Simandre sur Suran, France Outdoor landscaping solutions Manufacturer of products and materials

TMP Convert specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative solutions for landscaping under the JOUPLAST® brand. Our design office is committed to developing products that are easy to use and adapt to the uses of professionals, but also to individuals, in order to transform the exterior. We offer product ranges to design:

  • Terraces for homes and businesses (cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc.)
  • City gardens, zen gardens and cocooning
  • Streets, alleys and car parks in landscaped and urban areas

Our ranges of terrace pedestals and freestanding terrace structures are designed to accommodate all types of coating:

  • Ceramic slabs, concrete slabs, natural stone
  • Wood
  • Composite wood

Our land consolidation, space revegetation and landscaping products allow us to respond to private, urban or public space projects.
TMP CONVERT's ambitions do not stop there, and the OCAPE® brand proves it by offering products for the fitting out of flat roofs dealing with:

  • Water retention
  • the creation of a flat roof terrace
  • stabilization of roof chippings