Toulouse, France No. 1 portal for land information Service provider

Géofoncier is a land data infrastructure launched in 2010 by the Order of Surveyors-Experts (OGE). A true one-stop shop for land information in France, the portal is powered by OpenData as well as by all the expert surveyors whose internal regulations require them to describe and geolocate each of their land interventions in the territory. Géofoncier, a land knowledge base, has been collecting this information since 1997 on all 101 mainland and overseas departments as well as the Overseas Communities of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy.

Géofoncier, the first land cartographic portal, allows individuals and professionals to consult national repositories such as the cadastre or aerial photographs supplemented by new databases: base of expert surveyors' files, base of the Unified Land Repository (RFU) and basis of Cadastral Parcel Amendment Documents (DMPC) in particular. Géofoncier, through its two EXPERT and PUBLIC portals, offers a multitude of data from OpenData which offers a wealth of information on the territory of its choice as well as services to communities: GEO-DELIM, to land professionals and real estate like DVF Expert or even to notaries like Mes Documentsshares.