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Created in 2000, Nexity is the first integrated French real estate group involved in all areas of property development and services (residential real estate, business real estate, real estate services to individuals and real estate services to companies, networks and customer relations, urban designer), and having a strong presence across all cycles (short, medium and long term).

The Nexity group, which serves both individual customers, companies, investors, but also local authorities, today covers most major real estate projects throughout France. The brand is thus present in most major cities in France, such as Paris, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Marseille and even Montpellier.

But the group is not limited to France since it has quickly become an international group, with establishments in Poland, Italy, or even in Belgium.

In addition, Nexity is a committed player in the territory and is planning the city of tomorrow today, in all its components, taking into account the diversity of uses.

This approach represents a real factor of innovation, progress and growth for all of its customers.