Saint-Denis, France Home appliance Manufacturer of products and materials


For furnishing solutions adapted to hotels, vacation residences, student residences, senior residences, apart hotels and real estate promotions.

The success of your real estate projects accompanied by the expertise of the Electrolux group with the wide and complementary range of household appliances of our brands.

Create the perfect room for your customers and users on a daily basis with the Electrolux household appliance suitable for real estate developers.

The Electrolux Group has 3 brands (Electrolux, AEG and Faure) to meet all your needs. You will be able to offer innovative and functional furnishing solutions.

Through its presence in 150 countries, the Electrolux group can also assist you in the realization adapted to real estate developers for national or international projects. Our in-depth knowledge and long experience in the field of projects and household appliances allow us to have a real understanding of the market and to provide only the best!

And since our future depends on the choices we make today, we must all act, each on our own scale.

This does not only concern individuals, but also businesses. At Electrolux, we are determined to lead our business, to provide you with a more sustainable future. We have to look at what we do in terms of production, like how our factories operate or what materials are sourced. But also on the process to optimize the lifespan of products and ensure the proper use of each device, in order to maintain maximum optimization of natural resources.