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Weekly Building News
2021 - Week 26
RE2020: towards an inapplicable Title V systems procedure?
The new so-called “Title V” procedure of the future RE2020 risks hampering any possibility of innovating in terms of systems. Eight professional organizations are sounding the alarm signal and calling for consultation. Read more
Opening of MaPrimeRénov 'to landlords
MaPrimeRénov 'becomes accessible to landlord owners, who will be able to submit their request for aid for all eligible work carried out since October 1, 2020. As part of France Relance, this opening of MaPrimeRénov' to landlord landlords aims to continue efforts for the renovation of the private housing stock with a target of 50.000 aid applications in 2021. Read more
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In short
Housing construction is picking up in France thanks to houses
Conjuncture by Ministry of Ecological Transition
Housing construction has returned in recent months above its level before the health crisis in France, a development which is explained by a jump in new houses, according to figures released Tuesday by the government. Read more
The pandemic encourages households to leave hypercentres
Study / Review / Report
The pandemic has encouraged the "jumps of the chip" of households, preferring to leave the hypercentres of metropolises to settle a few kilometers away and gain in comfort or in surface area, according to data communicated Tuesday by the Century 21 network. Read more
What will be the place of biobased sources in construction by 2030?
Study / Review / Report
The National Low Carbon Strategy sets an ambitious and coherent course with a global challenge: to fight against global warming. The building sector cannot escape the questions that now affect all construction methods in the light of our transitions. Read more
Qualit'EnR celebrates its 15th anniversary and assesses the demand for renewable energies in the building industry
Study / Review / Report
Qualit'EnR, a benchmark qualification body in the field of renewable energies in the home, is celebrating its fifteenth birthday this year in a particular context. Read more
Covid-19: The OPPBTP compares the effectiveness of a face shield and a type I consumer mask
Study / Assessment / Report by OPPBTP
Construction professionals have often expressed discomfort and severe constraints related to wearing a mask against Covid-19, due to the physical efforts of their activity, and more particularly during periods of high heat. Read more
Post-Covid work: nomadic employees, less square meters and savings
Study / Review / Report
The massive use of remote or hybrid work (partially on site) to escape Covid-19 has upset the way companies operate and pushed many of them to reduce or rearrange their premises, with the temptation to save money. Read more
Go on vacation with peace of mind: Some practical advice to protect your habitat
Guide / Advice / Tutorial
In 2020, 186.000 people were victims of burglary, or 3 people per 1.000 inhabitants according to the Ministry of the Interior. In order to avoid these risks of intrusion at the dawn of the summer period, IGNES gives consumers the keys to choose their alarm system and the type of installation that corresponds to them, according to their budget, their level of DIY. , or the level of service sought. Read more
The new energy performance diagnostic comes into force on July 1
Regulation by Ministry of Ecological Transition
The energy performance diagnosis is a daily tool for French people: displayed on real estate advertisements, systematically appended to sales and rental contracts, it provides information on the energy performance of a home and in particular guides choices in terms of renovation work. . Read more
Many challenges remain to be met in order to make Hyperloop a reality
The concept of Hyperloop, which wants to circulate large capsules at very high speed in vacuum tubes, has yet to prove itself before possible commercial exploitation, according to a study published by Leonard, the innovation platform of the Vinci group. Read more
26 manufacturers are creating a recycling channel for building waste to fight illegal dumping
Sorting / Recycling
Twenty-six construction material manufacturing companies announced on Friday the birth of an eco-organization, called Valobat, which will be responsible for developing the recycling of building waste to fight in particular against illegal dumping. Read more
Most renewables more affordable than the cheapest fossil fuels
Renewable energy
A new report, confirming that renewable energies could allow emerging countries to achieve savings of 156 billion USD, encourages them to abandon the coal sector. Read more
Why Macron could return to pension reform
Despite the social movements of 2019-2020, despite the Covid-19, despite the economic crisis, Emmanuel Macron plans to restart the pension reform before 2022, a campaign promise in 2017 considered by the macronia as the "mother of reforms" . Read more
The City of Paris obtains the conviction of Airbnb on the registration numbers
The City of Paris obtained Thursday the conviction of Airbnb to a fine of more than 8 million euros for having maintained since 2017 ads without the mandatory registration number, the same day when the platform announces to make this number mandatory for all its Parisian announcements. Read more
"Major structural damage" noted in 2018 on the collapsed building in Florida
A report on the state of the collapsed building in Florida had noted as early as 2018 "major structural damage", as well as "cracks" in the basement of the building, according to documents released Friday evening by the city of Surfside , where the drama took place. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Wizzcad accelerates the digitization of construction SMEs
Developer News by Wizzcad
WIZZCAD, publisher of BIM-Native Saas solutions for construction, rehabilitation, maintenance and project monitoring, announces that it has won around twenty new contracts since the start of the year with SMEs in the construction sector. Read more
Steril-Aire World leader in high energy Ultraviolet C for HVAC sets up in France
News Manufacturer by Steril-Aire by GENMATECH
Steril-Aire World leader in high energy Ultraviolet C for HVAC is setting up in France through its exclusive distributor Genmatech for distribution in France and in Europe excluding UK and Spain. Read more
Point.P inaugurates a brand new showroom in Senlis (60)
Distributor News by Saint-Gobain Distribution Building
In recent weeks, Senlisians have been able to discover the brand new POINT.P showroom. A completely refurbished and more modern place for more conviviality and where to come to seek inspiration for all construction and development projects. Intended for professionals and individuals with a project, this showroom offers a wide range of coverings, joinery and exterior fittings. Read more
UFME creates the "FERVAM" brand: a sector committed to the recycling and recovery of joinery
News Organization by UFME
The environment is one of the major pillars of the work of the Union des Fabricants de MEnuiseries (UFME). Faithful to its commitments and always in a mobilizing dynamic, it launched the registered trademark FERVAM a few days ago. Read more
M Connect, your exchanges with the Millet Group at your fingertips
Advertising-editorial by Millet Group
The Millet Group, manufacturer of made-to-measure joinery since 1946, continues to innovate. Read more
The Concept Imprinted by those who make it
A video to understand the spirit of the Concept Empreinte through those who do it. June 21 marked the start of the 3D printing wall elevation phase for Empreinte using the technology developed by Batiprint 3D. Read more
Discover the renovation of a metal gutter with Alsan Flashing Quadro
Video by Soprema
Alsan Flashing Quadro, the professional liquid waterproofing system for treating all the details of the roof in a single operation. Read more
Coolius® Wow air conditioning charging stations: Made in Europe
Video by Würth France
COOLIUS® WOW products are developed and assembled within the subsidiary of Würth WOW Italy. Read more
The advantages of the Société du Grand Paris - Alexia, strategy and innovation project manager
Join the Société du Grand Paris, the contracting authority for the Grand Paris Express! The Société du Grand Paris is responsible for the design and construction of the largest construction site in Europe: the Grand Paris Express. Read more
MILLET: Sustainable commitment - PROSENS, a local and sustainable partnership
Video by Millet Group
Working with companies with values ​​similar to ours, with environmental values ​​is important to us. When these companies are also local it is even better! Read more
Plasticem masonry cement from Eqiom - The opinion of a Point.P craftsman
Video by EQIOM
Discover the opinion of a Point.P partner craftsman on Plasticem masonry cement from EQIOM. Read more
The gardeners of the Domaine national de Saint-Cloud present the 2021 flower mosaic
Discover in pictures the work of the gardeners of the Domaine national de Saint-Cloud who work each year to compose the flowery mosaic. Read more
Delivery of renovation and rehabilitation works for stores 2 and 4 at la Samaritaine
Video by VINCI
Petit, a subsidiary of VINCI Construction France, delivered the renovated buildings of La Samaritaine, an iconic Parisian address founded in 1870 by Ernest Cognacq to the LVMH group. The work, started in 2015, mobilized up to 700 employees daily, including experts in the renovation of classified heritage. Read more
Products and Materials
Edilteco® France presents Delti-Poutrelles, a complete range of prestressed joists
New range by Edilteco France
Factory-molded, the pre-stressed Delti-Poutrelles beams are designed in the Edilteco® factory in Pontet (84). Production benches produce the concrete joists daily. The prestressing is exerted by adherent reinforcement by the intermediary of cables composed of strands inserted inside the concrete, in the axis of the beam. Read more
Otis unveils a new generation of 100% digitally integrated connected elevators
New range by Otis
With its innovative electronic architecture, the Gen360 digital ecosystem offers completely new perspectives in terms of design, security, maintenance, customer experience and support. Gen3 adds the benefits of IoT (Internet of Things) to the proven technology of the Gen2 range. Read more
New interior and garage doors from Hörmann with new colors and exclusive finishes
Range evolution by Hörmann France
Hörmann further enriches the wide range of its Habitat solutions, both in terms of interior doors and garage doors, always with high points of performance and design. The novelties are abundant: colors, models, inserts, surfaces, personalization and solar motorization. Read more
Meljac creates surface mounted switches suitable for renovation projects
New product by Meljac
With its surface-mounted models, MELJAC offers an elegant solution allowing the installation of switches, sockets, or any other electrical function on walls that cannot accommodate recessed boxes. Its solid brass models guarantee optimal aesthetics and quality, illustrating the brand's French know-how. Read more
Hybris honeycomb insulation obtains the “Janus des Composants & des Matériaux 2021” label of excellence
Contest / Prize / Trophy by Actis
Actis, a French designer and manufacturer of reflective insulation, has just received the “Janus des Composants & des Matériaux 2021” label awarded by the French Institute of Design. Read more
Projects and Achievements
Trails, avenues, plants ... Five architectural projects to revitalize La Défense
Five French architectural firms unveiled plans on Wednesday to rethink the space of La Défense, a business center whose raison d'être has been turned upside down by the pandemic and the advent of teleworking. Read more
The "Hangar Y" of Meudon will be redeveloped into an artistic and cultural center
The "Hangar Y", an emblematic place in the history of aeronautics in Meudon (south-west of Paris), will be redeveloped by the Art Explora Foundation into a new cultural and artistic place which will open next year, announced its president, the entrepreneur and patron Frédéric Jousset. Read more
The Luma Foundation inaugurates a vast artistic campus and a Gehry tower in Arles la Romaine
Known for its Roman arenas classified as World Heritage, the city of Arles is enriched with a new monument, a tower with metallic reflections 56 meters high designed by the architect Frank Gehry, beacon of the vast "creative campus" of the Luma Foundation. Read more
World's tallest hotel opens in Shanghai
The tallest hotel in the world has opened atop the Shanghai Tower, which rises to 632 meters in the Chinese economic capital. Read more
In a world first, Lucibel installs LiFi in a station
Realization by Lucibel
As part of the renovation of the Grand Voyageur Lounge located at Gare de Lyon in Paris, Lucibel is installing LiFi for the attention of customers using this lounge. Revolutionary modulated LED light communication technology, LiFi allows data exchange between an LED luminaire and a computer, thus making internet access possible. Read more
Products of the week

Buried fire reserve

Colored lacquered zinc for roofs, facades and rainwater drainage

Saturator "oiled look" for terraces, cladding

Reservoir structure for the retention and storage of rainwater





Exterior window and French window and interior pvc

Extreme resistance door handle

Soundproofing system under plate tiles

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