Aigrefeuille sur Maine, France HYBRID windows and entry doors Manufacturer of products and materials

For 30 years, Minco - La Fenêtre HYBRIDE has been designing and manufacturing 100% French HYBRID joinery and entrance doors.

Throughout France, 1500 professional installers in the sector trust the know-how of our specialists, the quality of the design, the meticulousness of the interior colors.

Inside, wood promotes biodiversity and increases living comfort.

High hardness interior colors, selection of wood species, each joinery meets strict eco-design specifications.

High-tech aluminum exterior colours, with a satin, matte or textured appearance, aluminum offers great robustness to all the chassis and ensures almost unlimited customization.

The hybrid window is both technological and aesthetic, ecological and economical.

  • Eco-designed joinery fully recyclable and made in France.
  • 250 employees
  • 27 m² of workshop area spread over 000 hectares
  • 95% of wood used traced and eco-certified
  • 100% fully removable joinery for end-of-life recycling

Often imitated, rarely equaled, Minco is a rare piece in the industrial mosaic of carpentry, and mixed in particular.

Rare for its constantly evolving product offer, rare for its environmental commitments, both in terms of workspace and production quality requirements.

Minco is part of a sustainable approach taken into account at all stages of production and is concretely committed to the environment and health. A certified company, Minco relies on a solid policy of social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development which revolves around 6 priorities:

  • Development of our Human Wealth: employment policy based on the wealth of each employee. Beyond economic performance, Minco bases management methods on the values ​​of openness, individual and collective progress and transmission of know-how between generations.
  • Raising awareness among our teams: through GAÏA, an internal group aimed at reducing the impact on the environment
  • Strategic risk monitoring:
    • Commitment to the health of our employees
    • resource management
    • Waste management: reduction and recovery
  • Raising awareness of climate issues: sharing our awareness-raising operations with our customers and partners
  • Our FDES sheets: reduce the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle
  • Cercle Habitat Durable Certifié: development of new solutions for sustainable habitat

By mastering the life cycle of its products, Minco respects future generations.

Our product certifications:

  • NF standard
  • FCBA Compliance Notice
  • Passivhaus phA and phB certificate