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2023 - Week 19
Building artisans submit 15 proposals to the Government to halt the decline in energy renovation
News Organization by CAPEB
As the year 2022 foreshadowed, the growth of the building trades business slowed down again for the first quarter of 2023. The figures confirm this, quarter after quarter, the loss of speed that has begun continues over time. Read more
Emmanuel Macron recommends a "double shock" to respond to the housing crisis
Emmanuel Macron calls for a "double shock", including a "simplification and reduction of deadlines" for construction, to respond to the housing crisis in France. Read more
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In short
Artisanal Tension Index (ITA): the ranking of the regions and departments best and worst off in RGE craftsmen
Study / Review / Report
Last February, Heero by EP measured accessibility to an RGE company at the level of each municipality in metropolitan France through its new Artisanal Tension Index (ITA). Today, Heero goes further and publishes the ranking of regions and departments according to this artisanal tension index, showing that access to RGE professionals - and therefore to renovation aid - is very unequal in the territory. Read more
Real estate: rising prices and insufficient supply are becoming alarming in coastal areas
Study / Review / Report
Adequation, a consulting and real estate market research company, analyzes the French coastal areas and warns of the urgency of remedying the residential segregation of these areas while providing some solutions to counter well-identified mechanisms. Read more
Real estate credit: banks open to easing under conditions
Faced with the “significant slowdown” in real estate credit observed since “early 2022”, French banks are ready to “discuss” regulatory easing, said Friday May 12 the director general of the French Banking Federation (FBF), Maya Atig. Read more
Banque des Territoires announces loans of 2 billion euros to renovate 10.000 schools
An envelope of 2 billion euros in loans will be made available to municipalities, departments and regions to finance the renovation work of 10.000 schools, colleges and high schools by 2027 via an "acceleration plan", announced Tuesday May 9 the Bank of Territories. Read more
INSEE confirms its growth forecast of 0,2% in the second quarter
French GDP growth should reach 0,2% in the second quarter, as in the first, INSEE said on Friday, confirming its previous estimate. "The growth overhang for 2023 would amount to 0,5% at the end of the second quarter", details INSEE in its latest economic report. Read more
CDC Habitat announces an investment plan for the production of 17.000 housing units
The social landlord CDC Habitat announced on Wednesday May 10 the order of 17.000 housing units, including 5.000 social units, "in order to meet housing needs" in France, in a context of a drop in new constructions which weighs on poor housing. Read more
Eiffage announces strong growth in its activity in the 1st quarter driven by the works
Company News by Eiffage
The French construction, infrastructure and motorway concession group Eiffage saw its activity grow by 13,1% in the first quarter, driven in particular by "strong momentum" in the works. Read more
Wind power in the North Sea: Nexans wins the biggest contract in its history
Renewable energy
The French electric cable group Nexans announced a few days ago that it had won "the largest contract in its history", for the connection of future offshore wind farms in the North Sea to the electricity grid in Germany. Read more
In the south-east of France, an exceptional natural site threatened by erosion
Salinas sheltering exceptional biodiversity and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: this idyllic landscape of the Giens peninsula, in the French Mediterranean, is threatened by coastal erosion due to global warming and against which solutions are debated. Read more
In architecture schools, ecology brings its stone to the building
Ecology is now better established in French schools of architecture, where courses related to eco-responsibility are multiplying, teaching students to "denorme" their profession and to think how to build a more sustainable society in the face of global warming. Read more
In Alsace, a town heats up with miscanthus, an ecological plant
"We had not foreseen the surge in prices, but we are taking advantage of it anyway". In Bernwiller (Haut-Rhin), we heat with miscanthus, an ecological and economical plant. Read more
From the Basque Country to Paris, wave of offensives against furnished tourist accommodation
Bill, new restrictions in Paris, compensation obligations in the Basque Country... As the summer tourist season approaches, political initiatives are multiplying against furnished tourist accommodation such as Airbnb, accused of causing real estate to burn and impede access to housing. Read more
The AMF sanctions a real estate asset manager with a fine of 300.000 euros
Justice decision
The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) announced on Wednesday May 10 a fine of 300.000 euros against the asset manager Foncière Magellan for having granted loans when it was not authorized to do so and for breaches linked to a conflict of interest. Read more
Cry of anger and right of reply from a diagnostician
Expert opinion
It's starting to do all its anti-diagnostic actions well. All these structures, media, public services which dump their little problems, their incompetence, their irresponsibility on the diagnosticians. Prey so easy to reach and subdue. I hope that these critical media will agree to give them a right of reply. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
KP1 participated in the Salon Doras in Dijon
News Manufacturer by KP1
On April 5 and 6, TeamKP1 took part in the DORAS 100% Pros Show, at the Parc des Expositions in Dijon. DORAS, historical partner of KP1, has been a multi-specialist trade in materials and tools since 1929 for professionals and individuals in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Grand-Est and Centre-Val-de-Loire. Read more
XtreeE accelerates the deployment of its global network of 3D printing units
News Manufacturer by XtreeE
XtreeE, French specialist in large-scale off-site 3D printing, announces the deployment of three new connected 3D printing units, operated by its partners in Switzerland, the United States and Japan. The simultaneous opening of these sites on three continents now brings their number to 12 and is more broadly part of XtreeE's strategy to structure a network of more than 50 3D printing units worldwide. here 2025. Read more
Uvex launches a prevention campaign in partnership with the association Sécurité Solaire
News Manufacturer by Uvex Heckel
European specialist in personal protective equipment, uvex – whose name comes from UltraViolet Excluded, has equipped all of its glasses and goggles with UV400 technology for several years, which blocks all ultraviolet radiation, thus protecting users. risks of ophthalmia and cataracts. Read more
Schneider Electric is "ideally positioned" for the energy transition, according to its new CEO
News Manufacturer by Schneider Electric
Faced with the growing demand for energy, and especially electricity, but also the need to optimize its use and decarbonize this industry, Schneider Electric is "ideally positioned", says its new CEO, Peter Herweck, to AFP. Read more
The 4 colors MaPrimeRénov': blue, yellow, purple, pink
Video by hello
Launched on January 1, 2020, MaPrimeRénov' is state aid which encourages owners of homes over 15 years old (2 years if it is a replacement of an oil heating system) to carry out work energy renovation. Read more
Alkern tutorial n°2: How to successfully lay concrete slabs on pedestals?
Video by Alkern
After the laying on sand video, Alkern invites you to discover its second tutorial dedicated to laying concrete slabs on pedestals. Cyril Delattre, landscape architect at Lemoine Espace Verts for more than 14 years, explains step by step the gestures and techniques to adopt for a perfect laying of your concrete slabs on pedestals. Read more
Olivier Salleron, president of the FFB at the BIM World Paris 2023 show
Video by FFB
Olivier SALLERON, president of the FFB - Fédération Française du Bâtiment, went to the BIM World Paris 2023 show in Paris Porte de Versailles. The opportunity to receive Olivier Klein, Minister Delegate for the City and the Housing, to discuss the deployment of BIM and digital construction and to meet publishers of software and digital solutions. Read more
Griffon IPS-300® invisible surface impregnator
Video by Griffon France
Griffon IPS-300 is the new invisible water-based mineral impregnator for absorbent porous surfaces. The treated surface becomes water and dirt repellent, does not change color and remains vapor permeable. Read more
PRB - R&D range
Video by PRB
PRB, committed to low-carbon construction, presents its R&D range consisting of single-coat, semi-lightweight, fine-grain undercoat, ready-to-use assembly mortar, concrete for carrying out masonry and sealing work, screed mortar normal and semi-rapid recovery... Read more
Three Things You'll Never Believe About Monier Concrete Tile
Video by monier
Béton Monier tile is often considered the strongest option for roofs, but did you know that it offers so much more than that? We reveal to you today in this video entitled three things you will never believe about the Concrete tile. Read more
AquaLOCK® – Step by step to protection against heavy rain and flooding
Video by AquaLOCK
Garage doors, entrance gates and doors equipped with the AquaLOCK® system are manufactured with high quality materials and in the best quality. In order to guarantee this quality in daily use, the installation must also be first class. TBS therefore installs AquaLOCK® products with its own fitters or trained and approved partners. The video illustrates what should be observed, optimally prepared for practice in the field. Read more
Style your heat pump with Outsteel
Video by Poujoulat
"Give style to your heat pump and enjoy a designer exterior with the OUTSTEEL brand. Read more
Products and Materials
KSB launches UPA S 250, its new range of energy-efficient well pumps
New range by KSB
The KSB Group is launching a new range of submersible motor pump units. This bears the name UPA S 250 and expands the manufacturer's range of well pumps. Their areas of employment include general water supply, agriculture, mine dewatering and groundwater management, as well as general booster duties. Read more
ToughBuilt unveils its first line of lasers for pinpoint accuracy
New range by ToughBuilt
ToughBuilt, maker of professional-grade tools, unveils its first line of lasers. Among these new features, the connected laser rangefinder – equipped with patented technology – integrates with the ToughBuilt Connect mobile application, which allows information to be downloaded to a smartphone and shared quickly and easily. Read more
Heat pumps under renovation: a whole collection of free tools available for installers
Guide / Advice / Tutorial
Financial aid measures have generated growing success with heat pumps for several years, success accentuated by the current energy crisis. In order to facilitate and secure their sizing on the one hand and their installation on the other, the PROFEEL program has designed a collection of free tools for professionals. Read more
Autodesk presents Forma
Online tools by Autodesk
Autodesk, Inc. on May 9 unveiled the first features of Autodesk Forma: an industrial cloud that will unify workflows across teams that design, build and manage the built environment. Read more
Projects and Achievements
Les Lumières Pleyel: the real estate program including the largest number of housing units in BRS in IDF
The Les Lumières Pleyel Group led by Sogelym Dixence in association with Crédit Agricole Immobilier, EuropEquipements, and Aire Nouvelle, the low-carbon property development and promotion subsidiary of Equans France, announces the launch of the marketing of "Les Lumières Pleyel". Read more
Santo Domingo inaugurates its new urban cable car line, the fastest in the world
Realization by POMA
On May 1, the President of the Dominican Republic Luis Abinader inaugurated the second urban cable car line in the city of Santo Domingo. The oldest city in the new world is pursuing its strategy of developing the public transport network and strengthening its offer of soft mobility solutions with a 4,20 km link, interconnected with the metro and serving the outlying districts of the west. Read more
Hotel and hotel residence Kopster in Colombes: 6.800m² of Alucobond Plus panels for the facades of the two buildings
Under the project management of Cardinal Promotion and signed by the International Architecture agency, the construction of a property complex, consisting of a hotel and a hotel residence has been completed in Colombes (92) on the Îlot Cook. Read more
Polieco's KIO buffer meets the needs of SIEVA's drinking water meter remote reading
Realization by Polieco
The Syndicat Intercommunal des Eaux du Val d'Azergues (SIEVA – 69) carried out, last January in the town of Morancé, work for a drinking water connection including a manhole with a nurse supplying three remotely read meters. Read more
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