Paris, France Confederation of Crafts and Small Building Enterprises Federation, Order, Union, Union

CAPEB, Confederation of Crafts and Small Building Companies, is the professional organization representing the building crafts * which includes:

  • 350.784 companies employing less than 20 employees **, i.e. 98% of construction companies ***
  • 685.396 employees, i.e. 60% of construction employees
  • 63.000 apprentices, i.e. 79% of construction apprentices

Who realize:

  • 74 billion euros in turnover, or 64% of building turnover

CAPEB's missions: promote, defend, represent the building crafts

Independent of the public authorities, the CAPEB carries out missions of general interest.

Since 1946, it has mobilized to promote, defend and represent the economic and social interests of craft construction companies.

  • Individual and collective defense of its members
  • Representation of building crafts in front of public authorities: negotiations and demands
  • Monitoring of legislative, legal, fiscal, economic, professional and social files
  • Contribution to business economic development
  • Participation in the management of social organizations (health insurance, pension insurance, etc.)
  • Relations with partners
  • Promotion of trades to the general public

* Definition of a craft business: a small business which may or may not employ employees and which is registered in the Trade Directory.

** This figure (350) does not include the 784 auto-entrepreneurs registered with the RSI, including the 129 who declared a CA according to ACOSS

*** These figures are taken from the new publication: "The key figures for building crafts in 2015"