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Paris, France Safety on construction sites Developer, editor, e-commerce

CAD.42 protects people and optimizes processes on construction sites by offering a predictive hazard calculation system connected to an intelligent vest (fitted with audible and light signals), as well as innovative tools and metrics to optimize field costs by supporting a process known as "lean management". The entire system is connected to BIM and the company's IS systems.

All the data is accessible on the FieldTracker platform dedicated to each site.

CAD.42 sensors are placed on all materials or equipment that generate dangers or waste (crane block, heavy vehicles, machinery, etc.) and are also present in connected jackets worn by companions.

Data is sent in real time to the Cloud where it is processed for two purposes. The first is to determine dangerous situations, the companions are then alerted in real time. The second goal is to generate activity reports for the equipment in order to determine the waste as early as possible (over-use or under-use rate).