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Construction Professional Craftsmen: forget the paperwork and focus on your construction sites

Boby is the solution that simplifies your life in your administrative tasks and saves you time. Dedicated to building professionals, it automates all your administrative tasks: quotes, invoicing, payment and reminders.

No more reminders 4 times a day to get his quote, your prospect generates his own quote

Free up your time with the pre-quote, allow your prospects to have an estimate of the costs of their work instantly. Your client only has to complete an online questionnaire, attach a few photos and he will have access to an estimate of his site.

You generate a maximum of quotes, prioritize the projects that bring you the most profit and improve your profitability.

Your information completes itself.

No more entering customer information in your administrative documents: for the pros, you enter the name and city of the company, and Boby completes the rest via the INSEE database. For individuals, they fill in their information themselves at the time of the pre-quote.

Invoice in one click

Simply switch your quotes to invoices, have clear visibility on your cash flow and your turnover. Do not waste your documents or your time. Billing becomes a simple and intuitive task.

Boby follow up with your customers for you

A late payment from your customers? No problem, create and automate a custom follow-up sequence in order to send regular reminders to your customers and thus avoid collections.

Intelligent site monitoring

Anticipate what each project will bring you. Boby plans the material and human resources to be allocated to your site according to needs.

Boby helps you organize your site through three innovations:

  • At a glance, see how much each project in your schedule will bring you
  • Never be out of stock again: Boby can anticipate them and remind your suppliers in time.
  • Anticipate your labor needs and bring in the right teams at the right time on your sites.

The lack of visibility on your future earnings, your human and material resources will only be a distant memory. It's simple as Boby.

The highlight: you can export and send your documents in one click to your accountant.

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