Etalans, France Hemp concrete blocks Manufacturer of products and materials

Founded in 1963, the Vieille Matériaux company began manufacturing concrete blocks. It was in 1975 that the company developed its activity and also became a trader in building materials in Etalans and its region. This family business, always attentive to the needs of the market and looking for innovation, launched in 2017 their “BIOSYS” range which they developed in collaboration with the last French cement manufacturer, the Vicat group.

Biosys is a revolutionary patented construction system, composed of blocks of hemp concrete which can be mounted dry and which serve as formwork for a concrete post / beam structure, without additional insulation.

It advantageously combines living comfort (humidity regulation, phase shift, sound absorption, air quality, etc.), speed and simplicity of implementation, green building, an attractive price and a non-energy consuming building.

This system with its high biobased content and low carbon impact is fully in line with obtaining "biobased building" or E + C- type labels.

Note that this system is the first constructive hemp concrete system certified by the CSTB.

No training or special equipment being necessary, the BIOSYS allows any masonry company to meet the growing demand from building owners on natural products and respectful of the environment and users.