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2023 - Week 16
No significant fall in real estate prices in the 1st quarter of 2023: the calm before the storm?
Study / Review / Report
The Guy Hoquet l'Immobilier barometer takes stock of the 1st quarter of 2023 by analyzing the offer and prices of more than 15 real estate portals for individuals and professionals: it is the most exhaustive barometer of the old real estate market. It analyzes more than 650.000 properties offered for sale in the classic and high-end segments. Read more
Social landlords ask the government to stop dithering in the face of the housing crisis
Emmanuelle Cosse, president of the Social Union for Housing (USH), which represents social landlords, called on the government on Tuesday April 18 to "stop procrastinating" to resolve the housing crisis. Read more
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In short
With a plummeting real estate market and purchasing power, should you sell now?
2023 is a year marked by several trends: the fall in selling prices in almost all major cities, declining real estate purchasing power (due to the rise in interest rates) and a collapse in production real estate credit. Read more
Real estate prices fall in major cities
Study / Review / Report
Real estate prices are beginning to fall in major cities and even nationally according to some agency networks, due to much less accessible loans. Read more
Construction caught up in soaring defaults without reaching early 2019 levels
Study / Review / Report
The Altares group, historical expert and benchmark in corporate data, unveils the figures for business insolvencies in France for the 1st quarter of 2023. With 14.317 insolvency proceedings opened since the start of the year, the level of insolvencies is increasing by nearly by 44% compared to the 1st quarter of 2022. After falling to historically low thresholds in 2021, insolvencies are now returning to pre-crisis levels. Read more
Commercial real estate, slowing markets
Study / Review / Report
CBRE, the world leader in business real estate consulting, reacts to the Immostat figures for the 1st quarter of 2023. Alexandre Fontaine, Executive Director Offices IDF and Nicolas Verdillon, Managing Director Investment Properties take stock of this 1st quarter and shed light on the whole of the year. Read more
Water savings: a new deal with the recovery of rainwater
Study / Review / Report
The IFEP, representing seven French companies specializing in the reuse of rainwater, welcomes the general framework of the Water plan presented by the President of the Republic, making sobriety a guideline for preserving the resource. To achieve significant savings, however, the union hopes for greater ambition in the recovery of rainwater. Read more
The average mortgage rate exceeded 3% in March, according to Crédit Logement
The average rate of mortgage loans exceeded the 3% mark in March for the first time since 2014, reaching 3,04%, according to calculations by Crédit Logement published on Tuesday April 18, enough to deter or even rule out many borrowers. Read more
Energy and Inflation: 320 business decision-makers talk about their difficulties and the solutions chosen
After the health crisis, companies are now struggling with the energy crisis and inflation. Between the rise in cost prices and the fall in the purchasing power of end consumers, the exercise of budgetary equilibrium for companies is not easy. Read more
Activity in the building materials market remains very sluggish at the start of 2023
Conjuncture by UNICEM
Even if inflationary pressures have moderated on the energy front at the start of 2023, the spread of soaring costs continues and the rise in prices continues to spread to all sectors. Read more
"Zero net artificialization": the Senate puts pressure on the government
On March 16, the Senate adopted, by a large majority, a cross-partisan bill on a senatorial initiative aimed at facilitating the implementation of the objectives of "zero net artificialisation" in the heart of the territories. He is now waiting for the Government to put it on the agenda of the National Assembly so that the parliamentary discussion can continue and be concluded before the summer. Read more
Job abandonment no longer entitles you to unemployment
An employee who abandons his job and has not resumed it two weeks after a formal notice will now, with some exceptions, be presumed to have resigned, which will deprive him of unemployment insurance, according to a decree published on Tuesday April 18 in the Journal Official. Read more
Macron gives the social partners until the end of this year to build the "pact of life at work"
Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday April 18 that he wanted to give the social partners "until the end of this year" to "build" the "working life pact" which he calls for in order to turn the page on the crisis of retreats. Read more
The National Council of the Order of Architects and Fibois France are committed to promoting biosourced materials
Organization News
The President of the National Council of the Order of Architects (CNOA), Christine LECONTE and the General Delegate of Fibois France, Céline LAURENS, have signed a partnership agreement aimed at promoting, with those involved in project management, more sustainable and more respectful of the environment, relying on the wood resource. Read more
Justice cancels the increase in the 2022 property tax in Marseille
The increase in the 2022 property tax in Marseille, voted by the left-wing municipality which says it has inherited a "difficult financial situation", was canceled on Friday April 14 by the administrative court, but elected officials have until September 30 to deliberate again. Read more
Minister of Culture announces emergency measures for schools of architecture
Culture Minister Rima Abdul Malak announced emergency aid measures on Friday, April 21, including an envelope of three million euros, in a letter to students of architecture schools, who have been protesting since September against their precariousness. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
The Concrete Sector unveils its proposals for a sovereign French construction industry
Organization News
More sober factories, teams prepared for the professions of the future, new sectors linked to the energy transition... the "green industry" bill aims to accelerate the decarbonization of French industry and boost its competitiveness on the world stage. . Read more
AGC Glass Europe buys green electricity from 14 Luminus wind turbines and thus makes its production process more sustainable
News Manufacturer by AGC Glass France
Glass producer AGC Glass Europe has entered into a power purchase agreement with Luminus for the supply of 67 GWh of green electricity. AGC thus contributes to making its existing production process in Belgium even more sustainable. Read more
Technal and Wicona, 1st line manufacturers to manufacture 100% recycled aluminum profiles “Hydro CIRCAL 100R”
News Manufacturer by Technal
TECHNAL and WICONA are stepping up their commitments to sustainable development and becoming the first joinery and facade manufacturers to manufacture Hydro CIRCAL 100R recycled aluminum profiles. Read more
Kiloutou signs a record year in 2022 and accelerates its digital transformation
Distributor News by Kiloutou
Driven by its ambitious growth strategy, the Kiloutou Group posted 2022 revenue of €1.018 million, up +28,4%. The French Group, now established in 7 European countries, passes the symbolic milestone of one billion euros, and confirms its growth momentum in all its markets. In a 2023 situation that remains full of uncertainties, Kiloutou has chosen to differentiate itself by accelerating its digital transformation. Read more
Kingfisher expects further drop in annual net profit
Distributor News
After a 44% drop in net profit in 2022/23, UK DIY store group Kingfisher expects a further decline in its annual net profit due to uncertainty around consumer purchases and rising costs. Read more
Worksite safety awareness solutions the test by Séché Eco Services
Video by Leica Geosystems
Customer testimonial video produced with Séché Eco Services. Live the experience in pictures. Read more
Major works on the Montmartre water reservoir
Video by FNTP
Montmartre's water reservoir, built at the same time as the Sacré Coeur in 1889, had cracks. It was therefore time for a makeover in order to be able to continue to supply the district with drinking water. With the Explore media, discover the secrets of this historic renovation based on a certain blue coating. Read more
Show You, 100% Digital Personalization of New Homes
Video by show you
Show You, software publisher since 2017, presents its two solutions dedicated to TMA* and decorative choices. Cost control, time savings and customer satisfaction. Read more
Implementation of the Alsan 600 liquid waterproofing system
Video by Soprema
Video explanation of the implementation of the Alsan 600 liquid waterproofing system from Soprema. Read more
Multi Air - Brink Climate Systems
Video by Brink Climate Systems France
Multi Air: Double flow ventilation WITHOUT DUCT. This system allows air to be blown into the central landing (or corridor) of the dwelling without the need for a fresh air distribution duct. Read more
FDES and PEP available for Airwood
Video by Poujoulat
AIRWOOD hot air recovery and distribution systems hold 3 FDES and 2 PEP sheets. Published by Inies, these FDES (Environmental and Health Declaration Sheets) and PEP (Product Environmental Profile) will be used by building professionals to measure the impact of AIRWOOD systems in their construction projects. Read more
International compendium of resolutions to cool cities
Video by ADEME
This video presents international experience feedback on urban cooling from development projects with remarkable elements regarding their implementation, in different geographical and climatic zones of the world. Read more
Residence in concrete entirely recycled by Seqens and Holcim, a world first!
Video by LafargeHolcim
SEQENS, a subsidiary of the Action Logement group, and HOLCIM are combining their skills to carry out an innovative project: the construction of the first building in entirely recycled concrete. Read more
Products and Materials
Intelligent triple protection: an à la carte security solution
Advertising-editorial by VPSitex
For 30 years now, VPSITEX Group has ensured the security, maintenance and management of vacant real estate. Each project has its specificities, the big challenge being to find the most suitable security device. Read more
Plasterboard: the comfort trend
Advertising-editorial by Knauf Danoline
Long reserved for non-residential buildings, technical plasterboards have conquered housing. In addition to the comfort they bring to their occupants and without complicating the implementation by craftsmen, they become a marker of the know-how of renovation professionals. Read more
Edilteco® obtains the ETA and DTA technical assessments from the CSTB for its Edil-Therm® Minéral system
Test / Trial / Certification by Edilteco France
Following the obtaining in November 2022 of the European Technical Assessment according to EAD 040083-00-0404, EDILTECO® now obtains its DTA for its exterior insulation system, EDIL-Therm® Minéral. Read more
Rockwool presents Rockin Bag System for the insulation of converted or convertible attics
New product by Rockwool
While heat waves will be repeated in France in summer, these are even more intense in the seven million homes considered as thermal sieves. In addition to being very energy-intensive, these homes are also coolers in winter. To overcome this discomfort ROCKWOOL has developed Rockin Bag System, a complete rock wool insulation system to help maintain optimal comfort in summer and winter alike in homes. Read more
HydroProof, the new exterior ceiling system with a sober aesthetic and easy to install
New product by Knauf Danoline
The Knauf HydroProof exterior ceiling is a suspended plasterboard ceiling system with no visible joints. Implemented in a sheltered outdoor area (not exposed to bad weather), it is thus intended for overhangs, or semi-open parts of any type of building (individual house, ERP, tertiary, industrial), such as the undersides of loggias, roofs, playgrounds… both new and renovated. Read more
Projects and Achievements
Strasbourg launches the largest participatory housing district in France
The largest neighborhood in participatory housing in France will be born in Strasbourg by 2030, announced Tuesday April 18 the ecological mayor Jeanne Barseghian during a press conference. Read more
Construction of 36 rental units in Ytong Verti aerated concrete blocks in Bourget-du-Lac (73)
Construction site by xella
The OPAC Savoie, a major player in Savoyard housing, leads programs for the construction and rehabilitation of less energy-intensive housing. In order to reduce the environmental impact of its buildings, they favor materials with excellent thermal performance with a low carbon footprint. Read more
The renovation of the Tévennec lighthouse in Brittany, an "extraordinary" project
Construction site
The renovation of the Tévennec fire house, built on a rock in the middle of the raz de Sein (Finistère), must begin at the end of April, a project which promises to be "extraordinary" and must last until 2024, announced the Ateliers DLB Friday, April 14. Read more
Beginning of the renovation of the Pont des Arts in Paris
Construction site
The replacement of the wooden decking of the Pont des Arts, a pedestrian footbridge that spans the Seine in the heart of Paris, began on Tuesday April 18 after years of criticism of the town hall for its dilapidated state. Read more
The EHPAD Les Jardins Argentés ensures the safety of its residents thanks to Dény Security access control solutions
Realization by Deny Security
Belonging to and member of the GCMS* Grand Lille, a group of autonomous public EHPADs which has 31 establishments in the Hauts de France, the Les Jardins Argentés residence is located in a residential area in Annœullin near Lille. With a capacity of 60 places, it welcomes able-bodied and dependent people over 60, alone or as a couple. Read more
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