. Discover how this innovative solution can transform your home into a connected, convenient and secure space. Read more
Vitocharge VX3 - Viessmann electricity storage system
Video by Viessmann
In modern heating systems, heat and electricity now go hand in hand. In this context, we present to you a new product: the Vitocharge VX3, a new generation of energy storage system. Discover why and how the future will become "electric", how heating systems and electricity production are converging and, above all, what makes this new electricity storage system so special. Read more
Partnership between Technal and Saint-Gobain Glass
Video by Technal
TECHNAL and Saint-Gobain Glass have joined forces to offer a facade with low CO2 emissions, reducing the carbon footprint of the facade by 50%. Read more
KP1 prefabrication in the 20 p.m. newspaper on France 2 on Thursday May 18, 2023
Video by KP1
As housing prices continue to rise and more and more French people struggle to become homeowners, find out how KP1 offers to lower construction costs with factory-prefabricated walls and floors. Read more
The Universeine project
Video by VINCI
Built on 6,4 hectares of former industrial wasteland, Universeine will house athletes' accommodation, service and work spaces in the heart of the Athletes' Village. After the summer of 2024, the infrastructures will then be converted into family and student housing, but also into tertiary and activity spaces within a mixed, modern and sustainable district. Read more
La REP - Site Meeting - S02E03: The producers
Video by FFB
🎥 [BUILDING REP] Decryption of the Building REP! 💡🔍 In this 3rd episode of this web series launched by the FFB, you will know everything about the producers of the Building REP: 🏢✅ Who are they really?✅ Are construction companies also concerned? ✅ What are their obligations?💼 This video will shed light on the key players and responsibilities related to REP Building. Read more
2022 facts & results - Interview Benoît Coquart Chief Executive Officer of Legrand
Video by Legrand
Benoît Coquart Chief Executive Officer of Legrand wishes to share in this video a great achievement of his company for the year 2022. First, he explains to us how the group achieved its objectives for this year, then he details how the teams deployed with success of their strategic roadmap. Read more
Products and Materials
FIP Owatrol: Maintaining, protecting all the exterior wooden elements of the house and ensuring their durability
Guide / Advice / Tutorial by Durieu
Outdoor wooden equipment, whether cladding, terrace, furniture, palisade, claustra or any decorative object, is exposed to the vagaries of the weather all year round. Each season puts their surface to the test with rain, frost, wind, UV rays from the sun. They are also subject to attacks such as pollution, mould, stains, etc. Read more
idverde and MRL launch Orizome®, a new topsoil process
Test / Trial / Certification
The European leader in landscaping and MRL, a subsidiary of VINCI Construction, will test Orizome® in an experimental space inaugurated on 23 June. This process is a response to the objectives of zero net artificialisation of soils set by the Climate and Resilience law. Read more
New ranges of Eria-S Plus, Eria-S Plus Duo and Eria-S Plus Fit-in heat pumps from Chappée
New range by Chappée
Chappée, a leading brand in the thermal comfort market, is launching its new ranges of air/water heat pumps Eria-S Plus, Eria-S Plus Duo and Eria-S Plus Fit-in (from 4 to 16 kW). Economical, environmentally friendly, silent and connected, they are offered at very competitive prices and equipped with simple features. They make it easy to control the temperature of the home and the domestic hot water, summer and winter alike. Read more
Bjelin launches the select choice in France
Range evolution by Bjelin
The latest range of Bjelin densified wood flooring, which features the new recently award-winning matte finish, has been launched in Select wood choices. At the beginning of the year, Bjelin already presented new products with updated and improved shades, formats and technologies. The Select choice, sleek and harmonious in densified oak is the latest launch. Read more
Three new Socli Heidelberg Materials lime solutions for the renovation and restoration of old buildings
Range evolution by Heidelberg Materials
Socli products are the result of 150 years of expertise and know-how consecrated in 2019 by obtaining the "Living Heritage Company" label. Through Socli products, Heidelberg Materials France offers a full range of natural hydraulic limes, mortars and high-tech products to meet all restoration and renovation needs. Read more
Projects and Achievements
The future spire of Notre-Dame de Paris continues its ascent in Lorraine
Construction site
A new “incredible” key moment in the history of the reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral: engineers, architects and carpenters attended, Thursday July 20 in Briey (Meurthe-et-Moselle), a dress rehearsal for the assembly of the first floor of its famous spire. Read more
Dunkirk hosts the first Enedis low-carbon construction site in Hauts-de-France
Construction site by Enedis
One more step towards ecological transition: Enedis and the partner company Dubrulle, equipped with equipment provided by Kiloutou, are on the ground to carry out the 1st low-carbon project in Hauts-de-France. A first experience which will make it possible to improve, in the future, the environmental footprint of worksites and to implement good practices. Read more
JO-2024: RATP has secured its cable supplies for line 14
Construction site
RATP has secured its supplies of electrical cables, essential for the extension of line 14 for the Paris Olympics in 2024, its CEO Jean Castex announced on Friday July 21, during a visit to the cable manufacturer Nexans in Mehun-sur-Yèvre (Cher). Read more
Les joineries Lorillard within a large-scale heritage rehabilitation
Realization by Lorillard
The emblematic building of Galeries Lafayette on rue Saint Ferréol is a valuable witness to the history of Marseille. Since its construction in 1928, it sits proudly in the heart of the city center, imposing its look of an architectural liner. For many years, it hosted Galeries Lafayette before their move in 2018 to the Prado shopping center. Read more
Ilot Boisseau / Atrium City: soothing places to live in the heart of Clichy
Realization by REYNAERS
"Ilot Boisseau / Atrium City" is a vast program of construction of apartment buildings in the center of the city of Clichy (92), delivered at the beginning of 2023 and co-managed by the architecture agencies Arte Charpentier and Francois Leclercq. Read more
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