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2023 - Week 04
Real estate market: analysis of the year 2022 and forecasts for 2023
Study / Review / Report
After two exceptional years, the real estate market, impacted by the attrition mechanism, the rise in interest rates and the new energy regulations, is gradually making a change to return to normal, DRIMKI, the appraisal specialist real estate, draws up the real estate balance sheet for 2022 and draws the first trends for 2023. Read more
To fight against inflation, the government is launching a system for analyzing the production costs of building materials
Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, announces the implementation of a tool for analyzing the production costs of building materials. This system, piloted by INSEE, aims to help construction companies to have better visibility on the increase in the price of materials in times of inflation. Read more
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In short
Two years after its launch, has Ma Prime Rénov' made it possible to save energy?
Study / Review / Report
Proposed from January 1, 2020 and then generalized to all owner-occupiers, MaPrimeRénov' is the main aid provided by the State for the energy renovation of the French housing stock. After two years of existence, is this aid really effective in saving money? Read more
How will technological innovation transform real estate?
Study / Review / Report
On November 25, ULI France, under the chairmanship of Sébastien Chemouny, and President of Allianz France, organized its 2022 Annual Conference, at Altarea Comet Meetings, in the XNUMXnd arrondissement of Paris. Read more
Evolution of energy consumption by individuals in France in 2022
Study / Review / Report
The energy consumption of French households is constantly changing. So what are the trends in 2022? Is the current energy crisis impacting French consumption? To help you see things more clearly, here is a breakdown of changes in average electricity and gas consumption in France. Read more
HLM authorizations still insufficient in 2022
Study / Review / Report
Authorizations for new social housing will be less than 100.000 in metropolitan France in 2022 for the third consecutive year, announced a few days ago the president of the Social Union for Housing (USH), Emmanuelle Cosse. Read more
The puzzle of sharing value in business
A salaried dividend to compensate for the erosion of purchasing power by inflation? This is the idea promoted by the government in a context where discussions are difficult between social partners on the generalization of existing systems to share value in business. Read more
Building permits for new housing fall in the 4th quarter, 482.200 authorizations in 2022
The number of building permits fell sharply in the last quarter of 2022, according to data released Friday, January 27 by the ministry, after reaching record levels during the year due to regulatory deadlines. Read more
Luxury real estate, always more expensive
Luxury knows no crisis. High-end real estate, driven by the most expensive properties, broke new records in 2022, according to the reports of prestige agency networks. Read more
After the controversy over the reliability of DPEs, the creation of a D card for real estate diagnosticians divides the sector
SIDIANE and FIDI, two of the most representative organizations of real estate diagnosis professionals, oppose the creation of the “gadget” of the D card for diagnosticians. Read more
Renewable energies: agreement between deputies and senators, before a final vote
Renewable energy
Deputies and senators reached an agreement on the evening of Tuesday January 24 on the bill dedicated to renewable energies, with a compromise version which will be submitted to a final vote in both chambers. Read more
Wind and solar: France should not achieve its objectives by the end of 2023
Renewable energy
Another bad year for solar and onshore wind power in France: at the current rate, the country will not meet its renewable electricity production target at the end of 2023, and even less that of 2028, notes Tuesday, January 24 the Observ barometer 'ER, at a time when Parliament is debating an "acceleration law" for these energies, of uncertain scope. Read more
Construction professionals react to the launch of a material production cost analysis tool
Organization News
The CAPEB and the FFB welcome the implementation of a tool for analyzing the production costs of building materials, announced on January 26 by Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty . Read more
AFG becomes France gaz and strengthens its ambition to meet major energy challenges
Organization News
The French Gas Association becomes France gaz and strengthens its ambition to respond to the energy challenges expressed by the French, who 85% are in favor of the development of renewable gas production facilities in their region*. Read more
Legal age, contribution period, small pensions: the key points of the pension reform
Postponement of the legal age, contribution period, minimum pension, employment of seniors, long careers, hardship, special schemes... Here are the main points of the pension reform presented Monday, January 23 in the Council of Ministers. Read more
Death of Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi, Pritzker Prize winner and disciple of Le Corbusier
Architect Balkrishna Vithaldas Doshi, a disciple of Le Corbusier and the first Indian winner of the prestigious Pritzker Prize in 2018, has died at the age of 95, his relatives and the prize committee have announced. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Meet Sylvain Bonnot, Chairman of Myral
Interview by Myral
Discover the interview with Sylvain Bonnot, President of Myral, a company specializing in the production and marketing of exterior thermal insulation solutions and unique facade cladding. Read more
The Rector Lesage group obtains the Committed CSR label from AFNOR
News Manufacturer by Rector
The Rector Lesage group has just obtained the Committed CSR label, at the confirmed level (3rd level on a scale of 4), from AFNOR. Rector is thus the first manufacturer in the concrete sector to follow this path. Read more
URSA challenge "Double blow for the Planet", bet met with 5.388 trees planted in the Chantilly forest
News Manufacturer by BEAR
Nearly 1.000 participating building professionals, more than 930 photos posted, several thousand new trees at stake...: the "Double blow for the Planet" operation, launched by URSA, specialist in mineral glass wool insulation and extruded polystyrene, had generated widespread engagement. Read more
VM becomes “VM Matériaux” and unveils its new signature: “Build tomorrow, build sustainably. »
Distributor News
In a context where everything is changing rapidly, VM is changing and adapting to changes in the market, regulations, technologies, working habits, exchanges, consumption, living... Its teams, trained and mobilized around challenges of energy renovation and the reduction of the carbon footprint of construction, select the most efficient products for eco-responsible construction sites. Read more
Grohe awarded EcoVadis gold medal for its CSR policy
Contest / Prize / Trophy by Grohe
GROHE, a brand player in the sanitary sector and committed to the preservation of resources, has just obtained the Gold level in the ranking established by the French rating agency EcoVadis for its CSR policy. The brand thus ranks among the 5% of the best performing companies in the 25% of the most committed companies in terms of CSR, all sectors of activity combined. Read more
Richard's opinion on Sikaflex®-145 Tiles
Video by Sika France
Find in this video Richard's opinion on Sikaflex®-145 Tiles. This flexible glue is used to glue tiles together, on battens or on fiber cement sheets. Its good adhesion and good resistance to aging make it ideal for outdoor use on roofs. Read more
ECOPact, the widest range of low-carbon concrete on the market
Video by Lafarge
It allows up to 70% reduction in the carbon impact compared to standard concrete without this changing the performance of the concrete. Accelerating the transition to a low-carbon future will only happen with low-carbon construction. Read more
Grand Paris Express stations: spaces for mobility, living and services
The Société du Grand Paris is launching a Public Call for Competition for the concession of commercial enclosures, event areas and vending machines for the new metro. The goal? Propose a range of shops and services to users by promoting the development of territories and contributing to their attractiveness. Read more
How do you calculate the amount of your MaPrimeRénov' premium?
Video by hello
In this video, Diane explains the different solutions for calculating the amount of your MaPrimeRénov' premium: a public program piloted by the National Housing Agency (Anah), which aims to help individuals subsidize energy renovation work of their accommodation. Read more
How to reduce the carbon footprint of the glass around us by 40%?
Video by AGC Glass France
Laurent Delmotte, Sustainability and Product Management Director, and Hugues Lefevre, Product Director, introduce you to the new range of low-carbon glasses from AGC Glass Europe and explain the new values ​​to be included in the LCA calculation. Read more
Rockwool supports your projects all over the world
Video by Rockwool
Rockwool is present all over the world to help you with your insulation projects! Rockwool's Export insulation activity covers: the French overseas departments and territories, New Caledonia, the Maghreb, West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa and Southern Africa. Read more
Job discovery: Site manager
Video by FNTP
Always present in the field, the site manager controls, coordinates the work of the teams, keeps the work progress schedule up to date and manages supplies. It also ensures the application of directives, standards and regulations, particularly in terms of safety. Direct assistant to the works foreman, he sometimes replaces him in certain tasks. Read more
Stabilization of a condominium in a mountainous and inaccessible area
Video by URETEK® France
Last October, this 8-storey condominium was facing subsidence problems in its facades and its shear walls. Over time, cracks appeared on the building, causing major damage. URETEK® intervened to treat all of the foundation soils under the foundations. Read more
Products and Materials
Discover the new designer seats in the Synergie range
Advertising-editorial by Universe & City
French designer and manufacturer of street furniture since 1999, Univers & Cité offers ranges of products with a contemporary design, made in short circuits, based on steel, stainless steel and wood. Read more
ITE-SHOP launches its new easy and adjustable accessories for even faster construction sites
New range by ITE-SHOP
The French specialist in External Thermal Insulation completes its range of accessories with a new ISODEPORT GC load offset bracket (guardrails and medium/heavy loads) and ISODEPORT BM70 and BM100 universal mounting blocks. Read more
Udirev presents Pixis, a new collection of laminate floors dedicated to real estate development
New range by Udirev
In order to respond to the property development market, for new builds or renovations, Udirev is launching Pixis, a new collection of laminate flooring made in Europe. Composed of two short and efficient ranges of 7 and 8 mm thick, Pixis each offers 5 light or dark oak decors. Read more
High profile: colored lights created by Delta Light and MVRDV from production scraps
New range by Delta Light
During Milan Design Week, MVRDV and Delta Light unveiled the result of a very informed collaboration. Called "High Profile", this new range of luminaires is based on the design talent of MVRDV coupled with the products, materials, know-how and expertise of Delta Light. Read more
Respect for the environment, RE 2020: steel joinery has arguments!
Technical solutions by Descasystem
Since January 1, RE 2020 has entered into force. The objective of the new energy regulations is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 by acting on three axes: improving the energy performance and lowering the consumption of new buildings, reducing their impact on the climate and adapting them future weather conditions... Read more
Projects and Achievements
Pitch Immo wins the Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie Paris-Rungis project
Pitch Immo, a brand of the Altarea group, is the winner of the call for projects launched in 2021 by the Syndicat Mixte de la Cité de la Gastronomie Paris-Rungis. Alongside several partners, Pitch Immo will be in charge of the construction and management of this new district, a veritable factory for the gastronomy of tomorrow, an innovative and lively place that will showcase the excellence of the professions of French gastronomy. Read more
The administrative city of Amiens: a new reference in low-carbon construction for Bouygues Bâtiment Grand Ouest
Construction site by Bouygues
Public buildings must be exemplary in terms of energy performance and environmental footprint. Among them, 39 administrative cities, which constitute an aging heritage, are the subject of an ambitious modernization program endowed by the State with one billion euros over 5 years. Read more
Renovation of lighting at SAIPEM France headquarters: energy savings that exceed the expected objective
Realization by Sylvania
As part of the decree of the ELAN law which requires the existing tertiary park to reduce its energy consumption from -40% in 2030 to -60% in 2050 compared to 2010, the company has just replaced its lighting installation with Sylvania LED luminaires, combined with the SylSmart intelligent lighting management solution. Read more
Les Jardins de Stains, a pilot operation offering solidarity housing labeled Passivhaus in Stains (93)
For the first time in France, an innovative real estate approach based on the sociology of populations allows a more accessible and affordable housing offer. Read more
The "Maison Sanofi" by Studios Architecture: a new era for corporate seating
Realization by Architectural studios
At a time when reinventing methods and the relationship to work requires reinventing workspaces, the "Maison Sanofi" embodies the new generation of the post-covid office, an uninhibited place that hybridizes codes and uses to offer a new model, more inclusive, more flexible and more humane. Read more
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