Bouyer-LerouxPremium Partner

La Seguiniere, France Brick and terracotta materials Manufacturer of products and materials

Bouyer Leroux, a company in the Bouyer Leroux group, manufactures and markets ranges of terracotta products:

  • bio'bric: n ° 1 in the French market for wall bricks, partition bricks and flues
  • bio'bric Façades: range of terracotta facing (cladding)
  • tegula for channel tiles, traditional

Bouyer Leroux is established on 9 production sites spread across the national territory. The expertise and knowledge of terracotta allow the company to define very early on its production tools as well as the manufacturing processes to be implemented in order to guarantee the recognized quality of its products.

Bouyer Leroux has always made innovation the engine of its development by improving the performance of its products and its process. This strong commitment of society can also be seen in sustainable development, from its environmental policy to its social policy.

Building healthy and energy efficient is a challenge that bio'bric terracotta solutions take up every day.