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The quote and invoice software for craftsmen simply

Building management finally simplified

Obat is a SIMPLE and 100% French online invoicing software whose mission is to simplify the daily management of building tradesmen.

Thanks to a quick start and an intuitive interface, create and manage your quotes and invoices in a few clicks, wherever you are.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of construction professionals, independent craftsmen, VSEs and small SMEs, Obat offers a turnkey solution on a single platform to simply and efficiently manage your invoicing, optimize your cash flow and better manage your business on a daily basis.

Considered today as the best building quotes and invoices tool on the market for its speed and simplicity, Obat is also the best rated software on Google by artisans with a score of 4,9 out of 5.

An all-in-one solution to grow your business

Because the problems of building professionals are not limited to administrative tasks, Obat offers various complementary services which all tend towards one and the same objective: to boost the growth of your business.

  • Site Management : Gantt site planning and calendar, load plan, creation of files (employees, temporary workers, equipment, subcontractors), management of absences... Manage your sites and your teams with a master's hand thanks to functionalities specially designed for you, construction company manager.

  • Obat Studio, 100% personalized support in the creation of your website, your communication media (logo, business card, site banner, flyer, etc.) and in your Google referencing strategy. All information about

  • The Obat Works portal, the reference directory for building professionals. Its goal: to give more visibility to companies and allow individuals wishing to carry out work to find a craftsman and request quotes easily. Create your profile in just a few clicks

The key: better managed sites, better visibility on search engines and a well-stocked client portfolio, which grows naturally.

Obat's promise:

Free up your time to earn more money!

  • Your quotes in 3 minutes, your invoices in 1 click
  • 4 management hours saved per week
  • Customers impressed by pro quotes
  • 23% more signed projects
  • Excellent customer support, free and unlimited

9 out of 10 artisans recommend Obat for its simplicity

Are you looking for a simple software to ensure the costing of your quotes and to invoice your customers? Do like the thousands of craftsmen who already trust it and choose Obat!

The advantages of Obat

1/ Its simplicity above all

With Obat invoicing software, create quotes and invoices has never been easier. Obat in a nutshell is:

  • A quick start
  • A simple and intuitive interface
  • Electronic signature for quotes
  • An integrated building library + Batichiffrage as an option
  • A tool that complies with the VAT anti-fraud law
  • Automatic generation and sending of VAT certificates
  • Easy reminders of unpaid bills - with email templates provided
  • The integration of photos in your quotes and invoices
  • A turnkey solution with site management and monitoring
  • 14 day free trial, no obligation, no credit card
  • Additional services: Obat Studio and the Obat Portal (online directory)
  • A software accessible wherever you are on PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones
  • Attractive, flexible and transparent prices

2/ Its 100% free support of excellence

In addition to being a very simple software, Obat offers a local human support team entirely dedicated to help you in a few minutes for all your requests. And that for free and unlimited!

Available by phone, chat or email, the responsiveness and quality of assistance is a recognized asset of Obat, as the many glowing customer reviews testify.

In addition, users have the option of booking an individual session with one of our building experts to answer your questions on various topics and issues related to your business. Get support on every aspect of your business management!

3/ Your data 100% secure in France

The security of its customers' data is at the heart of Obat's concerns. Your data is automatically saved on servers in France and duplicated in several places in real time. Obat offers its customers the guarantee of no data loss and frees them from backups.

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Phone: 02 53 48 07 06

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