Perpignan, France Products and coatings of surfaces and materials Distributor of products and materials

NanoSources SARL is a French distributor of innovative cleaning, protection, surface treatment and material products for construction, renovation, building, industry, outdoor and indoor housing.

Easy to apply, for individuals and professionals, for:

  • Clean, defoam, sanitize, prepare a support before painting or protection

  • Make a surface self-cleaning, self-sterilizing, depolluting ... without changing its appearance and its nature

  • Protect surfaces from the vagaries of time: discoloration, mold, moss, algae, cracking, water, humidity, stain ... A wide range of products depending on the medium to be protected: wood, terracotta, metal, natural and artificial stone. . interior Exterior.

  • Painting while improving the well-being and comfort of the home:

    • acrylic thermal protection paint, ensuring energy savings of up to 30% annually (reduced heating and air conditioning consumption)
    • depolluting, reflective and sanitizing acrylic paint: destruction of the presence of odors, bacteria, viruses ... While depolluting and sanitizing the surrounding air, it improves the energy efficiency of the building