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2021 - Week 17
Gas, tires, vocational training: what changes on May 1
Rising gas prices, clearer information on tires, increased remuneration for vocational training trainees are the changes expected from Saturday. Read more
The government increases the obligations of energy saving certificates
The government revised upwards on Tuesday the energy saving targets set as part of the energy saving certificates (EEC) system for the new period 2022-2025, as well as the share intended for the most precarious. Read more
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In short
MaPrimeRénov 'experienced very strong momentum in the 1st quarter of 2021 with more than 185.000 applications submitted
Study / Review / Report
Launched on January 1, 2020, MaPrimeRénov 'has become the main state aid for the energy renovation of housing. Initially reserved for the most modest households, it has been since January 2021, and thanks to France Relance, open to all owners, whatever their income, whether they are occupants or lessors, as well as to all co-owners. Read more
Top 10 most popular cities for French people in 2020
Study / Review / Report
DRIMKI, the real estate valuation specialist, wishes to put the spotlight on the cities where the French buy the most and thus returns to the top 10 of the most popular cities of the past year! Read more
Slight increase in building permits at the start of 2021
Study / Review / Report
The number of building permits for housing in the first quarter is up slightly compared to the end of 2020 but it remains lower than the period before the first confinement, the government announced on Friday. Read more
Construction costs: out of 100 metropolises worldwide, Lyon, Paris and Nice maintain their competitiveness
Study / Review / Report
This year, the cities with the highest construction costs are European. The changes observed in the ranking, in particular the fall of American cities, can be explained more by currency fluctuations, in particular the weakness of the dollar, than by the cyclical effects of Covid-19. Read more
Study highlights need to accelerate clean energy technology innovation
Study / Review / Report
According to a joint study published by the European Patent Office (EPO) and the International Energy Agency (IEA), the average annual growth rate of low-carbon energy (LCE) patents at l The global scale was 3,3% between 2017 and 2019. Read more
The French economy recovered in early 2021, unlike European neighbors
Contrary to its European neighbors, the French economy began to recover in early 2021, after being devastated by the Covid-19 epidemic last year, but health restrictions continued to weigh on activity and the government hopes for a more frank recovery with vaccination and deconfinement. Read more
The United States leads the global economic recovery, emerging countries are lagging behind
More than a year after the start of the pandemic, uncertainties related to the spread of the COVID-19 virus still determine trends in the global economy today. The acceleration of the vaccination process as well as its effectiveness condition the economic recovery. Read more
Construction and construction trades at the top of recruitments in Q1 2021
HelloWork, the leading digital player in employment, recruitment and training in France, publisher of the RegionsJob, ParisJob and Cadreo platforms, posted more than 912.000 job offers in the first quarter of 1. Its 2021 million Unique Visitors * each month allow it to provide a complete overview of employment dynamics in France. Read more
The second largest photovoltaic plant in France will be commissioned on Saturday in the Meuse
Renewable energy
The second largest photovoltaic plant in France, installed in the Meuse on a former NATO air base, will start supplying electricity to the grid on Saturday: it will eventually produce enough to meet the needs of 23.000 inhabitants. Read more
The Macron bonus paid up to a salary of 3 Smic according to the government
The tax-free bonus of a maximum amount of 1.000 euros, which companies can pay to their employees will be possible, as in 2019 and 2020, up to a salary of 3 minimum wage, the Ministry of Labor said on Wednesday. Read more
Building crafts warns of rising prices
News Organization by CAPEB
Building crafts professionals warned Tuesday against a possible worsening of shortages and rising prices of materials observed in the first quarter, marked by a restart of activity after a catastrophic start to the year a year ago . Read more
93% of artisans want to perpetuate learning and professionalization aids
Organization News
In view of the elections to the Chambers of Trades and Crafts, the U2P and its member organizations organized, on the participatory platform "LA VOIX DES ARTISANS", a debate on the theme: "Should we perpetuate the exceptional aid to learning and professionalization? ". Read more
Géoamiante, a free application that geolocates the asbestos risk
Mobile app
Free, the public Geo-asbestos application lets you know whether your house, the apartment you rent for holidays, your business or your children's school present an asbestos risk or not. Read more
Lyon authorizes permanent terraces on parking spaces
Lyon bars and restaurants will be able to permanently install their terraces on spaces usually reserved for parking, the municipality announced on Thursday, presenting its measures to help a profession affected by the health crisis. Read more
Manufacturers and Distributors
Somfy benefited from the "house-refuge" effect during confinement in the 1st quarter
News Manufacturer by Somfy
The French manufacturer of roller shutter and home automation motors Somfy saw its sales jump by nearly 30% in the first quarter of 1, driven by a "home-refuge" effect from consumers who invested in their interior during confinement. Read more
Tarkett's majority shareholder wants to launch takeover bid to take it off the market
News Manufacturer by Tarkett
The Deconinck family, majority shareholder of Tarkett, has joined forces with the investment company Wendel to buy back the remainder of the group's capital and withdraw it from the Paris Stock Exchange where it is currently listed. Read more
SergeFerrari's sales jump in the first quarter under the effect of acquisitions
News Manufacturer by Serge ferrari
The specialist in flexible materials used in architecture SergeFerrari saw its turnover jump in the first quarter, thus reaping the benefits of two major acquisitions made last year. Read more
Wilo achieves climate neutrality and receives LEED Gold and DGNB Gold certifications
News Manufacturer by France
The Wilo Group celebrates three sustainable milestones: obtaining TüV certification as a climate neutral company in Dortmund, LEED * certification as well as that of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), both at Gold level for the building administrative "Pioneer Cube". Read more
Diffuver transforms facades
Manufacturer Zoom
In the world of glass, the aptly named Diffuver has created a unique place in its market, with its specific skills in the technical facade. Read more
Optimized design and construction of POSitive Energy Houses
Video by ADEME
The Comepos program tests the energy impact and carbon footprint of different types of positive energy houses, occupied by their owners: construction methods, climatic zones, lifestyles of inhabitants and industrial innovations are analyzed and are the subject of 'regular monitoring. The project is coordinated by the CEA and involves a large number of construction stakeholders. Read more
Teqtrack - FNTP meets innovative solutions for its members
Video by FNTP
Optimize the use of your equipment fleet with the TEQTRACK management solution which tracks the position and activity of all your equipment (machines, trucks, electro, inert equipment, etc.) thanks to autonomous sensors and a platform easy to use. Read more
Discover the production of plasterboard according to Knauf
Video by Knob
Located in Saint-Soupplets, in Seine-et-Marne, Knauf Plâtres was created in 1990 and has already produced more than a billion m² of plates! Discover through this video the manufacture of plasterboards. Read more
Adding an oven circuit in a Legrand electrical panel
Video by Legrand
Create a dedicated electrical circuit for your oven yourself! We explain how to install a Legrand circuit breaker to create the electrical circuit for an oven in your kitchen. Read more
Ramasoft, the joinery manufacturing software of the Elcia Group
Video by Elcia
Manufacturers of PVC or ALU joinery, with Ramasoft, custom-made joinery manufacturing software, gain simplicity, reliability and autonomy in all your manufacturing stages. Easy to use with the libraries of your pre-configured gammers, Ramasoft is also a 3D con fi gurator to quickly manufacture all your joinery, even the most complex. Read more
Wall insulation from the inside with Rockplus Premium and Rockplus
Video by Rockwool
The Rockplus range, made up of Rockplus Premium and Rockplus, is an insulating solution dedicated to walls from the inside. It offers better installation comfort, more thermal comfort: λ32 for Rockplus Premium and λ33 for Rockplus, acoustic comfort. Follow the steps to install it. Read more
The renovation of the Saint-Louis-en-l'Île church
“We don't just save a building, we save a whole range of know-how through history”. Meeting with the craftsmen on the site of the Saint-Louis-en-l'Île church. Read more
Restoration of the roof of the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul church in Paris
After 18 months of work, the 3.000 m2 roof of this early XNUMXth century church was completely redone in new copper. Back on this exceptional operation explained by the master roofer. Read more
Products and Materials
Sto thermal insulation solutions from the outside at the heart of the construction process
Technical solutions by I'm
Grenelle de l'Environnement, COP 21, RT2012 and soon RE2020: regulatory news reminds us every day that the energy transition is underway and that it is necessary for the preservation of the planet but also to increase purchasing power! Indeed, reducing your energy bills allows you to make significant savings ... Read more
Primal Craft trend: between back to basics and the future
Range evolution by Milliken
The latest trend identified by Danish office SPOTT Trends is called Primal Craft. Unconventional pastel shades mingle with a certain rusticity and a taste for the artisan techniques of the future. These inspirations resonate particularly with the Crafted Series carpet tile collection by Milliken. Read more
Husqvarna Constructions Products France expands its range of floor grinders and offers a global offer for all surfaces
New product
Make a surface perfectly flat, increase its adhesion to cover it later with a coating ... The preparation, sanding and polishing of concrete floors, new or to be renovated, represent demanding tasks for a quality rendering. Read more
Siprotool DF-M300: the first floor sander that takes care of asbestos removal operators
New product
Good news in the world of floor sanding: the exclusive distributor for France of the DF-M300 sander from the Swiss manufacturer Siprotool, Lapro Environnement offers to reduce the drudgery on construction sites. Read more
Alezio S Hybrid Gaz: The new flexible and innovative solution from De Dietrich
New product by De Dietrich
De Dietrich, a major player in energy efficiency, offers its Alezio S Hybrid Gas solution. Read more
Projects and Achievements
The future college of Remoulins has strong environmental ambitions
Project by CEMEX
To welcome 720 secondary school pupils in 2022 in a new modern and sustainable building, such is the will of the Departmental Council of Gard. To meet this requirement, Eiffage Construction has chosen Vertua® concrete from CEMEX, a pioneer in low-carbon concrete. Read more
KS groupe launches the M PARC project in Hoerdt in the Bas-Rhin
The Alsatian construction company KS groupe, based in Bischheim, announces the construction of M PARC in Hoerdt. A 12.794 m² multidisciplinary activity zone located rue Ampère. Read more
The "reassembly" of the spire of the basilica of Saint-Denis will begin in September
Construction site
Project initiated more than 30 years ago, the site of the "reassembly" of the spire of the basilica of Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis) will begin next September and should be completed in 2028, the Region announced on Wednesday. Île-de-France and the city. Read more
Delivery of the residential pole of the Treed It real estate complex in Champs-sur-Marne
Realization by VINCI
ADIM Paris Île-de-France, a real estate development subsidiary of VINCI Construction France delivers the residential pole of the Treed It real estate complex, built in Champs-sur-Marne (77), in the heart of Cité Descartes, a center of excellence of Greater Paris dedicated to the sustainable city. Read more
Rheinzink combines tradition and modernity in a historic district of Amsterdam
Realization by RHEINZINK
The new 4-star BOAT & CO hotel, located in Amsterdam, is an impressive symbol both of the renewal of the Houthaven but also of the preservation of a long tradition because it is in this area that the city's first port was built. commissioned in the 2016th century. In XNUMX, the architectural firm Kollhoff & Pols Architecten from The Hague presented their construction project. Read more
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