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Toulouse, France Professional radiocommunication equipment Manufacturer of products and materials

Innovative and efficient terminals for the security and coordination of your teams

Digital radio, analog, pro walkie-talkie, portable VHF, UHF, license-free radio, LTE radio ... Professional radiocommunication meets your communication needs by contributing in particular to a better performance of your organization (group call, priority call, ...) while ensuring the safety of your teams (manual alarm, PTI, emergency call ...).

Indeed, ICOM radiocommunication equipment is designed keeping in mind the safety of people, lone workers, employees on dangerous or sensitive sites ...

The ICOM radios (analog, digital, license-free, portable VHF, UHF, LTE radio ...) offer you extensive capabilities:

  • Immediate contact with a simple press of the PTT button
  • Function group call
  • Security features : emergency button, PTI (motion sensor, accelerometer), Lone Worker,
  • Robustness : resistance to shocks / drops / dust, waterproofing (IP67 / IP68 ...)
  • Audio quality and active noise reduction in a noisy environment
  • Multiple functions: Bluetooth, GPS receiver, vibrator, recorder, etc.

Why choose ICOM radio equipment?

  • A full range of portable (pro walkie-talkie) and fixed radios for use in construction vehicles, in offices or at checkpoints
  • A reputation for reliability : the design incorporates the latest technologies and the know-how of ICOM R&D engineers for unparalleled ease of use.
  • Un high level of quality in manufacturing exclusively at ICOM factories based in Japan
  • A adaptation to your specific requests : ICOM FRANCE has an efficient R&D department and production line capable of providing concrete solutions to your problems (software developments, hardware design, etc.).
  • Un quality report : quality management system since 1997

ICOM France, a team of professionals at your side!

The reputation of ICOM FRANCE is the result of constant efforts to offer quality equipment that is innovative, reliable and at reasonable costs.

In fact, since 1976, the Toulouse-based company has been providing sales, specific programming, installation and advice on ICOM radio equipment throughout France, relying on a national network of approved distributors.

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