K • Line

Les Herbaria cedex, France Aluminum window carpentry Manufacturer of products and materials

In 1995, K • LINE was the first carpentry manufacturer to offer the market a hidden window, understanding the fundamental role of finesse and light in the performance of the window. Thanks to a unique product concept that takes into account all the energy aspects of a carpentry - thermal insulation (Uw), solar gain (Sw), natural light transmission (TLw) - the K • LINE window has always stood out by its thermal performance and its solar gains - which have become fundamental to the company - to the point of imposing on the market a new standard of window: the two-color hidden window.

The implementation of RT 2012, including the consideration of the solar factor in the performance of a carpentry, confirms our work for over 15 years in search of the most efficient window.

K • LINE has thus become a benchmark in the manufacture of joinery, not only because of its latest generation production techniques, but also for its permanent innovation and the quality of its design (hidden opening (1995), bicolouring (1997). ), breathable opening (2001), GraphiK system® monobloc door (2009), new sliding window (2011), new window with hidden opening (2013) ...).