La Seguiniere, France Terracotta wall and partition bricks Manufacturer of products and materials

bio'bric is the national leader in the markets for clay wall bricks and partition bricks intended for the construction or renovation of eco-efficient buildings: individual houses and collective buildings.

Bio'bric solutions allow you to respond effectively to health and sustainable development challenges through the responsible use of a thousand-year-old natural resource such as clay: a healthy material that does not release VOCs and prevents the development of mold.

Bio'bric solutions make it possible to build in 100% terracotta in order to offer each customer efficient thermal and economic performance:

  • Wall bricks: 20 and 25 cm wide bricks (rectified bgv range), glued monomur bricks and traditional bricks.
  • Wall brick accessories: long elements (roller shutter boxes, lintel, etc.), floor end plates, masonry bricks.
  • Terracotta partitions for individual houses, collective dwellings and ERP (Establishments open to the public).

bio'bric, to build healthy, sustainable and energy efficient buildings!