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Marne La Vallee Cedex 2, France Editor of legislative, technical and regulatory texts Developer, editor, e-commerce

Public institution serving innovation in building, CSTB, Scientific and Technical Center for Building, exercises five key activities: research and expertise, evaluation, testing, certification and dissemination of knowledge, organized to meet the challenges of energy and digital transitions in the construction world. Its field of competence covers construction products, buildings and their integration in neighborhoods and cities.

With more than 900 employees, its subsidiaries and its networks of national, European and international partners, the CSTB group is at the service of all those involved in construction to improve the quality and safety of buildings.

Achieving the ambitious objectives of the energy and digital transition, by supporting sustainable innovation, requires transforming the building sector. With cutting-edge skills, CSTB is continuing to adapt its services, resources and organization to support this transformation with all of the players. In line with societal development and the expectation of "better living" for citizens, it brings technical challenges for energy and environmental performance, but also for health, accessibility and building comfort. With his BIM expertise, he is engaged in enriching and deploying the digital model with construction and urban planning professionals.

CSTB Publishing makes technical-regulatory information and construction practices accessible and directly usable by professionals, in the form of:

  • Online services accessible via the portal
  • DVD
  • Guides: Practices - Sustainable development - Technical, Regulatory - Eurocodes - Building pathologies

CSTB also affirms its commitment to supporting professionals, with a range of training courses aimed at the entire chain of players.