CCB Greentech

Beaurépaire, France Wood aggregate and wood concrete Manufacturer of products and materials

In 2006, François Cochet and Laurent Noca, founders of CCB GREENTECH, set themselves the task of developing a constructive solution appropriate to climate change and with low environmental impact.

After years of R&D and more than sixty achievements, TimberRoc® wood concrete is born: it is a bio-sourced concrete allowing the construction of walls, load-bearing or non-load-bearing, and floors, intended for construction. of all types of buildings, up to R+10, in seismicity zones 1 to 4. Several construction principles have been developed and benefit from ATEx case A, they are available from licensed prefabrication partners such as Spurgin Leonhart or R -Technologies.

The particularity of wood concrete is to have a negative carbon footprint, while allowing to build structurally. In addition to this unique advantage on the market, it has remarkable technical properties and perfectly meets the current challenges of the construction world: very high inertia (guaranteed summer comfort), remarkable sound absorption, fire resistance, etc. It fully meets the difficult requirements of RE2020, the objective of which is to fight against climate change while adapting buildings to future heat waves.

The biosourced raw material used in the formulation of TimberRoc® wood concrete is a high quality wood aggregate, labeled Bois de France, produced from pulpwood (not usable as lumber) mainly from forest operators French people with the PEFC label, i.e. managing their forests in a sustainable way. The share of biomass present in the material being significant; TimberRoc® wood concrete has obtained the “Biosourced Product” label and makes it possible to obtain the “Biosourced Building” label regardless of the construction principle considered.

Established since 2021 in Beaurepaire (38), on a former industrial wasteland, CCB Greentech has two factories: a wood aggregate production plant and an R&D pilot plant. Site that the employees, who number 14 today, enjoy showing visitors during regular open houses.

It should be remembered that TimberRoc® wood concrete is a breakthrough innovation for the construction sector that is good for the planet, the building user and the construction stakeholders (MOA and MOE).