Foxi & Graph International

Epone, France Non-slip mats and floor coverings Manufacturer of products and materials

Foxi et Graph is a French SME for which 9 people work daily. For more than 30 years, it has specialized in the development and distribution of high-end products manufactured in France and in Europe. Based in Epône in Yvelines, Foxi and Graph designs and markets:

  • Anti-slip products for carpets,
  • Products dedicated to building and site protection,
  • Reconstituted leather intended for leather goods (Synderme),
  • Covering materials.

Foxi and Graph has a 700m² warehouse to ensure availability and rapid delivery of products. Craftsmen, traders, global groups: deliveries are made as quickly as possible, on sites if necessary.

“Since the creation of our company, we have been keen to offer quality products, recognized by our customers and to seek the best manufacturing processes in order to best adopt our offer to the evolution of the market. "