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2022 - Week 46
Energy performance diagnosis (EPD): it is urgent to restore confidence
Organization News
Even if it remains an estimate of the energy performance and not a thermal study, the DPE must benefit from complete confidence. Yet it is constantly questioned and decried. Yet the issues related to the energy label have become far too important today: it is up to the DPE to say today whether a landlord has the right to increase his rent; it is also up to him to say in January whether accommodation can still be rented. Read more
The commissioners of justice alert the professionals of the BTP on the findings of no value in the event of litigation
Mobile application, time-stamped photo, online report, so many promises that flourish on the web seeking to seduce construction professionals... and which however leave them without recourse or tangible or usable proof in the event of a dispute... Read more
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In short
How to produce and use energy without affecting the climate?
Study / Review / Report
Following the analysis of the IPCC and in particular its latest messages on the urgency of implementing not only policies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions but also policies to adapt to the consequences of climate change, this statement is based on the reasoned opinions of engineering communities dedicated to the design of energy systems around the world. Read more
Analysis of the real estate market in the 2nd quarter of 2022 by the Notaries of France
Study / Review / Report
The cumulative volume of old housing transactions over the last twelve months in France (excluding Mayotte) reached 1.145.000 transactions at the end of August 2022. While 2021 was the year of growth, 2022 seems to be the year of deceleration for sales of old homes. Read more
The decline in sales in new real estate continues in the third quarter confirming the fears of the sector
The decline in the marketing of new housing in France continues in the third quarter compared to 2021 and remains below its level before the pandemic, according to figures published Tuesday, November 15 by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. Read more
Building materials activity contracts further in the third quarter
Conjuncture by UNICEM
A fter an initial downturn in the second quarter, materials activity continued to deteriorate in the third quarter compared to the previous quarter but also compared to the same period last year. Read more
Renovation of housing: launch of a zero-rate loan coupled with MaPrimeRénov'
Public finances
A zero-rate loan (PTZ) coupled with the public aid system for energy renovation MaPrimeRénov 'is launched to finance the sometimes significant remainder for certain low-income households, announced Thursday, November 17 the Minister Delegate for Housing Olivier Klein. Read more
Bruno Le Maire assures that "French companies will be as well protected" as German ones
Public finances
"Faced with the energy crisis, French companies will be as well defended, as well protected" as the Germans, assured Thursday, November 17 in the Senate Bruno Le Maire, while the Medef expressed its fears in terms of competitiveness. Read more
Germany will in turn withdraw from the Energy Charter Treaty
After France, Spain and the Netherlands, Germany will in turn leave the Energy Charter Treaty, 30 years old and accused of hindering climate ambitions, announced Friday, November 11 the German government. Read more
An architect of the Paris climate agreement pleads not to "let go" of the +1,5°C objective
Even if the chances of not exceeding a warming of 1,5°C are dwindling, we must not "let go" of this most ambitious objective of the Paris agreement, pleaded at COP27 Laurence Tubiana, one of the architects of this global climate agreement. Read more
For the boss of the FNSEA, "we must identify land" where to produce solar
Renewable energy
Agricultural land can be equipped with solar panels provided it preserves the potential for food production, or covers "abandoned" plots, says the president of the first French agricultural union FNSEA, Christiane Lambert, in an interview with AFP. Read more
New measures in favor of the exit from fuel oil: will this mode of heating disappear in France?
Combustible energy
For 2 years, the price of fuel oil has increased exponentially: a ton of fuel oil was worth around €700 in October 2020, it costs around €1.600 today. In France, approximately 3 million homes are heated with fuel oil (3rd most consumed energy). However, fuel oil does not come under the protection of the tariff shield in force for gas and electricity: fuel oil consumers are hit hard. Read more
CAPEB asks Senators to concretely support the massification of the energy renovation of buildings
News Organization by CAPEB
As the text of the 2023 finance bill arrives in the Senate, after having been the subject of a 49-3 three times during its examination by the National Assembly, the CAPEB draws the attention of senators to three amendments it proposes. They have a direct impact on the ability of craft building companies to accelerate the energy renovation of buildings. Read more
Proposals of the French Gas Association in response to the energy crisis
Organization News
In response to the current energy crisis which has been disrupting the energy market for a year, disrupting supply and driving up prices, the French Gas Association and its members are drawing up an initial assessment of the sector's actions in 2022 and formulate a series of proposals to support all customers, individuals and businesses alike. Read more
Fuels and cash: The CNATP requires measures for Public Works and Landscape professionals
Organization News
The CNATP requires measures for Public Works and Landscape professionals. The National Chamber of Crafts, Public Works and Landscaping (CNATP) defends the interests and represents 96% of public works and landscaping companies, craft businesses with fewer than 20 employees who employ 97.500 employees. The CNATP is a member of the U2P, the leading employers' force in the country representing 2/3 of French companies. Read more
Results of the Women Architects Award 2022
Contest / Prize / Trophy
The ARVHA, Association for Research on the City and Habitat, launched in 2022 the tenth edition of the "Prize for women architects" with the support of the Ile de France Region, the National Council of the Order of Architects, the Pavillon de l'Arsenal and the city of Paris. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Rehau announces a partnership that will revolutionize the world of entrance doors
News Manufacturer by REHAU
A revolution in entrance doors: REHAU Window Solutions, VOLMA and VITRUMGLASS are cooperating in the development and distribution of entrance doors with an opacifying glazing and heated glazing system driven by the VITRUMBOX. Read more
Nicoll solutions highlighted in the Cogedim collections
News Manufacturer by Nicoll
Cogedim, a major player in real estate in France, has been a Nicoll partner since 2019. The Cogedim offer offers many references of Nicoll sanitary products such as control plates and the Nicoll SOLEMUR® support frame but even more recently, the 1st Nicoll HOMETECH® eco-responsible and silent wastewater disposal system. This 100% French collaboration illustrates the commitment of the two companies to more responsible construction. Read more
Panofrance unveils an inspiring catalog and a new website to make everyday life easier for professionals
News Manufacturer
For the very first time, Panofrance is publishing a general catalog for its professional customers, whether they are joiners, fitters or carpenters. A true source of inspiration, he assists them in selecting the best products and solutions for their sites. Read more
Siemens Gamesa announces record annual losses before delisting
News Manufacturer
The German-Spanish manufacturer of wind turbines Siemens Gamesa announced a few days ago a record loss of nearly one billion euros in its 2021-2022 financial year, the last before its withdrawal from the Stock Exchange, while the group wishes cut 2.900 jobs worldwide. Read more
On its 100th anniversary Häfele announces the appointment of a new president and sets the course for a new century
Birthday by Hafele
On the occasion of its hundredth anniversary, the multinational Häfele Group is preparing to start the next century with an unprecedented personnel decision. After 20 years at the head of the innovative specialist in furniture and building fittings, electronic access control systems and LED lighting, Sibylle Thierer (CEO) hands over the chairmanship of the management to Gregor Riekena, 45, who is part of the management team. Read more
How to detect and treat moisture problems in the walls, floors in his house?
Video by Humidistop France
How to detect and treat moisture problems in the walls, floors in his house? William Coignard humidity expert and President Humidistop France on C8. Your home: Humidistop solutions to fight against humidity at home! Read more
The weberep express mortar from Weber - The opinion of a POINT.P craftsman
Discover the opinion of the partner craftsman on the mortar weberep express from our partner Weber. Gwen, POINT.P Quimper partner craftsman (29) presents the advantages of the weberep express mortar from our partner Weber. Read more
Legrand electrical equipment to equip the longest cable car in Europe in Orelle
Video by Legrand
Discover the longest cable car in Europe linking Orelle (Savoie) and Val Thorens, equipped with Legrand power solutions. Starting from 900 meters to reach an altitude of 2350 meters, this 5 km gondola required exceptional machinery power. It can transport up to 2 people per hour with an operating speed of up to 750 meters per second. Read more
Infineo, a complete range of minimalist aluminum joinery by AluK
Video by Aluk
AluK presents Infineo, a complete range of minimalist aluminum joinery. Sliding window, window and aluminum door with a minimalist design finally accessible to as many people as possible. Read more
Batimat 2022: Interview with Sacha Atlani, Account Executive France of PlanRadar
Video by MapRadar
Discover the interview with Sacha Atlani, Account Executive France of PlanRadar, publisher of site management software in the construction sector. Sacha Atlani invites us to discover PlanRadar, as well as its existing and future functionalities, on its stand at BATIMAT 2022. Read more
Demonstration of Unilin Insulation's Utherm Sarking K Anti-Slide
Video by Unilin Insulation
Discover the participation of our partner Unilin Insulation during this program "Les Démos d'Estelle", the program presented by Estelle Denis and dedicated to construction professionals and the #GénérationArtisans community of POINT.P. Read more
Interview with Claire François-Martin from the CEEBIOS
Video by ADEME
The result of almost 4 billion years of evolution, living things are a source of inspiration in their own right. The research carried out in biomimicry aims to understand its complex functioning in order to imagine solutions at the service of the ecological and energy transition. An ambitious approach that requires developing interdisciplinarity within the world of research and innovation. Read more
Batimat 2022: Interview with Alain Marboeuf, CEO of Bat'IPAC
Video by Bat'Ipac
Specialist in sustainable sustainable development, Alain Marboeuf invites us to his stand at BATIMAT 2022 to introduce us to Bat'IPAC, an innovative naturally insulating material for roofs, floors or ITE, resulting from recycling and recyclable 9 times on itself without supply of new material, all manufactured by insertion structures. Read more
Products and Materials
Unilin Insulation comfortable solutions for pitched roofs
Advertising-editorial by Unilin Insulation
More than half of French people renovate above all for COMFORT. Unilin Insulation meets its expectations by offering thermo-acoustic solutions for the insulation of pitched roofs. To transform an interior into a real cocoon, discover the Usystem Roof OS Comfort roofing panel and the Utherm Sarking L Comfort insulating plate! Read more
Eclisse launches Syntesis® Battant Acoustique, the 1st interior hinged, invisible and acoustic door
Range evolution by Eclisse France
Eclisse France, a specialist in the manufacture of interior doors, is launching Syntesis® Battant Acoustique on the French market, the first flush hinged door that reduces noise pollution by up to 34 dB between rooms in a home. A technical novelty which completes its range of interior doors without Syntesis® Collection, to combine acoustic comfort and aesthetics and make the house much less noisy. Read more
JCB launches mobile hydrogen tanker
New product by JCB
Having developed the world's first hydrogen-powered construction machinery, JCB is unveiling another world first: a mobile hydrogen fuel tanker. Read more
Flir One Edge Pro, the first truly wireless mobile infrared camera
New product by Flir Systems
Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, today announced the release of FLIR ONE® Edge Pro, a wireless visible-light and thermal camera for mobile devices. Read more
New 228Cyclone tile saw
New product by ATDV
Working with water and dust has become a real problem for companies. More and more laws ban dust-emitting equipment (decree of October 26, 2020). Discover the innovation of the year with the new 230V electric table saw, the iQ228CYCLONE. Read more
Projects and Achievements
Abandonment of a floating wind turbine pilot project off Belle-Ile
Shell, which, with two partners, was to install a pilot site of floating wind turbines off Belle-Ile-en-Mer, has decided to give up, due to rising costs and difficulties with suppliers, according to an information des Echos, confirmed to AFP by the oil group. Read more
A duo of architects thoroughly restores the Grand Rex to celebrate its 90th anniversary
Construction site
Created by Jacques Haïk and inaugurated in 1932, the Grand Rex immediately stood out for its exceptional capacity for the time, its technical innovations, its Art Deco architecture with multiple influences and its so-called "atmospheric" room, inspired by cinemas. Americans of the 1920s. Read more
EPFA French Guiana launches two development operations based on the principle of "Living in the landscape"
Construction site
EPFA Guyana announces the start of work on two development operations within the OIN of Guyana. In Matoury, the EPFA is beginning the development of the Mélodies de Morthium subdivision, the first operational phase of 1ha in the Matoury-Sud-Bourg sector - OIN sector no. 4 (8ha in total). Read more
Excel Dryer blown by Himacs performance
Realization by Hi-Macs
HIMACS was chosen for the new XLERATORsync commercial sink and dryer units from Excel Dryer, which are very conceptual and ultra-hygienic. Read more
A more eco-friendly house lined with Kebony Character wood
Realization by Kebony
This recently renovated country house is located in the rural area of ​​Wettenberg, in the heart of Germany. Kebony Character wood was chosen for more than half of its cladding, both for its aesthetic and durable qualities. Read more
Products of the week

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All-in-one crawl space structure adaptable to any terrain

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Frame for flush hinged door

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