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2023 - Week 12
Pellet stoves: Ademe unveils the results of its Actual Performance study and issues recommendations for the sector
Study / Assessment / Report by ADEME
On the occasion of the BePOSITIVE exhibition, which takes place from March 21 to 23 at Eurexpo Lyon France, ADEME unveils the results of its study Actual performance of pellet stoves which characterizes the energy and environmental performance of these installations. Heating with wood is experiencing a real craze in France, but it is the first emitter of fine particles. Read more
Single-family home builders are sounding the alarm
The construction of individual houses suffered in 2022, victim of the unfavorable economic context for new real estate, and threatened in the longer term by the rules on the artificialization of soils. Promoters, developers... for nearly nine months, all new real estate has been seized up, and home builders are no exception. Read more
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In short
Renewable energies: world record for installations in 2022, but insufficient in the face of climate change
Study / Review / Report
Renewable energies have gained 9,6% more capacity worldwide in 2022, record growth, but still far from the levels necessary to curb global warming, the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena) said on Tuesday March 21. Read more
Increase in electricity prices: more than 30% of French people have changed supplier at least once in the last 3 years
Study / Review / Report
A recent study shows that two thirds of French people consider that electricity prices are too high and that a majority of consumers are unaware of the portfolio of products and services offered by their energy suppliers. Read more
Increase in new housing construction in IDF for 10 years, which have lost 9 m2 of average surface area
Study / Review / Report
The Ile-de-France region, which welcomes some 50.000 new inhabitants per year, has significantly increased its production of new housing in 10 years despite a halt since 2020, but these housing units have lost 9 m2 of average surface area, according to a study published Wednesday, March 22. Read more
Global growth revised upwards but still fragile, warns the OECD
Study / Review / Report
The OECD has raised its global growth forecasts for 2023 and 2024 thanks to lower inflation and the reopening of China, even if it remains fragile, against a backdrop of great difficulties encountered by some banks. Read more
The building materials business experienced a sharp decline in the start of 2023 compared to 2022
Conjuncture by UNICEM
In just three years, the building materials sector (just like many other sectors) has had to deal with the accumulation of major shocks: two years after the start of the COVID19 pandemic and the first sanitary confinement, the Ukrainian conflict has once again tested the productive structures, adding to the existing supply tensions an energy supply crisis. Read more
Housing crisis: it is urgent to give the territories the means to meet the needs of the inhabitants
Urban France, represented by Nathalie Appéré, Secretary General of the association, Mayor of Rennes and President of Rennes Métropole was received a few days ago, alongside the other associations of elected officials, by the Minister for Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, Christophe Béchu, and Deputy Ministers Dominique Faure and Olivier Klein. Read more
Spie batignolles sets up a demonstrator of innovative digital tools for the construction site, including a first in Europe
Technology by Spie batignolles
While the shell of the two buildings is being completed, Spie batignolles construction regions has set up, since the start of the work, a demonstrator of innovative digital tools. On this technically complex project, the use of various digital platforms, one of which is equipped with artificial intelligence, provides concrete feedback on the field uses of these new tools. Read more
A photovoltaic panel farm located at sea, a first in France
Renewable energy
The first two floating units of a photovoltaic panel farm located in the open sea, a first in France, have just been launched off Sète, in the Hérault, before 23 others planned by the end of the year. Read more
The Court of Auditors calls for better adaptation of nuclear power to global warming
Nuclear energy
The Court of Auditors calls on nuclear players, EDF and the State in the lead, to strengthen the adaptation of reactors to global warming, in particular by better understanding the problem of the water necessary for cooling power plants, in a report published Tuesday, March 21. Read more
"Zero net artificialization of soils": senators soften the text
On Friday, March 17, senators adopted a text aimed at facilitating the implementation of the objective of "zero net artificialisation of soils" (ZAN) in 2050 by restoring "freedom" to municipalities, but the government sees it as a " door open to artificialisation". Read more
A seller is rarely committed to the real estate agent
Justice decision
It is not because the real estate agent has found a buyer at the asking price that the seller is committed and obliged to sign the sale with this one. Read more
Pensions: Macron ready for unpopularity and firmness in the face of excesses
Emmanuel Macron persists and signs: the highly contested pension reform must be applied "before the end of the year", reaffirmed on TF1 and France 2 the head of state who agrees "to endorse unpopularity" and camped on its line of firmness in the face of excesses in the street. Read more
In Lille, 18 buildings evacuated in emergency since a fatal collapse in November
The socialist mayor of Lille Martine Aubry indicated on Tuesday March 21 that 18 buildings in the city had been urgently evacuated since the collapse on November 12 of two adjoining buildings in the city center, which had caused the death of a man. Read more
The Smart Buildings Alliance unveils a new white paper on the cybersecurity of tertiary buildings
White Book
The Smart Buildings Alliance (SBA), a professional association that works daily to address the challenges of the building and the city of tomorrow, has published a new white paper dedicated to "the cybersecurity of tertiary buildings". Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Already 100 years old: Durieu celebrates its centenary!
Advertising-editorial by Durieu
100 years already! Without a wrinkle! Pioneer, dynamic and innovative, the Durieu Group strives to transmit these values ​​coupled with 3 key words: Passion, Quality and Know-How. Read more
URSA bets on renewable energies and installs photovoltaic panels in its factories in Tarragona
News Manufacturer by BEAR
URSA reaffirms its commitment to making its manufacturing processes sustainable by installing, in the coming months, a 3 MWp photovoltaic solar park that will produce energy for its own consumption. Read more
Sustainable development at the heart of CEMEX's actions in 2023
News Manufacturer by CEMEX
For more than 30 years, CEMEX France has been deploying and piloting numerous CSR initiatives, from which several actions stem, materialized in the field thanks to the teams involved. In 2023, this ambition, assessed and recognized by independent third-party organizations, is not weakening. Read more
Loxam records record 2022 sales
Rental News by LOXAM
After the post-pandemic rebound observed in 2021, LOXAM achieved a new historic performance in 2022 and confirmed the relevance of its organic growth strategy. Read more
Sogelink, chronicle of an announced growth
Developer News by Sogelink
On the strength of the key events of the past year, Sogelink confirms its ambitions for growth and its leadership by leveraging its latest acquisitions in the Netherlands and Norway as well as its new offers. On the international side, the group does not intend to stop there and will continue its conquest of European markets. Read more
Trailer of the "Archi VR" experience at Villa Savoye
Embark on a virtual reality experience at the heart of architect Le Corbusier's masterpiece! Here you are in 1930, alongside Eugénie Savoye. The latter leaves the capital at the wheel of her car to join her newly built country house. As she approaches Poissy, she recalls the two years that have passed since her meeting with this singular architect: Le Corbusier. Read more
What's New in ZWCAD 2023 Service Pack 2 - Point Clouds
Video by ZW France
Find out in a few minutes what's new in ZWCAD 2 Service Pack 2023? On the program of this video the point cloud processing functionalities. Read more
Web TV Würth: 100% Formwork
Video by Wuerth France
Atelier Würth is live! The shipyard will be in the spotlight for this program during which the Würth experts will be present live to answer your questions. They will discuss the latest developments in terms of formwork while responding to various issues: Worker safety during their activity and the challenge represented by MSDs, and productivity, with solutions that facilitate the construction of your formwork. Read more
Vinci Construction: business card 2023
Video by VINCI
Discover the 2023 business card of Vinci Construction in video, a world leader in construction with 1.350 companies and 116.000 employees present in 100 countries. Read more
Cybersecurity and you - Make regular backups
Video by FFB
The FFB Fédération Française du Bâtiment makes you aware of cybersecurity. Performing regular backups allows faster restoration of operational activities in the event of an incident, whether it is of a technical nature or linked to a malicious cyber act. The frequency of backups should be adapted to the type of data and their level of importance. Read more
Integration of simulators in training in the operation of public works machinery by ETP Normandie
Video by CCCA-BTP
Project to integrate simulators into training in the operation of construction machinery developed by ETP Normandie and co-financed by the CCCA-BTP. Read more
Fast and Curious Season 2: M Academy Tutors
Video by Millet Group
The tutors of our work-study students also play the interview game! Discover Cédric and Fabrice, one financial analyst, the other maintenance technician, two diametrically opposed professions but the same objective, to share their knowledge and thus train and advance their work-study trainees. Read more
Fineo & RenoWindow presented in "Waldorado", broadcast by RTL-TVI, French-speaking Belgian television
Video by AGC Glass France
Discover the FINEO factory of the AGC group: for 3 years it has been producing double glazing that is unique in the world! This vacuum glazing is a nugget developed & manufactured in Belgium... and installed by RenoWindow! Read more
Products and Materials
Do we make a terrace?
Advertising-editorial by Wuerth France
With the arrival of fine weather, the terrace season is looming and the latest episodes of successive lockdowns have reminded us of the importance and the pleasure of being able to enjoy an outdoor space at home. Thus, in order to provide ever greater support to its terrace installers and landscapers, Wurth France offers a complete range of products allowing you to follow all the stages of laying a terrace. Products that offer increased productivity and quality final work. Read more
Build without limits with the new Rector Property Limit Prefabricated Infrastructure System
Range evolution by Rector
With regulatory changes related to carbon (RE2020) and land sobriety (ZAN "Zero Net Artificialisation"), as well as the new standard making it mandatory to carry out soil studies (ELAN law), it is necessary to rethink how to build housing. Thus, for individual or grouped houses, construction on the property line and the implementation of prefabricated infrastructures in crawl spaces take on their full meaning. Read more
TYVA Energie unveils its brand new range of portable energy stations suitable for the construction industry
New range by TYVA Energy
French designer and manufacturer of lithium batteries since 2013, TYVA Energie is a company from Annonay in Ardèche. For the first time, it is taking advantage of its battery expertise in the development of a whole new range of technologies designed, among other things, to respond to the problems of the construction industry. Read more
Gusto: the new collection of design and functional kitchen taps
New range by Ideal Standard
Combining minimalist design with high-end finish, the new Gusto kitchen faucet collection has been designed and developed with immense attention to detail to offer a versatile and practical solution for all cordon bleu. Read more
Summer comfort: the low-temperature heating-cooling floor/ceiling continues to stand out in new construction and renovation
Technical solutions by Cochebat
A proven solution for cooling homes, offices, but also collective spaces, the low-temperature heating-cooling floor/ceiling (PCRBT) is very popular in the context of RE2020. Associated with a heat pump or a geocooling system, it is indeed one of the emitters with the lowest carbon impact*. Read more
Projects and Achievements
Etoile eco-district: the footbridge project that will connect Annemasse and Ambilly is validated by Annemasse Agglo
At the beginning of January 2023, Annemasse Agglo, in agreement with the municipalities of Annemasse, Ambilly and Ville-la-Grand, validated the AVP (pre-project studies) for the railway crossing footbridge which will link Annemasse and Ambilly no later than 2026 as part of the construction of the Etoile eco-district. Read more
The Mont-Blanc tunnel will close for 15 weeks in 2023 then in 2024 for works
Construction site
The Mont-Blanc tunnel, a major road between France and Italy, will be closed for more than three consecutive months, from September 4 to December 18, 2023, then as much again in 2024, for heavy renovation work which will continue for years. following. Read more
Inauguration of the archives of the European Metropolis of Lille: a model of sobriety and energy performance
Realization by equations
While the government is calling on public, private and individual actors to commit to sobriety, the inauguration of the new archives of the European Metropolis of Lille (MEL) which took place on Friday March 3 is emblematic of the ambitions strengths of the public institution in terms of energy and environmental performance. Read more
A 50s brick house reinvents itself with the cropping and siding of its 'hat' roof, which overlooks the central living space
Realization by Kebony
Michael Goorevich's Hat House uses Kebony wood cladding to create a cohesive exterior aesthetic, which influenced the entire project. Read more
At the Village des Athlètes-Universeine, Cibetec wins the gold medal for low-carbon custom-made precast concrete
Contest / Prize / Trophy
Located in the city of Saint-Denis (93), the Universeine eco-district was designed to accommodate athletes during the 2024 sporting events in Paris. Ambitious from an environmental point of view, this program, which is part of one of the 4 sectors of the Athletes' Village, has among its objectives to limit the carbon footprint of buildings in accordance with the expectations of SOLIDEO (Olympic Works Delivery Company). Read more
Products of the week

Infiltration basin for rainwater

Draining coating for your tree towers

Aluminum accordion bay

Professional facade paint / D2 / D3





Electromagnetic polarity inverter system against humidity in walls

Modular, ecological and resistant design switch in brushed aluminum

Engineered parquet - Timeless Naturals

Construction management software that connects a project's entire team in one place

Humidistop France

Light material



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