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  1. Zero-interest loan: faced with the government's obstinacy, a broad consensus in favor of its maintenance
  2. Implementation of the REP sector: anger rises in the building and raises serious concerns from the FFB
  3. Reform of MaPrimeRénov': for the FFB the government takes one step forward, two steps back
  4. Scheduled end of gas boilers: the FFB denounces the government's reversals
  5. Self-renovation of housing: the Building industry denounces a dangerous idea
  6. Finance bill 2024: the Building has not been heard
  7. Isabel Talaia, elected president of the FFB Artisans
  8. Faced with the historic crisis that France is experiencing, why is there a need for an alliance for housing?
  9. Building professionals firmly opposed to the abolition of 10% VAT for renovation works
  10. Financing the transition in construction: an effort to continue to reach the 2030 objective