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Weekly Building News
2021 - Week 42
The government unveils a simplified device to facilitate the energy renovation of private housing
Sustainable Development
A unique platform and network of advisers, an identified aid for the most modest households: the government unveils a simplified device for energy renovations of individuals in order to better support them. Read more
The proposals of several presidential candidates to resolve the housing crisis
Solve the housing crisis and meet the needs of energy renovations, several candidates declared for the presidential election made their proposals at the construction summit Thursday in Paris organized by the French Building Federation. Read more
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In short
New France Num barometer on digital developments in VSEs / SMEs since 2020
Study / Review / Report
On the occasion of its 3 years, France Num, a partnership initiative led by the Directorate-General for Enterprises (DGE), gives Alain Griset, Minister Delegate in charge of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises its first Barometer on the evolution of behavior of VSEs / SMEs digital since 2020. Read more
Labor shortage: nearly 2 out of 3 craftsmen have already been forced to give up a work site
Study / Review / Report
At the heart of the ecological and energy transition, the building industry benefited in the first quarter of 2021 from a rebound in its activity (+ 9,5%), driven in particular by the objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. greenhouse in the area. Read more
Emmanuelle Wargon reacts to the controversy and the anger of home builders following her comments on individual housing
Organization News
The Minister for Housing Emmanuelle Wargon regretted Friday "the caricature made of his remarks" on individual houses, which they qualified as "ecological, economic and social nonsense" in a speech Thursday, provoking strong reactions among construction professionals. Read more
The FFB presents "France, land of builders", its proposals for the next five-year term
News Organization by FFB
Six months before the first round of the presidential election, the FFB organized the 21th “Construction Summit” on October 9 to position the building in the major debates of 2022. On this occasion, the FFB unveiled its proposals for the future. of the next five-year term. Read more
Financial dispute settled between architect Jean Nouvel and the Philharmonie de Paris
Company News
The architect Jean Nouvel and the Philharmonie de Paris have concluded "a transactional agreement" putting an end to the financial dispute which has opposed them since 2017 on the construction site of the prestigious concert hall, they announced Thursday in a joint statement. Read more
Summary of the SOLIHA National Campaign on Housing First
The SOLIHA campaign, “The keys to solidarity”, was deployed from October 11 to 17 in the regions. It was organized into several highlights. Read more
The question of renewable energies and the end of nuclear power is invited into the presidential debate
Sustainable Development
No nuclear and only renewable energies, on condition of tackling waste: the negaWatt association presents its vision of the energy future of France, which promises to be a central subject of the presidential campaign. Read more
Recycle concrete along the Seine to slow down global warming
Sorting / Recycling
Along the Seine, north of Paris, the fangs of four excavators grip and smash huge concrete blocks. Crushed at the end of the aggregate with a tremendous noise, the old concrete will then be reused to recast it completely fresh and smooth. Read more
The State and EDF launch the "France Nucléaire" investment fund
Nuclear energy
The State and EDF announced on Thursday the launch of the "Fonds France Nucléaire" investment fund, intended to support SMEs and mid-size companies in the sector, and have contributed 50 million euros each in a first time. Read more
Property tax has increased by 28% on average in 10 years, according to UNPI
Property tax increased by just under 28% on average between 2010 and 2020, "three times more than inflation or rents," according to figures from the National Union of Homeowners released Tuesday. Read more
Four years after Grigny's call, suburban mayors are offering their "solutions"
Four years after their "Grigny call", mayors of suburbs from different sides launch Saturday in Paris the "national council of solutions" to share good ideas from the local, with a first edition which focuses on education through sport . Read more
The ecological municipality of Strasbourg tackles parking
The Strasbourg city council, dominated by environmentalists, voted in favor of a new "parking policy" aimed at reducing on-road parking and transferring it to dedicated car parks. Read more
Wonder Partner's launches an augmented reality solution dedicated to building and planning professionals
Relying on all the possibilities offered by augmented reality, the Nantes start-up is launching a solution allowing building and planning professionals to succeed by offering immersive experiences to their customers. Read more
Success confirmed for Artibat 2021
Salon by Artibat
Recognized business fair for building craftsmen, ARTIBAT has just signed a very fine 2021 edition in Rennes with nearly 40.000 visitors over 3 days. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Siporex unveils a new website, a source of inspiration
New website by Xella
For the construction of partitions in the house or for renovation work - interior design and decoration - SIPOREX meets many needs. Whether it is to modulate rooms with straight or curved partitions, dress walls, create storage furniture, design an outdoor kitchen ... all these interior and exterior design projects are so easy to achieve with the new range of aerated concrete tiles and Easyfix SIPOREX adhesive. Read more
Unilin Group presents a global innovation with the recycling of MDF and HDF panels
News Manufacturer by Unilin
Wood, a renewable resource par excellence, stores CO2 as long as it is not burned. Unilin Group, an international benchmark in interior design and construction, has consciously decided to use re-used and recycled wood for the production of its MDF and HDF panels and its particle boards. Read more
Matterport and the Court of Cassation join forces to make elements of French heritage accessible
Developer News
On the occasion of La Nuit du Droit 2021, which celebrates the anniversary of the Constitution in France, Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), the spatial data company at the head of the digital transformation of the built world , and the Court of Cassation, the highest court of the French judicial order, have made an exceptional place accessible to all. Read more
Eldotravo.fr becomes Eldo and accelerates its European deployment
Developer News by Eldo
Formerly EldoTravo.fr, Eldo is refreshing its image for a comeback: new name, new logo, new site, new interface and new solution for its partners (construction professionals and brands). Read more
Tout Faire Matériaux brought together its members to lay the foundations for Tout Faire 2025
Distributor News by Do Everything Materials
Tout Faire Matériaux brought together more than 350 people during an exceptional event in Cannes, dedicated to the strength of the network and the collective to present and reflect on Tout Faire 2025. This strong moment, intense and rich in emotions, was the an opportunity for the trading group to meet up with its members, to promote its ambitions and to demonstrate that Together, nothing is impossible! Read more
The castle of Carrouges, theater of the "Last duel"
On the occasion of the release of the film "The Last Duel" by Ridley Scott, discover the replay of our visit to the Château de Carrouges, in Normandy. Immerse yourself in the true story of the “Last Duel” which saw Jean de Carrouges and Jacques Le Gris clash in 1386! Read more
Fixing kit for wall-mounted washbasin WST Klik
Video by fisherman
Complete assembly kit for quick and easy installation of wall-mounted sinks. An audible “click” indicates to the user that the installation is correct. Read more
Site solutions: Waterproof film sprayed for containment during asbestos removal work
Video by OPPBTP
For asbestos removal work, this Sochaux company projects a waterproof film, based on latex, to ensure the waterproofing of surfaces within the framework of the containment of the area. As a result, a reduction in the volume of waste, less postural constraints due to handling related to the use of polyane, a gain in installation speed! Read more
Hydrogen, the energy of the future
Video by Viessmann
Used as a fuel, this gas could be of great use to us in reducing our CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, which will be our next climate challenge. Read more
Waterproofing of a dry dock near Bayonne by URETEK®
Video by URETEK® France
In July 2021, URETEK® intervened in this Anglet refit basin (64) to resolve water infiltration disorders as well as cracks and microcracks appearing on the structure and linked to its aging. Read more
aroTHERM plus - Heat pump installation
Video by Vaillant
Discover the installation of the aroTHERM plus air / water heat pump from Vaillant. Read more
Caméléo, the slab floor that moves the lines
Video by Rector
Discover our Caméléo floor-slab system like you've never seen it before! A system for creating an innovative structure without load-bearing walls. Caméléo is compatible with any type of facade: concrete block, brick, wood, F4, and organic sourced. Purpose ? A carbon gain of 15 to 25%. Read more
Switching from oil to propane gas for the Charme mobile coating plant
Video by Butagaz
Butagaz supported Charme in its energy transition to switch from fuel oil to propane gas, a cleaner, more practical and more economical energy for its mobile asphalt plant project. Read more
Products and Materials
The products of the PRB R&D range
Advertising-editorial by PRB
PRB is launching 2 eco-designed facade products in its Responsible & Sustainable range. A range for more virtuous constructions. Read more
Sealed pellet boilers, a new field of application for the Dualis EI range from Cheminées Poujoulat
Advertising-editorial by Poujoulat
The growing enthusiasm of individuals for wood pellet boilers is accompanied by innovations among the main market players. Very involved in this development, the manufacturer of chimneys Poujoulat smoke evacuation ducts regularly offers new solutions and developments to improve the performance of this equipment. Read more
Erlus launches its new roof tile E 58 SL-D in slate gray
New product by Erlus
The E 58 SL-D roof tile is now available in slate gray. Manufactured at the Erlus factory in Teistungen (Thuringia), it is directly colored in the mass. It thus becomes unnecessary to rework the edges of cuts made practically invisible. Save time and money during implementation! Read more
Louineau unveils its new covering and fixing systems
New product by Louineau
For 40 years, LOUINEAU has been designing and manufacturing fastening and covering systems for joinery and curtain walls. The Vendée family business cultivates an innovation approach whose leitmotif is to meet the most specific needs of professionals (manufacturers, craftsmen installers, facadiers, general contractors, architects and design offices). Read more
Feedback on the insulation on the underside of low floors under renovation
Test / Trial / Certification
The Construction Quality Agency (AQC) publishes, as part of its REX Performance Buildings System (REX BP®), the report “Insulation on the underside of low floors under renovation”. Read more
Projects and Achievements
Renovation work on the Pompidou center postponed until after the Olympics
The major renovations of the Center Pompidou, which were to start at the end of 2023, are postponed until after the Olympic Games, its new president, Laurent Le Bon, announced to the press on Thursday. Read more
A 100-meter tower project in Paris on the banks of the Seine thwarted
A project for a tower of private housing 100 m in height, in the south-east of Paris on the banks of the Seine, was thwarted Thursday by an alliance between elected environmentalists and the right-wing opposition in the Council of Paris. Read more
The Lille metropolis will have to review its copy for the development of the Friche Saint-Sauveur
The administrative court of Lille canceled last week for procedural flaw the deliberations of the Metropolis declaring the general interest of the development project of the Saint-Sauveur wasteland, defended by the socialist mayor Martine Aubry, but contested by the opposition environmentalist. Read more
Demolition of construction unit number 1 at the entrance to Lyon
Construction site
Of the 330 apartments, there remains a huge concrete skeleton, which a giant mechanical shovel is working to dismember. In Bron, in the suburbs of Lyon, one of the oldest "bars" in France disappears after having seen thousands of lives pass by. Read more
The Philharmonie de Paris opens La Philharmonie des Enfants
Realization by Tarkett
The Philharmonie de Paris is opening La Philharmonie des Enfants, a space for children aged 4 to 10, staged by designer Constance Guisset and inspired by the Tarkett universe. Read more
Products of the week

Economical biodegradable disposable formwork for integration into concrete elements

Lifting and stabilization of slabs by expanding resin injection

Regular natural slate in thickness and flatness for a perfect roof

Guarantee certificate: 20 years for Kebony wood

Franki Foundation

URETEK® France

Cupa Pizarras


Exterior window and French window and interior pvc

Interior and exterior aluminum cladding

Bathroom furniture delivered assembled

Mechanized parking without pit to superimpose two vehicles

Millet Group


Créazur France

Klaus Multiparking

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