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2022 - Week 31
New postponement of the energy audit on "thermal strainers" to April 1, 2023 announces the Minister of Housing
The entry into force of the mandatory energy audit in the event of the sale of a house or a single-ownership building, to fight against "thermal sieves", has been postponed to April 1, 2023, announced the Minister of Housing . Read more
Energy renovation professionals react to the increase in the obligation of CEE
While the government announced on July 28 a 25% increase in the EWC obligation in the fifth period, several professionals in the sector such as Hellio, Effy or Teskal say they are satisfied but also expect more framework measures from the State. . Read more
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In short
Seveso sites: regular accidents, global warming to be taken into account
Study / Review / Report
Accidents happen regularly on the more than 1.000 Seveso-classified industrial sites in France, such as that of Bergerac on Wednesday August 3, even if serious cases remain limited. If the role of global warming has not been established in this accident, authorities and experts stress that this new reality will have to be taken into account. Read more
The private sector continues to slow down in July
Study / Review / Report
The growth of activity in the private sector continued to decline in July, under the effect of a deterioration which affects both the service sector and the manufacturing sector, according to an index published on Wednesday August 3 by S&P Global. Read more
The Merchants' Federations welcome the adoption in the Senate of a rent cap for VSEs and SMEs
The Confederation of French Traders (CDF), the National Federation of Clothing (FNH), the Tradesmen and Artisans of the Metropolises of France (CAMF), the French Franchise Federation (FFF), Procos and Alliance du Commerce welcome the adoption today in the Senate of an amendment aimed at capping at 3,5% the evolution of commercial rents of VSEs and SMEs for one year. Read more
The Senate has validated the amending finance bill for 2022
With 233 votes in favor and 97 votes against, the Senate adopted the amending finance bill for 2022 in its version taken from the text of the joint committee of August 3, modified by four technical amendments from the Government. Read more
"Zero net artificialization": LR and centrist senators call for a moratorium
LR and centrist senators are asking for a moratorium on the decrees implementing the "zero net artificialisation" of soils (ZAN) objective, which they say "are moving away" from the "spirit" of the Climate law adopted in 2021 . Read more
The Senate warns of the risks of a European ban on lead for heritage trades
The Senate's European Affairs Committee unanimously adopted a proposal for a European resolution, addressed to the Government, and a political opinion, intended for the European Commission, to alert them to the preservation of heritage sectors, threatened by the ban lead or the authorization procedure envisaged by the revision of the European "REACH" regulation. Read more
Equans, TF1-M6: Bouygues stays the course on its merger-acquisition operations despite their costs
Company News by Bouygues
Bouygues, the French construction, telecoms and media group, indicated on Tuesday August 2 that it was maintaining the course and the timetable for its major merger and takeover operations in progress, despite their costs which weighed on the accounts for the first half. Read more
Energy sobriety: launch of the “Digital and Telecommunications” working group
Sustainable development by Ministry of Ecological Transition
As part of the "energy sobriety" Plan, the Minister for Energy Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, and the Minister Delegate for the Digital Transition and Telecommunications, Jean-Noël Barrot, brought together representatives of the sector on Thursday July 28 for the first meeting of the "Digital and telecommunications" working group. Read more
The government selects 13 candidates for the installation of wind farms in the Mediterranean Sea
Renewable energy by Ministry of Ecological Transition
The multiannual energy program (PPE) provides for the installation in the Mediterranean, in the Gulf of Lion, of two floating offshore wind farms of 250 MW each by 2030. Read more
Casino to sell control of its energy subsidiary GreenYellow to Ardian
Renewable energy
600 million euros: this is what the Casino distribution group expects to reap thanks to the sale of a majority stake in its subsidiary dedicated to the production of renewable energy GreenYellow, which the management company Ardian has committed to redeem before the end of the year. Read more
Professionals call for urgent clarification of the practical arrangements for implementing financial aid for domestic fuel oil
Combustible energy
The National Assembly has decided on a budget line of 230 million euros to reduce the bill for households using domestic fuel oil for heating. This measure was expected by consumers in view of the measures already taken for gas, electricity and fuel bills, in the face of soaring prices. Read more
The Senate votes additional support for communities
Public finances
The Senate voted Tuesday, August 2 with the partial approval of the government additional support for communities affected in particular by the increase in energy prices and the increase in the index point of civil servants, bringing the total envelope to 750 million euros. Read more
The tracks of the cities of Ile-de-France to stay cool during heat waves
The municipalities of Ile-de-France, densely populated and where concrete reigns supreme, are starting to rethink their infrastructures to stay cool during peak heat. Read more
Gabonese "ill-gotten gains": new series of indictments in France of children of Omar Bongo
Five more children of the late Gabonese President Omar Bongo Ondimba, including his eldest daughter Pascaline, have been indicted in Paris in the case of "ill-gotten gains", suspected of having taken advantage of the real estate "fraudulently" acquired in France by their father. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Saint-Gobain borrows 1,5 billion euros to better spread its debt
News Manufacturer by Saint-Gobain
The French building materials group Saint-Gobain announced on Tuesday August 2 the issue of a bond loan of 1,5 billion euros, in particular with the aim of extending the average maturity of its debt, after several acquisitions this year. Read more
Groupe Géotec crosses the Alps with the acquisition of the Italian CSI
News Manufacturer
Groupe Géotec finalizes in January 2022 the acquisition of CSI, an Italian geotechnical company specializing in deep or difficult-to-access drilling. Partners for fifteen years, the two companies agree to unite their destinies to accompany the future retirement of the 3 founders of CSI and thus preserve the remarkable competence of the company within the Geotec Group ecosystem. Read more
3 new companies for the Vertikal network
News Manufacturer by Vertical
The VERTIKAL network continues its development and announces the opening of 3 new companies in France, as well as the takeover of its Atelier Façades concession by Emmanuel Blanc, working in the center-west of the Gironde. Read more
Humidistop: the success of a "Made in France" model based on polarity inverters
Video by Humidistop France
Ten years after its creation, Humidistop continues to be acclaimed by many people, both individuals and professionals, to deal with humidity problems. A success that the company owes in particular to the quality of its innovations, but also to the traceability of its products, which are entirely “Made in France”. Read more
The Mirastar® range: mirror-effect lenses
Video by Saint-Gobain Glass Building France
The MIRASTAR mirror, better known as a 'spy mirror', is transparent under certain lighting conditions and can be used as a viewing mirror. When it is dark on the other side of the glass, the glass produces a mirror effect. Read more
ADEME [Finance Climact] - Presentation of sector transition plans
Video by ADEME
A Sectoral Transition Plan aims to build a 360° vision in order to allow manufacturers to change processes or even business models to better adapt to carbon neutrality objectives and prepare for changes in the demand of their downstream markets, which are also upset by the transition. Read more
Build Your Own Climbing Wall: A DIY Time for Kids
Video by Bosch Australia
Rock climbing is fun, challenging and helps develop your child's motor skills - three great reasons to build a DIY climbing wall. This step-by-step guide will show you how to build a DIY climbing wall with flexible climbing holds from old boards at home. Read more
Products and Materials
Batura, new reversible, silent and connected air conditioning by Sauter
New product
With heat waves becoming more and more frequent during the summer, installing an air conditioning system allows you to gain thermal comfort in your interior. SAUTER completes its offer with Batura, new reversible, silent and connected air conditioning, in collaboration with the Japanese brand FUJI ELECTRIC, manufacturer of air conditioning systems. Read more
Husqvarna Constructions France presents its new range of floor surface preparation
New collection
Proper surface preparation of concrete floors is essential to the success of a project and the subsequent application of a coating. Depending on the desired surface condition and the coating to be laid, there are several methods - sanding, shot-blasting, milling, planing - requiring the use of different machines. Read more
The Organic collection is enriched with new acoustic baffles
Range evolution by Knauf Danoline
Listening to trends, Knauf presents Organic Claustra and Organic Factory, two new acoustic baffles that will meet the expectations of architects, interior designers and designers, looking for solutions combining aesthetics, acoustic performance and even customization as desired. Read more
Projects and Achievements
GINKO 2 shopping center, an exceptional project in Bordeaux
Realization by REYNAERS
For more than 10 years, the city of Bordeaux has recorded sustained demographic growth, giving rise to continuous urban development. Located in the new Bordeaux Lac district, in the north of the city, the new GINKO 2 shopping center reinforces the current trend to create mixed areas where life is good, in which housing buildings, commercial areas and work spaces. Read more
Dévéhat Vuarnesson Architectes is transforming the Syctom sorting center in Nanterre (92)
The agency Le Dévéhat Vuarnesson Architectes has transformed the selective collection sorting center of Syctom, a public household waste treatment service, in Nanterre (92). Read more
French architect Thomas Coldefy wins the International Architecture Competition for the reconstruction of the European Parliament in Brussels
Contest / Prize / Trophy
Lille architect Thomas Coldefy wins the international architecture and town planning competition launched by the European Parliament for the construction/renovation of the Paul-Henri Spaak building which houses the hemicycle of the European Parliament in Brussels. Read more
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