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Graneet is the first commercial management solution 100% designed for construction SMEs, which makes you serenity. Access all the key indicators of your business in real time and boost your margin rates by automating the financial monitoring of your projects.

No more expensive servers to install on your premises, Graneet is a web application accessible from any computer or tablet that allows you to collaborate with your entire team while respecting business processes specific to the construction industry. Tired of sightseeing? Create precise quotes, control your margins, automate the creation of your work situations and follow your receipts, no matter where you are!

No more refusals of your work situations by your customers for a progress or VAT calculation error: the Graneet calculation machine is never wrong! Down payment invoice, holdback, pro rata account, direct payments: your situations and DGD are always correct and Graneet allows you to improve your cash flow by accelerating their payment.

Graneet is extremely easy to set up and use : our customers say they take less than 2 hours to get started with the solution.

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