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2022 - Week 20
Engineering representatives call on Elisabeth Borne and the new government to revise the energy audit
Organization News
Following the publication in the Official Journal of the texts framing the obligation of an energy audit for energy-intensive housing for sale, the Cinov Ingénierie union welcomes the government's progress in terms of energy renovation, in a period when energy consumption is more than ever at the center of the concerns of the French. Read more
Heat wave: how to have cooler buildings?
With climate change and the increasingly frequent, long and intense heat waves it causes, insulating buildings against heat is a new challenge in construction or renovation. Read more
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In short
Energy and digital efficiency: the revolution is near
Sustainable Development
The use of data to save energy is promising. The tertiary decree is awakening the BtoB segment, and soaring energy prices are pushing for energy sobriety. Read more
Appointment of Elisabeth Borne: The priority files to reduce energy consumption on the table of the Prime Minister
Sustainable development by hello
Hellio, a key player in energy management, welcomes the appointment of Mrs. Elisabeth Borne, former Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, appointed Prime Minister on Monday May 16 by Emmanuel Macron, the newly elected President of the Republic and takes stock on industry expectations. Read more
Consultation of craft businesses: obstacles to the pursuit of activity are setting in and concern prevails
Study / Review / Report
Faced with the rise in energy prices and supply difficulties, 60% of craft businesses indicate that they are worried or even very worried about their activity. Read more
The Velux 2022 Healthy Housing Barometer points to the urgency of a global renovation of buildings
Study / Assessment / Report by VELUX
The 2022 edition of the Healthy Housing Barometer, produced in partnership with the European Rand Institute, reveals that 50 million European households live in a situation of energy poverty and that one in three Europeans is affected by at least one risk related to energy. indoor environment (humidity, lack of light, cold, excessive noise). Read more
Decarbonizing buildings requires billions in additional investment to meet climate goals
Study / Assessment / Report by Siemens Financial Services
Siemens Financial Services (SFS) has released an in-depth new study titled "Smart Financing for Decarbonizing Buildings", which assesses the "investment gap" between current levels of investment for the renovation of offices, hospitals and schools and the actual level needed to meet the targets of accelerated decarbonization by 2050. Read more
The building materials business shows the first effects of the Ukrainian conflict
Conjuncture by UNICEM
While materials activity had shown itself to be rather resilient at the very start of 2022, the latest data available for March suggest that the outbreak of the war in Ukraine weighed on the productive dynamic. Read more
Residential investment: the first quarter of 2022 continues the momentum of a record year 2021
CBRE, a global player in business real estate consulting, reacts to Immostat figures for residential investment for the first quarter of 2022. Read more
The transformation of offices into housing, a solution that is struggling to take off
Like the former prefecture of Paris Morland, where the first tenants settled at the end of April, the transformation of offices into housing is on the rise in Paris... despite the still significant pitfalls. Read more
Between the house and the Ehpad, shared habitats for seniors
Intermediate solution between home support and Ehpad, "shared habitats", small flatshares for the elderly, could accommodate tens of thousands of residents in the future but their development is hampered by a "confused regulatory framework", annoy the private sector operators. Read more
With Borne, the renewable energy sector hopes for a "policy of results"
Renewable energy
The objectives are no longer enough: industrialists and defenders of renewable energies want to believe that Elisabeth Borne will be the Prime Minister "of results", to push solar, biogas or wind power, which is still struggling. Read more
Brussels wants more green energy to get rid of Russia
Renewable energy
The European Commission presented Wednesday a plan to 210 billion euros which provides for an acceleration of renewable energies and energy savings to free itself as quickly as possible from imports of Russian gas in response to the war in Ukraine. Read more
MEPs want to speed up the reform of the carbon market without weighing on households
Accelerate the timetable for a carbon tax at the borders of the European Union and the extension of the CO2 market: MEPs are seeking to beef up Brussels' climate plan without penalizing individuals, against a backdrop of soaring hydrocarbon prices. Read more
Construction professionals, among the populations most at risk of developing skin cancer
Prevention / Security
On the occasion of the Week of Prevention and Awareness of Targeted Skin Cancer Screening, which will take place from June 12 to 17, 2022, the National Syndicate of Dermatologists-Venereologists (SNDV) takes stock of the most risks and recalls how essential early detection and sun prevention are. Read more
Lafarge's indictment for "complicity in crimes against humanity" in Syria confirmed
New legal setback for Lafarge: the Paris Court of Appeal confirmed on Wednesday the indictment of the cement group for "complicity in crimes against humanity" concerning its activities until 2014 in Syria, to the satisfaction of the civil parties. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Kebony paves the way to a sustainable future
News Manufacturer by Kebony
Kebony, one of the world players in the production of sustainable wood, reaffirms today its desire to offer aesthetic, stable, maintenance-free and eco-responsible products, with the publication of its first report on sustainability. Read more
Oknoplast partners with Cofidis to offer financing solutions to all its premium partners
News Manufacturer by Oknoplast
Presented at the end of 2021 to all Premium Partners during the OKNOLIVE TOUR, the partnership project between OKNOPLAST and Cofidis is taking off and attracting more and more resellers and end customers. Supporting distributors with financing solutions is a real asset to better transform the sales of OKNOPLAST products thanks to a solid partner, capable of monitoring their growth over the long term. Read more
Rockwool sponsor of the "Re-Generation" exhibition celebrates African photography in Arles
News Manufacturer by Rockwool
From April 14 to June 30, ROCKWOOL is pleased to invite photography enthusiasts to one of the discipline's most emblematic cities. Arles, which organizes the Rencontres de la photographie every year, hosts La Grande Vitrine, a gallery dedicated to African photography. Read more
Würth France is making a comeback at Eurobois
News Manufacturer by Wuerth France
From June 14 to 17, meet Würth France (stand N° 6G28) at the Eurobois show in Lyon – Eurexpo. After several years of absence, it was important for Würth France to take part again in this unmissable fair in the world of wood. Read more
For the 190th anniversary of the Blanchon Group, meeting with Guillaume Clément, Chairman and CEO
Interview by Blanchon
We went to meet Guillaume Clément, Chairman and CEO of the Blanchon Group, during a press conference given for the 190th anniversary of the group specializing in the protection and renovation of wood. The group born in 1832 is accelerating its transformation towards a more ecological model and changing its graphic identity to display its new direction. Read more
Conference data at the heart of BIM: business data platforms
Video by Man and machine
Presentation by Candice Hassine, COO of DB-lab, on the interest of creating collaborative tools to make data accessible to the right people and to be able to modify it en masse. Read more
Which color to choose for each room?
Video by Atlantic
In recent years, the Scandinavian trend has reigned supreme over interior decoration…and has made white the main color of our walls and ceilings! However, daring to use color in your interior, by adapting its use to rooms and volumes, is a winning bet... even having a power over our morale! Read more
Uralife V, an exclusive light signature
Video by Legrand
URALIFE V is a range of autonomous emergency lighting units (BAES) and luminaires for central sources (LSC). Read more
A 360° virtual reality experience in the park of Villers-Cotterêts castle
On the outskirts of the project house, in Villers-Cotterêts, enjoy a 360° virtual reality experience thanks to the free Timescope terminal! Read more
Gothic, Romanesque: what are the differences?
Are you confused between Gothic architecture and Romanesque architecture? What are their main characteristics? How to distinguish them at first glance? We will help you see more clearly! Read more
Presentation of the QUALITEL Endowment Fund
Video by Quality
Created in December 2011, the QUALITEL Endowment Fund connects associations with promising projects for the future with sponsors based on their common themes. Video presentation of the operation of this endowment fund. Read more
New Bosch TV spot: The Battery for your home - Power For All 18V
Video by Bosch Australia
A single battery to power nearly 100 different DIY, gardening or cleaning tools. Read more
AFITEXINOV - The FNTP seeks innovative solutions for its members
Video by FNTP
For more than 30 years, AFITEXINOV has been offering geosynthetic solutions for drainage, waterproofing and soil reinforcement adapted to the needs of Public Works sites. Speed ​​of implementation, reduction of the ecological footprint of the construction site thanks to the elimination of the contribution of granular materials, improvement of the longevity of the structures... Their use brings many advantages. Read more
Products and Materials
Invisible, thin, and solid: discover simple the window
Advertising-editorial by Millet Group
The Millet Group, manufacturer of made-to-measure joinery since 1946, has set itself the challenge of creating a window in its simplest form with the aim of making it INVISIBLE, THIN and SOLID. Read more
A range of household appliances for property developers, hotels and vacation homes
Advertising-editorial by Electrolux
The success of your real estate projects accompanied by the expertise of the Electrolux group with the wide and complementary range of household appliances from our brands. Create the perfect room for your customers and everyday users with Electrolux developer-friendly appliances. Read more
VEKA Spectral: an exclusive offer for high quality contemporary architecture PVC joinery
New product by CENTURY
Based on an innovative technology combining lacquering and veneering, the world leader in the extrusion of profiles for PVC joinery offers VEKA SPECTRAL, a color finish with an ultra-matt finish that makes PVC joinery veritable objects of contemporary art. Elegance and refinement thus mingle with resistance, durability and performance. All 100% recyclable. Read more
ENO unveils its new products for outdoor kitchens
New product
ENO, the French specialist in top-of-the-range planchas, continues to enrich its Modulo range of outdoor kitchens by offering two new modules: a combined module equipped with both an oven and a hob and a module capable of receiving the new TRIBU built-in plancha. Two new features that allow you to create the most complete outdoor kitchen! Read more
Saint-Gobain Ecophon launches two solutions to deal with the problem of noise and low frequencies in schools
New product by Ecophone
In schools, students and educational teams are regularly confronted with noise pollution that affects their daily lives. Pupils' ability to concentrate is impacted, as is teachers' comfort and quality of life at work. Read more
Projects and Achievements
Appeal before the administrative court against the Grand Paris-Nord hospital project
Several associations and unions have filed an appeal before the administrative court of Montreuil to demand the cancellation of the prefectural decree which declares of public utility the project of the Grand Paris-Nord university hospital campus, planned for 2028 in Saint-Ouen, learned Wednesday, May 18, AFP. Read more
The Ramparts of the City of Carcassonne are getting a makeover with EdiliziAcrobatica
Construction site
For their annual devegetation operation of the Ramparts of the City of Carcassonne, the Center des Monuments Nationaux is renewing its collaboration with the Italian company EdiliziAcrobatica, a specialist in building and renovation on rope. Read more
AER Architectes supports the future projection of the Rochexpo site
Construction site
The demolition-reconstruction project for an exhibition hall at the Rochexpo site of 9.200 m2 in La Roche-sur-Foron lasted 18 months for a total amount of work of 17,7 million euros. Read more
Urbangravel stabilizing plates for urban areas by Jouplast seduce in Chambéry
Construction site by Jouplast
The waterproofing of urban surfaces goes hand in hand with the phenomenon of rainwater runoff, the damaging consequences of which are known: flooding, concentration of pollution, impact on the living environment and even the safety of property and people. This is why draining coatings are increasingly used by construction professionals to restore soil permeability. Read more
Wilo contributes to the "Ribbon of Ice" of the National Speed ​​Skating Oval
Realization by France
The Olympic flame was once again lit above the National Stadium and Beijing became the world's first "double Olympic city" to host both the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics. Read more
Products of the week

Continuous self-active product that makes a depolluting, self-cleaning and sanitizing surface

Lifting and stabilization of slabs by expanding resin injection

The innovative exterior insulation solution with a standing seam effect

Solar control and thermal insulation in the same glazing


URETEK® France


AGC Glass France

Insulation solutions for converted attics


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