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2023 - Week 02
What are the most economical heating equipment?
Study / Review / Report
As the heating season begins and many French people are wondering about the choice of the right equipment for heating in a context of rising prices for electricity, gas, fuel oil, but also wood pellets, Hello Watt has carried out a study to determine the currently most economical heaters Read more
Property owners are looking for buyers... almost desperately
"We don't want to sell off either"... More and more property owners are struggling to sell their property, as a result of a sluggish market. Read more
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In short
Hello Watt responds to the Fnaim CDI: does comparing DPE and consumption make sense?
Study / Assessment / Report by Hello Watt
Hello Watt published on January 4 a study concluding that there was a lack of correlation between the DPE of a home, supposed to assess its energy performance, and its energy consumption measured by smart meters. Many diagnostic players then reacted, with more or less virulence, by criticizing this study for directly comparing ECD and consumption. Read more
Renovation and the French, a story that lasts and continues
Study / Review / Report
More than ever, "home" has become a refuge. We like to be at home, to feel good there, to spend time there with family or friends. While the COVID-19 crisis has awakened the desire to take care of one's property, many French people have taken a liking to work and renovation. Read more
Less demand for warehouses in 2022
Study / Review / Report
Demand for new logistics warehouses, a key link in e-commerce, fell in France in 2022, according to recently published benchmark figures from the Immostat group. Read more
France begins the year by once again becoming an electricity exporter
Study / Review / Report
For the first time in months, France became a net electricity exporter again at the turn of 2023, thanks to a mild winter, good wind production and EDF's efforts to reconnect reactors nuclear. Read more
Compromise in sight for a more regular increase in the maximum rate for mortgages
This is a battle that mortgage brokers have been waging for almost a year: the possibility of raising the usury rate more often, this ceiling borrowing rate intended to protect the buyer from abusive credit conditions, is at hand. Read more
The Livret A rate raised to 3%, a first since 2009
The Livret A rate will be raised from 2 to 3% on February 1, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire announced on Friday, a level unprecedented since 2009 but still significantly lower than inflation. Read more
Pension reform unveiled, the battle begins
The day after the presentation of the pension reform, the battle was launched: the unanimous unions were preparing to protest from January 19, through strikes and in the streets, against the postponement of the legal age to 64 years. Read more
The government is considering a guaranteed energy rate for condominiums, as for VSEs
Two days after the announcement that very small businesses (TPE) would benefit from a guaranteed electricity rate in 2023, the Minister Delegate for Housing Olivier Klein announced that a similar measure for collective housing would be discussed with suppliers. of gas and electricity. Read more
The main measures of the renewable energy acceleration bill which should be voted on today in the Assembly
Renewable energy
Streamline administrative procedures, install solar panels along the highway and in car parks, massively develop offshore wind power: the renewable energy acceleration bill should enable France to catch up. Read more
Law of acceleration of renewable energies: the development of solar finally recognized as a necessity
Renewable energy
A majority has finally been found in our country to adopt the law for the acceleration of renewable energies. The national representation sends a clear message: France must massively and quickly develop renewable energies on its territory, both for climatic reasons and for energy security. Read more
Local elected officials on the front line to deploy renewable energies
Renewable energy
With the law on renewable energies, the first in France, local elected officials will be forced to play an increased role in the development of wind or solar energy, which are struggling to deploy at the desired rate. Read more
Renovation works too slow in condominiums, denounces the Fnaim
Organization News
The energy renovation works of the condominiums take too long to implement and make the timetable for the banning of thermal colanders "untenable", denounced the National Federation of Real Estate (Fnaim) on Wednesday January 11. Read more
Individual or collective heating: the Federation of DPOs welcomes the provisions concerning the tariff shield but warns of persistent inequalities
Organization News
The Federation of Public Housing Offices organized a press videoconference on Thursday January 5, 2023 to decipher the decrees issued by the Government aimed at strengthening the gas and electricity tariff shields for collective housing. Read more
Researchers unearth the secret of the solidity of Roman concrete
How did Roman constructions, for example the aqueducts or the Pantheon in Rome, stand the test of time so well? This question has long puzzled experts. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Rockwool continues its actions in the fight against unfit housing and all forms of discrimination
News Manufacturer by Rockwool
Since 2018, the leader in stone wool insulation solutions ROCKWOOL has been a patron of the QUALITEL Endowment Fund. Fighting against energy poverty and poor housing, this Fund supports several solidarity projects. Three of them will benefit from financial support from ROCKWOOL. Read more
Somfy is considering a withdrawal from the stock market
News Manufacturer by Somfy
The manufacturer of roller shutter motors and home automation Somfy is considering a withdrawal from the stock market after the operation to buy back the shares it did not already hold, launched in November by its main shareholder, the company said at the start of the week. Read more
The Airvance Group acquires AEIB, a specialist in industrial ventilation
News Manufacturer
The Airvance Group is pursuing its external growth strategy and strengthening its areas of intervention by acquiring AEIB, a specialist in industrial ventilation and smoke extraction. Read more
iBAT and Finalcad sign a strategic partnership to improve the monitoring of budgets and deadlines on construction sites
Developer News by iBAT
Finalcad, publisher of solutions dedicated to the digital transformation of construction players, and IBAT, which offers construction companies simple and intuitive digital solutions to optimize expenses on construction sites, have recently entered into a strategic partnership to support construction professionals. sector in their digitalization process. Read more
Supervan appoints Salomé Halioua as Chief Operating Officer
Appointment by Supervan
Supervan, a French start-up specializing in urban logistics and the digitized transport of bulky products, today announces the recruitment of Salomé Halioua as head of the operations department to support its growth in the French market. Read more
An aluminum veranda open to the countryside
Video by profiles Systems
A 37 m2 aluminum veranda, with a sleek design and elegant bay windows, overlooking a green landscape. To open their house onto the beautiful countryside of the Pays de Bitche, in Moselle, its owners opted in 2019 for this veranda with a three-sided roof. With generous dimensions: 2,25 meters high under gutters, 8,25 meters wide and 4,5 meters deep. Read more
Grand Paris Express: and you, what do you think of the Fabrique du métro?
And you, what did you think of your visit to the Fabrique du métro? The Société du Grand Paris went to meet the visitors. They share their impressions. Read more
Hercules 20 drone equipped with a winch for construction
Video by Drone volt
Robust, versatile and compact, carry all types of heavy loads up to 15kg with the Hercules 20 drone to complete your missions. Read more
Stéphanie Obadia presents the Green Solutions Awards
Do you have inspiring projects? Show them! Applications for the Green Solutions Awards are still open. Buildings, districts, infrastructures, all types of achievements are expected. Read more
Everything you need to know about heat networks
Video by hello
Heating in the residential and tertiary sectors alone represents a third of France's greenhouse gas emissions. However, significant sources of renewable and recovered energy that can be used for heat production are currently under-exploited. Hellio accompanies you on the technical and financial engineering of a connection to a heating network. Read more
SIP Rector - A compliant and all-terrain solution
Video by Rector
With the SIP underbody system, work on the most complex terrains. It meets the regulatory provisions and is in compliance with the ELAN law (the G2 soil study is mandatory). Read more
Seguin, a story of flame and emotions
Video by Seguin
Our new flame story begins today in pictures! Let's write it together... Read more
Bouygues Construction Material, the most complete material offer on the market
Video by Bouygues
Embark on a dynamic discovery of the trades, offer and organization of Bouygues Construction Matériaux, which equips and trains Bouygues Construction employees and their partners on their worksites. Read more
Products and Materials
The BA 0,45 Thermo-predalle, for optimal thermal performance in ITI
Advertising-editorial by Rector
For several years, Rector's Thermoprédalle BA 0,45 process has proven itself on construction sites as being the most homogeneous integrated floor solution for optimal thermal performance in ITI. Read more
Stradal launches DDSelect, a rainwater pollution treatment solution
New product by Stradal
Stradal, the French leader in the manufacture of precast concrete products, offers local authorities wishing to comply with their environmental responsibilities a new generation of solutions for treating rainwater pollution by hydrodynamic settling, the DDSelect. Read more
New Prismatic Oknoplast window with centered handle
New product by Oknoplast
OKNOPLAST manufactures PVC windows, doors and shutters at the forefront of technologies and trends in opening joinery. The brand's latest innovation, the PRISMATIC window has had a facelift and now offers a new finish with a centered handle as standard. Read more
Wicona launches the Wicstyle 65 N NG, a new door reference without thermal break
New product by Wicona
The designer-range designer Wicona is launching a new generation of aluminum door without thermal break: the Wicstyle 65 N NG door designed for use inside buildings. Read more
Twin'AirDF 90: High-efficiency one-piece Double Flow VMC certified NF VMC and eligible for MaPrimeRénov'
New product by Autogyro
Housing is a household's primary source of energy consumption. Faced with soaring energy prices, many people want to carry out renovation work to limit their bills. Read more
Projects and Achievements
Green light for the renovation of the Hauts-de-Seine prefecture, 50 years after its construction
The emblematic building of the Hauts-de-Seine prefecture in Nanterre, 113 meters of concrete and aluminum, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary at the end of January, will undergo major thermal renovation work from 2024. Read more
Reopening of the Hôtel de la Marine on Friday January 6, 2023
On the evening of December 31, a fire broke out on the fourth floor of the Hôtel de la Marine, in a technical room with no heritage character. Read more
The Garbsen public open-air swimming pool is adorned with 200 m² of Kebony Clear wood
Realization by Kebony
After seven years of work, the public open-air swimming pool in Garbsen, near Hanover in Germany, has reopened its doors. Several daybeds as well as 200 m2 of rest areas in Kebony wood have been installed within this vast leisure area. Read more
The Acorus Group is carrying out a zero carbon project at the Town Hall of Champigny
Realization by Acorus
The Acorus Group, a French ETI pioneer in eco-renovation of occupied sites, announces the completion of a zero carbon project during the renovation of the facades of the Town Hall of Champigny. This is the first emission-neutral project set up in France, for a town hall. Read more
Scalable and transformable housing signed AIR, delivered to Malakoff
A stone's throw from the Malakoff-Etienne Dolet metro station, Stylea, a 33-unit building blends into its context with harmony and ingenuity. The result of extensive research work that is the agency's signature, Styléa offers a new way of living and designing one's home in the short and long term, over time and as needs change thanks to easily convertible apartments from studio to duplex T5, ​​also promoting the intergenerational link. Read more
Products of the week

Metal bridges, road underpasses, silos and recovery tunnels

Benches, benches, armchairs, tables

Self-clearing and draining flooring

Organic finish plaster for a modern and aesthetic facade


Universe & City

JDM Expert

Edilteco France

Self-locking window handles

Frame for interior sliding door

Hot air recovery and distribution

XXL multifunction built-in oven


Eclisse France



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