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Founded in Mexico in 1906, Cemex is a building materials company present on the American continent, in Europe, in Africa, in the Middle East and in Asia which employs nearly 42.000 employees worldwide.

Cemex produces, distributes and markets cement, ready-mixed concrete, aggregates and associated building materials.

In France, Cemex is one of the leaders in the building materials industry which produces and markets ready-mixed aggregates and concretes.

Cemex seeks to always better meet the needs of its customers according to 6 priority principles:

  • ensure responsible and transparent management of its activities,
  • enhance human capital,
  • to preserve the environment,
  • act loyally in the markets,
  • look after the interests of customers and consumers,
  • combine its mission and the general interest.

The history of Cemex France:

  • 1884: Launch of the aggregates activity in France (Morillon Corvol),
  • 1963: Launch of the ready-mixed concrete activity (Béton de France),
  • 2005: Acquisition of RMC plc by Cemex,
  • 2012: First AFAQ 26000 assessment (CSR: Maturity level),
  • 2014: Second AFAQ 26000 assessment (CSR: Level of exemplarity),
  • 2014: 100% of Cemex France sites certified ISO 14001 (345 sites),
  • 2015: 10th anniversary of Cemex in France,
  • 2016: 110th anniversary of the Cemex Group.