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Softwoods reinforced with characteristics comparable to those of exotic woods.


Developed in Norway, Kebony technology is a patented production process that improves the properties of softwoods to give them characteristics comparable to those of tropical woods. Thanks to an environmentally friendly process, the woods are impregnated with a biological liquid from agricultural crop waste. By heating the wood, the furfuryl polymers are impregnated into the cell walls of the wood, which increases its durability and dimensional stability.

Products & Application

Kebony is available in 2 wood species: Kebony Clear and Kebony Character.

Both woods have a deep brown color, and over time the wood develops a natural gray patina while retaining its technical properties.

Kebony Clear is produced from FSC® certified radiata pine. The wood is free of knots and has been treated uniformly throughout.

Kebony Character wood is produced from FSC® certified Scots pine with a characteristic appearance. The wood contains some knots and the heart of untreated wood, why it is advisable to treat the ends with a wood preservative if cut lengthwise.

Kebony is best suited for exterior applications where performance and aesthetic requirements are high, such as decking, siding, roofing and furniture.

The advantages of Kebony wood

  • Real wood
  • Refined & Beautiful
  • Guarantee up to 40 years depending on the application (rot-proof)
  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Minimum maintenance except normal cleaning
  • Environmentally friendly process and products

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