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2022 - Week 12
War in Ukraine and inflation: concern is mounting among craftsmen and managers of construction micro-businesses
Study / Review / Report
According to the latest SDI survey carried out from March 10 to 12 among 1.243 business leaders, a strong feeling of concern dominates among 77% of them: COVID effects on their activity, economic context of high inflation and finally, for 53% of them, the fear of an extension of the Ukrainian conflict on European territory with the involvement of France. Read more
Increase in MaPrimeRénov' aid for heat pumps and biomass boilers: a misleading measure
Renewable energy by CAPEB
As part of the Resilience plan announced by the Prime Minister on March 16, several measures impacting the replacement of heating systems in homes have been announced by the Government in order to accelerate the policy of reducing dependence on fossil fuels . Read more
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In short
Presidential 2022: in terms of housing, the French vote for "whatever the cost"
There is no shortage of surprises when reading the results of this exclusive survey carried out by Particulier à Particulier among 18.712 French people, between March 16 and 18, 2022 and in which around twenty proposals for candidates for the presidential election in connection with the the theme of housing were put to a vote by individuals. Read more
The relationship of the French to their residential building strongly marked by the health crisis and environmental aspirations
Study / Assessment / Report by KONE
Two years after the announcement of the first confinement, KONE unveils the expectations and concerns of the French towards their residential building with an unprecedented survey conducted by the YouGov institute with more than 3.000 respondents. Coming out of the health crisis, the relationship of the French to their housing seems to bear the traces of two years of upheaval. Read more
Foreigners invest less and less in real estate in France
Study / Review / Report
Non-resident foreigners are investing less and less in real estate in France, according to a study by the Higher Council of Notaries published on Monday 21 March. Read more
Soaring gas and fuel prices: what solutions to avoid an explosion in the heating bill?
Study / Review / Report
While energy prices continue to soar, more and more French people are looking for solutions to avoid seeing their heating bills explode. In just one week, Effy has recorded an increase of more than a third of requests to start energy renovation work. Read more
Materials business holds firm as 2022 begins, but new uncertainties loom
Conjuncture by UNICEM
In 2021, while the rebound in activity has almost made it possible to erase the volume losses suffered by materials companies during the confinements, the stigmata of the COVID19 pandemic have not disappeared. Read more
The war in Ukraine darkens the outlook for the French economy
The French economy has so far withstood the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine rather well, but the situation could quickly deteriorate because high inflation will eventually weigh on demand, economists estimate on Thursday 24 March. Read more
The end of the health questionnaire for some borrowers, a false good idea?
On February 3, parliamentarians voted in favor of the Lemoine law proposal, which abolishes the health questionnaire for some borrowers and offers the possibility for any insured party to terminate their insurance contract at any time and free of charge. borrower. Read more
Pinel+: the best is the enemy of the good
Regulation by FFB
The Ministry of Housing published, on March 18 in the Official Journal, the decree setting the conditions to be respected so that housing can benefit from the aid scheme for rental investment "Pinel+" in 2023 and 2024, in other words to benefit from the tax reduction rate of the current Pinel scheme. Read more
The liquid gas sector challenges French and European public authorities
Combustible energy
While 30% of these gases are produced in France (refining of petroleum or vegetable & animal oils), their imports come mainly from Algeria and Western Europe exclusively by sea. The French market is therefore independent of Russia for its supply of liquid gases. Read more
The solar energy sector calls for "a solar emergency plan"
Renewable energy
Solar energy players called a few days ago for a "solar emergency plan", saying the sector can contribute "quickly" to France's energy independence. Read more
Barbara Pompili facilitates the connection of renewable energies, heat pumps and charging stations
Renewable energy
The connection costs of small renewable electricity projects will be covered up to 60% against 40% previously. This is a third of savings on connection works for small producers, in particular households and citizen projects. Read more
The ESEC formulates recommendations for an energy transition chosen and not suffered
Sustainable Development
The Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) adopted today in plenary session its draft opinion entitled “Acceptability of new energy transition infrastructures: transition chosen, transition suffered? “, on referral from Prime Minister Jean Castex. Read more
The FFB launches a communication campaign "Building, trades that build you"
News Organization by FFB
The French Building Federation (FFB) is launching a major communication campaign from March 18 to April 30 on TV and on social networks. Its objective is to inform as many people as possible that the building industry recruits, trains and offers career prospects for everyone, for young people and people in retraining. Read more
In Paris, architect Shigeru Ban restores some privacy to Ukrainian refugees in transit
Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, 2014 Pritzker Prize winner, had his famous emergency accommodation structures made of cardboard tubes fitted out in two Parisian gymnasiums welcoming Ukrainian refugees in transit, in order to offer them more privacy. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Rockwool innovates by offering individuals support from A to Z for the energy renovation of their homes
Advertising-editorial by Rockwool
In the context of soaring energy prices, the massification of energy renovation, supported by the public authorities with its new France Rénov' service, set up in early January, takes on its full meaning. Read more
Bouyer Leroux production sites already 45% decarbonized confirm their energy transition
News Manufacturer by Bouyer-Leroux
Bouyer Leroux has for several years been aware of the environmental and economic issues related to the use of fossil fuels. Faced with soaring energy prices, its sustainable development strategy makes it possible to limit the impact of gas on its activities: these production sites used at full capacity are already 45% decarbonized. Read more
How does Otis contribute to urban transformation?
News Manufacturer by Otis
Connectivity, sustainability and inclusion were at the heart of discussions during MIPIM, the largest international trade fair for real estate professionals, whose 2022 edition was held in Cannes from March 15 to 18 on the theme of urban change. Read more
Sika posts record sales for 2021 with growth of 17,1%
News Manufacturer by Sika France
Sika performed well in a challenging environment in 2021, once again demonstrating the strengths of its business model. Read more
Acquisition of the Lyon start-up Warmango.fr, Marketplace for building professionals, by the Belgian group Van Marcke
Developer News by Warmango
Van Marcke, a Belgian group of more than 90 years old, present in 7 countries, which has experienced exceptional results since 2019 despite the pandemic, announces through the voice of its President Caroline Van Marcke, the acquisition of Warmango.fr. Read more
RE 2020: what impact on your home?
Video by Isover
In order to accelerate the transition towards more sustainable constructions, a new Environmental Regulation is emerging for new buildings: the RE 2020, applicable from January 1, 2022. What are the impacts on your home? Read more
Arnaud, Legrand partner electrician, installs the Netatmo Smart Thermostat
Video by Legrand
Arnaud, electrician recommended by Legrand, presents the Netatmo Smart Thermostat to make heating connected, compatible with boilers and heat pumps. Read more
Discover Valobat, "the eco-organization by and for building stakeholders"
Video by profiles Systems
Valobat is the eco-organization of all building stakeholders, with the ambition to better collect and recycle all building waste. Valobat offers a multi-material solution, based on representative governance of all building products and materials. With a strong ambition: to make the new obligation of 2022 an opportunity, to make the building ever more circular. Read more
Solu+ mobile version - The opinion of a POINT.P craftsman
Discover the opinion of Antoine, manager of the Bâtimaison company, which uses SOLU+ to carry out its costings! You can now use the mobile version directly on your construction sites! Simple, fast and efficient, this novelty saves time and performs costing, without errors, directly at the customer! Read more
QB WallPEC makes it possible to meet aesthetic and technical requirements
Video by CSTB
Christophe Dufour, Aquitaine ceramics manager, president of GS13, vice-president of UNECP-FFB, gives his expertise on QB WallPEC, a guarantee of compliance of the materials used. Read more
Prestance aluminum sliding window by Gimm: design & performance
Discover the benefits of the Prestance aluminum sliding door from Gimm. Gimm's Prestance range is above all a large number of product variants to meet the needs of both the new and renovation market. Read more
"Perpetual motion": join the Colas Industries sector
Video by Drives
Colas, a subsidiary of the Bouygues group, is responsible for designing, building and maintaining transport infrastructure. In more than 50 countries and on five continents, the 55 Colas employees are committed in their area to connect people and facilitate exchanges. Created more than 000 years ago, Colas aims to be the world leader in innovative and responsible mobility solutions. Read more
World Water Day 2022 at Saint-Gobain
Video by Saint-Gobain
Saint-Gobain is committed to the sustainable management of water resources. Water is mainly used in production sites via thermal fluids or washing fluids. Every day Saint-Gobain strives the company strives to reduce its impact on water resources, whether through withdrawals or discharges. Read more
Products and Materials
Milliken presents its new collection: Modern Movement
New range by Milliken
Milliken announces the launch of its new Modern Movement collection. The simple and refined lines of these textile blades form contemporary graphic patterns that bring texture, relief and refinement to the space. Read more
The Damier enriches the range of Tempo acoustic coverings
Range evolution by digitex
The Damier is the new Tempo covering, acoustic comfort and decoration. With its 66 colours, this coating offers quality shades that will highlight the interior fittings where it is installed. Read more
The flexible tank at the heart of the water cycle
Zoom produced by Cistern
The CITERNEO flexible tank can be used to collect, store and buffer, while limiting water consumption and reducing the impact on the receiving environment. Thus, it is an integral part of the water cycle. Read more
Discover the R'BAT20 20V battery-powered stapler
New product by Ribimex
This battery-powered stapler nailer allows you to work easily without the constraint of cable length. It has an integrated LED light that provides convenient illumination of the work area, even in the dark. Read more
Discover the R-BAT'20 battery-powered paint mixer
New product by Ribimex
This R-BAT'20 battery mixer is ideal for homogenizing large quantities of paint up to 100 litres. Read more
Projects and Achievements
CAP3000 wins the "Best Shopping Center" trophy in the world at the MIPIM Awards 2022
Contest / Prize / Trophy by Altarea
A competition organized during the MIPIM (International Market for Real Estate Professionals), the MIPIM Awards reward the most remarkable real estate projects on a global scale each year. Read more
The future Grand Paris-Nord Hospital project declared of public utility
The Grand Paris-Nord university hospital campus project, planned for 2028 in Saint-Ouen to replace the Bichat hospitals in Paris and Beaujon hospitals in Clichy (Hauts-de-Seine), has been declared of public utility by the Seine prefecture. -Saint-Denis, in a decree consulted Monday, March 21 by AFP. Read more
The astonishing "village-opera" by architect Francis Kéré in Laongo, Burkina Faso
Massive walls, blocks of laterite and giant roofs: perched on a small relief in Laongo, near Ouagadougou, the "village-opera" created by Burkinabe architect Francis Kéré, recent winner of the Pritzker Prize, seeks to combine art, education and ecology. Read more
Groupe Élysées Monceau delivers the new Mama Shelter hotel in Paris La Défense
During the operation of the LITWIN tower, located in Puteaux on the banks of the Seine and the Pont de Neuilly, the Elysées Monceau Group implemented all the facets of its expertise. Read more
Three aesthetic and sustainable renovation projects with Résineo
Realization by Resin
A range of draining floor coverings designed for the development of outdoor spaces, Résineo presents three renovation projects aesthetically enhancing outdoor spaces: a former post house transformed into a restaurant in the Lot, a modern house with swimming pool in the Limousin, as well as a a magnificent villa in Corsica. Read more
Products of the week

Latest generation robotic total station

Zinc systems for characterful roofs

Exceptional natural slate for the renovation of roofs in protected areas

220V electric chainsaw for cutting heavily reinforced concrete, stones and masonry



Cupa Pizarras


Caulking joint ideal for the installation in the tunnel of joinery in low consumption buildings

Lacquered glasses for shiny wall decoration

Interior and exterior aluminum cladding

Employee protection and site optimization thanks to connected objects


AGC Glass France


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