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Paris, France BtoB marketing strategy Communication agency

HA is the specialist in customer knowledge and ROIst marketing strategies to sell more and better in your markets.

Marketing and commerce alignment boils down to two challenges: analyze and sell. However, achieving these objectives requires mastery of several components: data, marketing solutions, market knowledge and the design of effective action plans. This is all the expertise and support that HA has provided to its clients for more than 15 years.

Our offer is built around our Business + packs for concentrated efficiency at the service of your success :

  • Dimensions : instantly discover the full potential of your data
  • data link : import any missing BtoB data at will
  • Expand : boost your sales thanks to relationship marketing
  • Visium : present and share your performance in BI mode
  • Explore : organize and manage your action plans in BI mode
  • VIP : identify BtoB visitors to your website
  • Script : script your marketing automation campaigns with confidence
  • Studies : follow the expectations of your market