Sausheim, France Windows and doors Manufacturer of products and materials

Internorm is the leading window brand in Europe with over 1 years of experience.

The flourishing history of the company began 86 years ago and the creation, more than 50 years ago, of the Internorm brand was a decisive step for it.

Absolute confidence - more than 23 million window units have so far been sold in Europe: these millions of customers who trust Internorm are a source of great motivation, but also the source of a duty of increasing responsibility.

As a pioneer in the industry, Internorm was the first company to receive the license to build PVC windows in Austria. Entrepreneurial clairvoyance, technological know-how and a perfect sense of design are sources of permanent success.

The advantages of Internorm

  • The pioneer of PVC windows
  • A global design of window systems
  • Number one in the industry for thermal insulation windows suitable for low-energy houses and passive houses.
  • The security of the No. 1 brand internationally