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2021 - Week 30
Building records highest rise in business failures in Q2 2021
Study / Review / Report
The Altares group, historical expert and referent in business information, has just unveiled in a study the figures for business failures in France for the 2nd quarter of 2021. Read more
The government presents an action plan to reduce fine particle emissions from domestic wood heating by 50%
Pollution by Ministry of Ecological Transition
Barbara Pompili, Minister for the Ecological Transition, published the action plan which will reduce by 50% by 2030 the emissions of pollutants from domestic wood heating, the leading emitter of fine particles in France. This publication follows the preparatory work of the National Air Council led by its president, the deputy Jean-Luc Fugit. Read more
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In short
Figures and trends in the real estate market in the first half of 1
Study / Review / Report
Successive confinements have accelerated real estate projects, and have also redefined them. This dynamic is driven by several phenomena which add up: persistence of teleworking, territorial rebalancing and still low interest rates. Read more
Real estate crowdfunding returns to pre-crisis rates in the first half of 2021
Study / Review / Report
Fundimmo unveils the results of the semi-annual real estate crowdfunding barometer, carried out in collaboration with HelloCrowdfunding on 40 platforms *. After an increasing year in 2020 but marked by slowdowns linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, the market is regaining strong growth momentum. Catch-up effect or underlying trend? Overview of the main lessons. Read more
Adoption and uses of BIM: Has France caught up with its European neighbors?
Study / Review / Report
In 2013, France was at the bottom of the European ranking of countries having adopted BIM (Building information modeling). Eight years later, the latest data show that the use of BIM has accelerated sharply in France and is today included in more than 35% of real estate projects and more than 50% of construction projects, especially among the lesser builders. most important of the market. Read more
The number of auto-entrepreneurs is still growing strongly in 2020
Study / Review / Report
At the end of December 2020, the Urssaf network counted 1.928.000 administratively active auto-entrepreneurs (AE), i.e. 287.000 more over one year (+ 17,5%). This increase, similar to that of the previous year (288.000) despite a context marked by containment measures and restrictions linked to the health crisis, is explained by a still sustained rate of registrations (599.000 over the year, i.e. 3,1% more than in 2019). Read more
2021 qualitative study of the domestic wood-burning appliances market
Study / Review / Report
The health measures as well as the economic crisis of 2020 have prompted professionals to change their logistics and their marketing methods to adapt. Moreover, many of these developments have been kept by companies since, judging that this gave them more flexibility. Read more
Housing construction resumes, but still far from needs
France is still struggling to build housing. Admittedly, the immediate effects of the health crisis have dissipated in recent months, but the government and professionals are worried about seeing old blockages persist or worsen, in particular the reluctance of mayors. Read more
Household morale darkens a bit in July according to INSEE
Household morale in France fell a little in July, after its sharp rise in June, illustrating in particular a caution in the desire to consume at the time of a new resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic, according to data published on Wednesday by INSEE. Read more
Jean Castex announces an additional 100 million euros to support the timber industry
Public finances
Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Saturday in Vendée an additional envelope of 100 million euros for the timber industry, plagued by supply difficulties and which is struggling to meet growing demand in the construction sector. Read more
Acceleration of controls is necessary in the 5th EWC period
The framework for the 5th period of Energy Saving Certificates is being finalized. The new rules aim to improve the efficiency of the device to move towards more real energy savings. The development of controls is part of this logic of efficiency and the quality of the work carried out. By Jonathan Lanez, Regulatory, Market and Quality Director at CertiNergy & Solutions. Read more
Biofioul Ready materials are already available to meet the new legislation on oil-fired boilers
Combustible energy
With the entry into force of new legislation on fuel oil boilers on July 1, 2022, market players are preparing to offer consumers materials compatible with biofuel. Called “Biofioul Ready”, these new generation liquid fuel boilers are already available from many suppliers throughout the region. Read more
OPCO de la Construction Constructys: CAPEB has signed the inter-branch agreement
News Organization by CAPEB
The Confederation of Crafts and Small Building Enterprises (CAPEB) signed the new agreement opened on July 27 for signature by the social partners and which repeals the one signed in December 2018. Read more
Eiffage enriches its brand identity with the creation of a tailor-made sound composition
Company News by Eiffage
Eiffage today unveils its sound identity signed Sixième Son. The result of collective work and expression of the different sensibilities that make it so rich, the Group now has its custom-made music that resembles it and expresses its vision, identity, personality and values. Read more
The senatorial right protests against the remarks of Elisabeth Borne on possible dismissals for lack of health pass
The heads of the senatorial right denounced Wednesday the declarations "inopportune and without legal basis" of the Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne, who assured that an employee may well be dismissed if he does not produce a health pass. Read more
Interclima 2022: Manufacturers are present at the key climatic engineering meeting
Salon by RX France
Capitalizing on the renewed momentum and the success of its 2019 edition, INTERCLIMA 2022 - from October 3 to 6, 2022 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles - has recorded a very promising participation to date. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
MaPrimeRénov ': “Be careful not to throw the money over the wall! "
Tribune by Myral
In recent days in the news, the MaPrimeRénov 'device is pleased with its good results and its annual budget, which is already well underway. If these results show that this Energy Saving policy is a great success, we nevertheless observe that the majority of aid consumed is by heating systems, and only 34% by insulation. Read more
Opening of 7 new concessions for the Vertikal® network
News Manufacturer by Vertical
The VERTIKAL® network, specialist in the renovation of facades of individual and small collective houses, voted 82,9% by the companies of its Group according to the Franchise Indicator, announces the opening of 7 new companies in France. Since its creation, VERTIKAL® has been a recognized brand in the housing industry and has been recognized many times for the quality of its services and the support provided to its franchisees. Read more
The Atlantic Group confirms its development in green technologies with the acquisition of Hautec
News Manufacturer by Atlantic
At the end of June, GROUPE ATLANTIC finalized the acquisition of Hautec and Wiegersma (Hautec Group), by purchasing 100% of the shares of its founder Mr. Karl-Heinz Wiegersma. Read more
The Kiloutou Group acquires the companies Salmat and Jean-Bart Location
Rental News by KILOUTOU
The Kiloutou Group has just acquired the companies Salmat and Jean-Bart Location specializing in the rental of equipment for Industry and Construction in the Normandy and Hauts-de-France regions. This transaction allows Kiloutou to complete the mesh of its network in France while strengthening itself in two very dynamic regions. Read more
Ram, 70 years of age
Birthday by Ram
With its 70 candles, RAM, French manufacturer of fixing solutions for building craftsmen, is not lacking in breath. Read more
Restoration and preservation of an exceptional natural site in the Côtes-d'Armor thanks to France Relance
Restoration and preservation of an exceptional natural site in the Côtes-d'Armor thanks to the help of France Relance. Read more
Leica 3D Disto: How to take a reading with the "Measure" function?
Video by Leica Geosystems
In this video, the point survey with the Leica 3D Disto is explained step by step. Read more
The Friederich plant is modernized with Legrand electrical installations in service index 223
Video by Legrand
Discover the powerful Legrand electrical installations in service index 223 implemented to renovate and complete the electrical equipment of the company Friederich, specializing in the equipment of trucks for transporting timber. Read more
Layout and equipment of the new metro
Did you know ? After civil engineering, the construction of the Grand Paris Express is entering a whole new phase! Read more
Nantes creeping gutter - tutorial
Find the steps and best practices for installing a RHEINZINK zinc creeping gutter as well as its most common accessories: heels, brackets, expansion joint, lining. Read more
Skylights on the offices of the Ligue de l'Enseignement in Paris
Video by Bluetek
Short video presenting the Ligue de l'Enseignement project in Paris (FR-75007). Read more
SPIE ICS and CD 92: a close collaboration
Video by SPIE
SPIE ICS has been supporting the Hauts de Seine department since 2006, both with regard to infrastructure and workstation outsourcing. Johann Saudry, Service Delivery Manager at SPIE ICS, describes this close relationship with both the customer and end users. Read more
Obtain your RGE qualification with the new Point.P app
Video by Saint-Gobain Distribution Building
In 2021, obtain your RGE qualification thanks to the new application made available by Point.P. It is called “RGE Objective”. Read more
Products and Materials
The RTK.42 system, the safety ally for lifting operations on Grand Paris Express construction sites
Technology by CAD. 42
CAD.42 has been developing connected solutions since 2016 to improve operator safety on construction sites and industrial sites. These solutions based on connected objects allow centimetric geolocation and are implemented to reduce the risk of accidents related to coactivity such as vehicle / pedestrian collision. Read more
StoDeco essentials: decorative and modenating elements to create rhythm and relief on the facade
Zoom produced by I'm
Beyond thermal performance, Sto, the facade specialist - thermal insulation from the outside (ITE), technical products and facade embellishment, ventilated cladding - places aesthetics at the heart of its priorities. Read more
Allowing wood to turn gray without aging is possible with Owatrol
Zoom produced by Durieu
When gray becomes trendy… Who says gray wood does not necessarily say old… Often chosen for its authenticity, wood requires protection to last. Going gray can be a deliberate choice, and going gray without getting old is possible. Discover OWATROL® PRO's solution to leave wood gray without worry. Read more
PISTO40-MK ligating gun
New product by ATDV
The new PISTO40-MK makes it possible to bond in 0.8 seconds electrical fittings and ducts with a diameter ranging from 12 mm up to 40mm. Read more
Fabemi Structural Work 2021 “Floor Solutions” Guide
Guide / Advice / Tutorial by Fabemi
The Fabemi Group, a French industrialist, has just published the 2021 edition of the Solutions Planchers guide dedicated to the installation of its joists, interjoists and accessories. Read more
Projects and Achievements
In Suresnes, Vilogia and Bouygues Bâtiment launch the metamorphosis of the former Airbus headquarters
Project by Bouygues
Vilogia and the general contractor Bouygues Bâtiment Ile-de-France Habitat Social are transforming the former Airbus headquarters into a student residence with 270 housing units adjacent to the SKEMA Business School. Focusing on the circular economy, this program aims to recycle or reuse 85% of the volume of materials. Read more
The Duo towers: an architectural feat with exceptional structural constraints
Construction site by CEMEX
In the 13th arrondissement of Paris, the Duo towers, designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel and anchored on a common infrastructure, will culminate at 180 m high and 39 floors for the first, and 125 m and 28 floors for the second. For this spectacular achievement, CEMEX has already delivered more than 40.000 m³ of concrete. Read more
Bouygues' first UNIK hosting operation for the French Ministry of the Armed Forces will be launched in Saint-Maixent-l'École
Construction site by Bouygues
Bouygues Bâtiment France Europe and the Defense Infrastructure Department signed a framework agreement in June 2020 for the design, construction, development, upkeep and maintenance of 46 accommodation projects and 67 buildings spread across the territory by 2024. Read more
A renewable heating network for three eco-districts of Rosny-sous-Bois and Montreuil
Construction site by Engi
The YGéo heating network, operated by ENGIE Solutions, aims to provide heat to the equivalent of 10.000 homes in the municipalities of Rosny-sous-Bois, Noisy-le-Sec and Montreuil. Read more
A Kenony wooden family residence
Realization by Kebony
This picturesque family home, designed by architectural firm Chelsea Anderson of Habitable Form and completed by MRA Design and Build, is nestled on the edge of the Bohicket Creek Salt Marsh on Johns Island, South Carolina, USA . Read more
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