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2023 - Week 05
Zero Net Artificialisation: what future for single-family homes?
Study / Review / Report
La Fabrique de la Cité published on January 31 a third note on the objective of Zero Net Artificialisation of soils, which is particularly interested in the future of individual houses in France. Read more
Trees could cut mortality from urban heatwaves by a third, study finds
Study / Review / Report
Planting more trees in urban areas to bring down summer temperatures could cut deaths directly linked to heat waves by a third, researchers said on Wednesday (February 1). Read more
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In short
How do rising prices and the energy crisis affect the nature of demand from French homeowners?
Study / Review / Report
Houzz.fr, the reference platform for renovation, surveyed several interior designers, decorators and craftsmen on the major trends for 2023 and coupled their responses to the analysis of the behaviors observed on the platform. Read more
Panorama of abandoned ski resorts in France: profile, history, reconversion
Study / Review / Report
In France, 186 ski resorts, mainly "micro-domains" have definitively closed since their creation and this for above all economic reasons, according to researcher Pierre-Alexandre Metral, doctoral student in geography at the University of Grenoble who devotes his thesis on the subject. Read more
Labor productivity down since the Covid crisis
Study / Review / Report
Labor productivity, i.e. the wealth created per employee, has decreased compared to its level at the end of 2019, before the Covid crisis, a drop partly explained by the increase in the number of less productive apprentices than other employees, according to the Ministry of Labor. Read more
+15% increase in current regulated gas and electricity prices: the French are well off in Europe
Study / Assessment / Report by Hello Watt
After gas in January, it is the price of electricity which will increase by 15% including tax on 1 February. Without the price shield put in place by the government, electricity prices would have increased by 99% including tax according to the CRE, which amounts to saying that the State, with the price shield, will pay, in 2023, 43% of our electricity bills. Read more
In France, stained glass fears having lead in the wing
Study / Review / Report
A magic wand, for lack of a lead wand? Heirs to an ancestral know-how, the craftsmen of "La Maison du Vitrail" in Paris fear the prohibition of this material on a European scale, however essential to their profession. Read more
The Senate in turn votes on measures against squatters and unpaid rent
The Senate with a right-wing majority adopted Thursday, February 2 in first reading, after the National Assembly, a bill toughening the sanctions against squatters and accelerating the procedures in the event of unpaid rent, decried by the left and the defenders of evil -housed. Read more
IMF supports pension reform
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) gave its support on Monday, January 30 to the pension reform on the eve of a day of strike, believing that it would help France to save money while strengthening the labor market. Read more
Unemployment insurance: the reduction in the duration of compensation in force on February 1
The reform, which comes into force on Wednesday February 1, aims to modulate the conditions of unemployment insurance according to the situation of the labor market, with the aim of having rules "more encouraging to the resumption of employment". Read more
Renewable energies: last green light from the Assembly
Renewable energy
The National Assembly gave its final green light to the renewable energy acceleration bill on Tuesday January 31, before the final adoption expected in the Senate on February 7. Read more
Offshore wind tax: the mayor of Saint-Nazaire welcomes the vote on a new amendment
Renewable energy
The PS mayor of Saint-Nazaire David Samzun, who denounced a project to modify the method of calculation for the distribution of the tax on offshore wind power, hailed Wednesday January 25 "a political victory" and "meaningful", after the vote of a new amendment. Read more
On the Médoc dune, the demolition of the "Signal", a symbol of coastal erosion
The demolition of the "Signal", a building that has become a symbol of the decline of the beaches on the Atlantic coast, begins Friday, February 3 in Soulac-sur-mer (Gironde), while the problem of thousands of threatened dwellings arises elsewhere on the coast. Read more
Climate emergency: how to effectively reduce your carbon footprint?
While the French are becoming more and more responsible for the environmental transition, they still do not know which are the most emitting positions or how to effectively reduce their footprint. Greenly, a carbon footprint specialist, provides a concrete and quantified answer: it is possible to reduce your carbon footprint by more than a quarter thanks to a few simple daily actions. Read more
Grenoble increases its property tax and makes its museums free
The city of Grenoble announced on Friday January 27 an upcoming 25% increase in the municipal share of the property tax in order to finance investments, a "social and climate shield" and free admission to its three museums. Read more
Broken porcelain and Lego bricks for an Ai Weiwei exhibition in London in April
Porcelain installation smashed by Chinese authorities and Lego bricks will be among Ai Weiwei's works on show in London from April for the dissident artist's first exhibition dedicated to design and architecture, it announced on Monday (January 30th). the DesignMuseum. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Meeting with Norman Willemsen, CEO of Kebony
Interview by Kebony
Discover the interview conducted with Norman Willemsen, CEO of Kebony. The company specializes in producing superior quality improved wood that is both environmentally friendly and cost effective. Read more
The Legrand group announces its withdrawal from Russia, impairment of 150 million euros
News Manufacturer
The French manufacturer of electrical equipment Legrand announced on Wednesday January 25 its withdrawal from Russia, against a backdrop of "operational difficulties" linked to the conflict in Ukraine, accompanied by an asset impairment of 150 million euros. Read more
Hager Group signs an agreement to acquire Pmflex
News Manufacturer by Hager
In order to accelerate its growth, Hager Group signed a few days ago an agreement with Fund VII of Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG), a major German private equity firm, for the acquisition of Pmflex, the Italian specialist electrical sheaths and tubes. Read more
Recycling and recovering asbestos is now possible with De Dietrich
News Manufacturer by De Dietrich
De Dietrich Process Systems announces the imminent completion of the construction of its innovative De Dietrich Waste Recycling pilot dedicated to the treatment of asbestos waste. It will enter the operational phase and neutralize its first asbestos fibers in the first quarter of 2023. Read more
Castorama strengthens its commitment to biodiversity by creating an urban forest
Distributor News by Castorama
Committed for over thirty years to reducing its environmental impact, Castorama has made the preservation of forests one of the priorities of its environmental policy. It is in this context that the brand is developing land in an urban forest near its store in Marseille Saint-Loup. Read more
One Stop Job with Sikafloor, more speed for more productivity
Video by Sika France
A small project to carry out and little time in front of you? The new rapid resins of the Sikafloor® One Stop Job range allow you to carry out construction sites in record time. Indeed, your project can be completed in a single day thanks to fast resins and boosters that can accelerate the polymerization of the systems. Read more
CEA Saint-Aubin: the Grand Paris Express station by architects J. Pajot and C. Monnet
The CEA Saint-Aubin air terminal, located near the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) in Saclay, serves a major research and innovation center in the Paris region with more than 7 jobs. It also supports the dynamic development of the Paris-Saclay campus, of which the CEA is a key element. Read more
Meet our companions - Paul, Stonemason
Video by VINCI
Paul welcomes us to his stone-cutting workshop in Besançon where he exercises his passion on a daily basis within PATEU ROBERT. He cuts, cuts and shapes the stone by perpetuating traditional techniques! This enthusiast, in charge of the restoration of historical monuments, is part of a long tradition of builder before him. Read more
15 years of partnership between Legrand and Electriciens sans frontières
Video by Legrand
For more than 15 years, Legrand has been proud to support Electricians Without Borders in the fight against inequalities in access to electricity and water around the world. Read more
Successfully integrate the heat pump into the exterior landscape with Outsteel
Video by Poujoulat
The aesthetic integration of the heat pump into the exterior landscape is a problem with which many private individuals and professionals are confronted. This webinar dedicated to professionals in the development of outdoor spaces, landscapers, heating contractors, swimming pool engineers provides the keys to overcoming this difficulty and transforming it into added value for a project. Read more
The Keys to the City of Amiens: Pierre-Marie Perrin, Director of Public Affairs Hellio
Video by hello
On January 19, 2023, the 4th edition of Clés de ville took place in partnership with Radio Immo and Le Figaro Immobilier. The opportunity for Hellio, a key player in energy management, to paint an energy portrait of the city of Amiens. Read more
Zenkeo - the reversible AIR / AIR Heat Pump with its ionization function
Video by Atlantic
When thermal comfort and purified air are one... Zenkeo is the heat pump that incorporates indoor air purification technology thanks to its ionization function in order to eliminate viruses and bacteria . A delicate temperature display with remote control thanks to the Intelligent Air application. An ideal device for those looking for comfort with an energy-efficient product. Read more
We plant trees in Paris!
There are more than 200.000 trees in Paris, in the streets, green spaces, municipal facilities,... And the objective for 2026 is to plant 170.000 more. Discover here the Tree Service of the City of Paris and the different species of trees that can be found in the capital. Read more
Products and Materials
New Obat site schedule: when simplicity rhymes with power
Advertising-editorial by Drug
The digitization of the construction sector is not slowing down, quite the contrary: more and more innovative tools are emerging to help building professionals save time and boost their profitability. Among them, the Obat software stands out from the crowd with its offer as complete as it is efficient. Read more
Summer comfort and RE2020: reversible surfaces associated with an anhydrite screed are the asset for tomorrow
Zoom produced by REHAU
Since July 2022, the instructions of the RE 2020 must be fully applied to both the construction of housing but also that of tertiary buildings, schools or health establishments. Read more
Urbanit Jouplast: constructive solution for fitting out permeable spaces
New range by JOUPLAST®
Increased risks of flooding and pollution of natural environments are part of the damage caused by massive soil sealing in urban areas. The consequences of the latter in the water cycle are high on the list of negative effects on the environment. Read more
Clareo exclusively unveils its new Design lighting range integrating the Zambelis brand
New range by lightening
With more than 60 years of European know-how, CLAREO is joining forces with the Zambelis brand for the launch of its new DESIGN range on the French market in order to offer its customers lighting fixtures with a contemporary and original aesthetic. More than 1.400 references appear in the CLAREO product catalog. Read more
Recticel Simfocor® receives the Solar Impulse environmental efficiency label
Test / Trial / Certification by Recticel Insulation
Recticel is proud to announce that its Simfocor® thermo-acoustic insulation panel is now certified “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution”. Read more
Projects and Achievements
Launch of a participatory housing project in the hyper center of Lorient
Construction site
The Breton social landlord Aiguillon construction, through its imoja brand, which specializes in the marketing of housing for social homeownership, won the call for projects launched by the city of Lorient on the Mettrie block, in the center of -ville, east of Cours Chazelles. Read more
Low-carbon concrete for a public college in Montpellier
Realization by CEMEX
CEMEX supplied 6.200 m3 of concrete, the majority of which was low-carbon concrete, for the construction of the Port Marianne secondary school Composed of buildings with different uses, this project extends over 6.500 m². Read more
ASCA solarizes the glass facade of an administrative building
Realization by ASCA
While the bill relating to the acceleration of the production of renewable energies aimed at facilitating their deployment in France was adopted on January 10, 2023 at the National Assembly, Europe is increasing the number of photovoltaic integrations on its territory, in particular thanks to the expertise of French companies. Read more
Acorus carries out the energy rehabilitation of 32 housing units for RIVP Paris 14
The Acorus Group, a French ETI pioneer in the eco-renovation of occupied sites, carried out the energy rehabilitation of 32 housing units on behalf of the property management of the city of Paris (RIVP). Read more
The rediscovered light of the stained glass windows of the Basilica of Saint-Denis
"It's something you only do once in a lifetime," enthuses master glassmaker Emmanuel Putanier. For the past year, he has been working with his team to restore their splendor to the XNUMXth century stained glass windows of the basilica of Saint-Denis. Read more
Products of the week

Slope-shaped fiber-reinforced mortar

Lacquered aluminum rainwater down pipe

Heat pump and air conditioning cover

WIRELESS High Definition Security System





Double-flow ventilation unit

Design wood fireplace in wall or central version

Design trend: new finishes for door handles

Mechanized parking for stacking 2 or 3 cars

Brink Climate Systems France

JC Bordelet


Klaus Multiparking

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