Culture iN

MONTAIGU VENDEE, France Manufacturer of products and materials

Culture iN, is an industrial and creative company created in 2014 by David AMBS. It seeks to act on our living spaces, which are often polluted, with an approach centered on well-being: sensoriality, respect for health and the environment.

After 3 years of research and development, Varian® was born, a functional, decorative and renewable material.

Varian® is a unique and innovative material composed of 60% linen. It is entirely biobased, sustainable and without VOC emissions. It also meets BREEAM, LEED and INDOOR AIR COMFORT requirements. It is a weaving combining linen threads and PLA vegetable resin. Varian® is a structuring textile that can be shaped using resin: thermocompression, bending and hot folding. It offers the same cutting, assembly and finishing possibilities as a classic fabric. It is possible to customize the colors in addition to the seven standard colors offered by the company.

From this material, the company offers a range of products made in France for the sustainable and responsible development of living and working spaces. The wide range of products developed by Culture iN has been designed for all spaces: acoustic wall panels and coverings, space dividers, suspensions, ceiling coverings, acoustic and lighting solutions.

Culture iN accompanies the projects of its clients from the first phases of creation to completion. A multidisciplinary team dedicated to tailor-made projects has been set up internally.