Oslo, Norway Real wood made to last Manufacturer of products and materials
  1. Norman Willemsen leaves Kebony
  2. Meeting with Norman Willemsen, CEO of Kebony
  3. Kebony paves the way to a sustainable future
  4. Kebony announces its presence at Carrefour International du Bois 2022
  5. A wood-fired hot tub continues to push the boundaries of sustainable luxury
  6. Timber market: evolution and challenges for the future by Olivier Loheac Kebony sales manager
  7. Kebony raises 30 million euros on the occasion of a fundraising campaign led by Jolt Capital and Lightrock
  8. Kebony will be present at the 2021 Salon des Rendez-vous de la Matière in Paris, on October 12 and 13, 2021
  9. Kebony announces its participation in the Forum Bois Construction
  10. Archistorm Kebony round table on wood species on April 15