Saint Herblain, France 3D architecture software for sales support Developer, editor, e-commerce

Cedreo is a 3D software publisher for professionals in the construction of houses and buildings. Founded in 2005 in Nantes, the company has around thirty employees and publishes the Cedreo 3D architecture solution.

This simple and quick-to-use 3D tool allows you to generate high-quality visuals in just a few clicks from inside or outside a house. Designed for salespeople in the construction of individual houses, it equips many home professionals such as Geoxia, Maisons France Confort, or Maisons d'en France.

With Cedreo, the salespeople trace, arrange and visualize a preliminary design of the house without having to ask the design office. No specific 3D drawing experience is necessary. In just 40 minutes, the sales team is able to present the customer with high-quality commercial visuals: 2D and 3D house plans, surface table, interior and exterior perspectives ...